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Seeing Is Believing




"Hermes teaches that the mind of a human being is made in the image of God's Big Mind. If we can free our mind from the limitations imposed by the physical body, we can experience the Mind of God. We were created with the specific purpose of learning to do this. This is the spiritual goal of human life. To reach this destination we must expand our awareness. We must use the power of our little minds to reach out to God's Big Mind."

"As above; so below."

The Hermetica - The Lost Wisdom of The Pharaohs
Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, Judy Piatkus Publishers Ltd., London, 1997


Questions That Matter, Ed. L. Miller, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, 1987


1. To perceive with the eyes.
2. To perceive with the mind; understand.


"To see" has two meanings; one is to see visually with your eyes and the other is to understand. Although they have different meanings, for the majority of us, they are intrinsically connected.

"I see," said the blind man.

Some of us, like this blind man, do not need to visually see something in order to understand it; however, a great many of us do need "to see" in order "to see." This is because of the nature of our brains - our minds. Scientifically, it is explained as follows:

"People who have almost no alpha rhythms under any conditions think almost exclusively by visual imagery,
whereas people with a persistent alpha rhythm tend to be abstract thinkers".

"About two-thirds of the population have alpha waves that are disrupted by attention.
Of the remaining third, about one-half have almost no alpha rhythm at all and about
one-half have persistent alpha rhythms that are not easily disrupted by attention."

Biology, Helena Curtis, Copyright 1975 by Worth Publishers, Inc.

To summarize, the majority of mankind requires some form of visual imagery in order to understand. It is easy for us to comprehend visible things because we can see them; however, for non-visible things, such as certain concepts or ideas, it is difficult, if not impossible, for some of us to understand because we cannot see them. Consider yourself. Are you able to learn simply by reading or listening to the words, or do you learn better when the words are accompanied by a visual aid such as a diagram?

"... and what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll

It's A Magical World
A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
by Bill Watterson


Is "a picture is worth a thousand words" true for you?
If it is, then the purpose of this theory is to help YOU to "see."


Since the beginning of our time, two of the most difficult non-visible concepts for mankind to comprehend have been:

Why can't we figure out or understand The Mind (Ourselves)? Because we can't see it. Why can't some of us understand - or believe in - God? Because we can't see Him. What do we need in order to help us understand these concepts? We need a visual aid. We need a picture.

I have drawn a diagram which visually explains, among other things, both The Mind and God. It is a very simple diagram, but it explains a great deal.

Before I explain the diagram, I must first explain how I can physically draw this mental concept. In order to do that, I must define what I believe "life" is about:

Life is about the choices we make and the consequences of those choices. Each choice has a consequence from which other choices and consequences evolve. Life is a continuous cycle of choice and consequence; of thinking and doing. The "thinking" occurs mentally in our MINDS and the "doing" occurs physically in the acting upon those choices as our LIVES. This portrays the intrinsic connection between the two thus establishing how both can be represented in the same diagram.
To summarize, life is a "journey." A journey of choices and consequences we walk along the "paths of life."



To summarize the diagram, it is initially a 3-dimensional representation of The Mind. It consists of 3 axes or paths and basically portrays The Mind as a Box. (You have no doubt heard the saying, "Think outside the box.") The 3 axes represent the 3 paths of our "journey" of life. Each of us exists somewhere along each of these 3 paths. Each of us is at a different point in our journey and thus a different point on each path. Using these 3 points, we can draw a 3-dimensional box which represents our mind. It is not only important for us to determine where we are on each path, but more importantly, the direction or The Way that we are facing or traveling on each path as this direction determines whether we have an open or closed mind. God is explained by this diagram in taking the 3 paths to their points of infinity thus explaining God's Mind as the "infinite box" or the "infinite open mind."

The Mind





(Now you can "see" why you do not see "eye to eye" with everyone.)

 Isaiah 52:8
Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice;
with the voice together shall they sing:
for they shall see eye to eye,
when the LORD shall bring again Zion.



          NOW you...


God is ALL-SEEING (Sees All - Knows All).

He has the HIGHEST Point of View/Perspective (Visual AND Mental).



The Mind... The Way


The beginning of Wisdom is:

Wisdom is:


This is a very basic summarization of my theory, Seeing Is Believing.  For more details, descriptions, explanations, evidences, and proofs please continue on to read the theory in its entirety.

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