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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 9


I challenge ALL of you who attend church - NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION, DENOMINATION OR FAITH - to ask your minister, reverend, priest, etc. (whatever your specific church leader is called) the following question.
First tell them this scripture and then ask the question. (If your religious text is something other than the Bible, please find a similiar verse which refers to the way and to its paths.)  I guarantee you that NOT ONE of them will be able to give you the answer. 

Psalm 25:4  Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.

Question: "Can you tell me specifically what these paths are?" 


It is the purpose of the remainder of this paper to show you "The Way." "The way to what?" The way to God. The way to Heaven. The way to Salvation. The way to Everlasting Life.

The Bible is "The Word" of God. All scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16) and through THE WORD, we are taught to "love God and to walk in His WAYS" (Deut 10:12). The Bible has countless references to the WAY and to its PATHS. Some examples are as follows:

Nowadays, we hear that we are "lost" and need "direction" in order to "turn back" to God. If someone is lost and requires direction, what is usually the most effective tool to help this person find his/her way? The answer is... a MAP!

My question is: In the history of mankind, has THE WORD ever been described in the form of a MAP? Has anyone ever figured out exactly what these PATHS are and drawn them as a map, thereby "showing" THE WAY? (rather than telling it via words, ie. THE WORD, the Bible). (Not taking away from THE WORD, but complementing it - the Bible tells it, the picture (map) shows it. I'm sure you have heard that "a picture is worth a thousand words." This is because many of us need "to see" in order "to see.")

What I intend to show you is that the three axes of this diagram, 'Motive', 'Emotion' (Love), and 'Understanding', these straight lines, are, in fact, "The Paths" and  "walking" these paths, in the right direction, is "The Way"!

But where does it all begin? It begins with YOU. It begins in 'Your Mind'. You must first understand it. But before you can understand it, you must first be given the information to think about. But before even that can occur, you must first open your mind to be willing to accept the information, to be willing to accept the possibility that this might be true, to be willing to at least think about it. I share this information with you with the hope that you will at least consider what I have learned, so that perhaps you too will "see the light."

"Christ was asked, "What is the greatest commandment of all?" He said, "To love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind." The problem with most people is that they seem to stop with their hearts. The facts about Christ never get to their minds. We have been given a mind innovated by the Holy Spirit to know God, as well as a heart to love him and a will to choose him. We need to function in all three areas to have a maximum relationship with God and to glorify him. I don't know about the reader, but my heart can't rejoice in what my mind has rejected. My heart and mind were created to work in harmony together."

More Than A Carpenter. Copyright 1977 by Josh McDowell

This quotation represents exactly what I will be attempting to portray in the following sections. Mr. McDowell has, in fact, represented the three axes, the three "Paths" in words, whereas I have represented them in a diagram. (Please note that I was not aware of Mr. McDowell's book until after I had developed my theory).

1) "A mind to know God" = The 'UNDERSTANDING' (Knowledge/Wisdom) Path

2) "A heart to love him" = The 'EMOTION' (Love) Path

3) "A will to choose him" = The "MOTIVE' Path



As I stated earlier, in order to show you that these three lines are, in fact, "The Paths" and that these paths are "The Way," I have selected various scriptures from the Bible which I believe provide evidence of this. I have categorized the examples first by "Path." (You will notice that some of the examples that I have chosen to show a particular path may also include another). I then give examples showing "The Way." There are many more and probably better examples that I could have chosen, but hopefully the ones that I have chosen will provide enough supporting evidence so that you can "see the light." Hopefully you will find many more yourself when you read the Bible. I will not be explaining these scriptures as they should be self-explanatory based upon their context within the category.

"Seeing the light." Actually, this is an important, in fact, probably one of the - if not THE - most important points to explain. Reviewing the diagram once again, you can see that 'The Light' and 'The Dark' exist in ALL three axes, and have different meanings for each as shown in this table:


The Dark

The Light

1) MOTIVE "The Dark Side"

(The Side of Evil)

"The Light"

(The Good)

2) EMOTION (LOVE) A "dark" heart

(A heart full of hate)

The "light" of my life

(The love of my life)

3) UNDERSTANDING "In the dark"
(Ignorant, uninformed,  
not understanding, unenlightened)
"See the light"

(Acquire understanding, insight)

1) For the MOTIVE axis, 'The Dark' means Evil and 'The Light' means Good.

2) For the EMOTION axis, 'The Dark' means Hate and 'The Light' means Love.

3) For the UNDERSTANDING axis, 'The Dark' means Unenlightened, Ignorant, Not Understanding, and 'The Light' means Understanding.

This is why you will notice in the following scriptures, that 'Light' and 'Dark' examples can be found under all three separate "Path" categories. Examples are also given in "The Way" section. The examples in "The Way" section are of utmost and crucial significance, because they provide overwhelming evidence that these three paths are, in fact, "The Way," as I will explain later.

Path 1: The MOTIVE Axis

Others vs. Self / Good vs. Evil

Path 2: The EMOTION (LOVE) Axis

Love vs. Hate


Wisdom and Understanding vs. Ignorance and Not Understanding


"Walking" these three "Paths" in the right direction - towards God - is "The Way".

As I have shown in previous examples, 'The Light' and 'The Dark' exist separately in each of the three "Path" categories. In the following scriptures, I will show that they also exist together, thus even further supporting the fact that these three paths are, in fact, "The Way."

Perhaps some of you may be saying to yourselves at this point, "But Jesus is The Way."

Yes! He is! He is because He is 'The Light'! I cannot express the importance of this section enough. I consider it "the key" to understanding God and Jesus.

He is 'The Light' sent to us by God (as a teacher, role-model, and Savior) to shine on ALL three paths ("The Way") as shown in the following two ways:

1) He is 'The Light' of all three paths. He is Love. He is Good. He is Wisdom- He is Truth. He is 'The Light' leading to God who is 'THE Light'. Therefore, He is The Way!



In the same manner that I have just shown Jesus to be 'The Light', He is also 'The Truth'.

He is true Love. He is true Good. He is true Wisdom. He is 'The Truth' leading to God who is 'THE Truth'.


2) He is 'The Light' of all three paths. He is 'The Teacher' sent by God to teach us - to help us to know and to understand - to "enlighten" us - to show us (because sometimes we need to "see" in order to "see") "The Way." To teach us about God, God's love, and God's will. To teach us to be 'Loving' instead of 'Hateful'; 'Good' instead of 'Bad'; knowledgeable, wise and understanding instead of not. To teach us 'The Truth'.

If we follow Jesus ('The Light') and His teachings on all three paths, in other words, if we follow Him in the direction of Love, Good, and Wisdom, we shall not walk in darkness (Hate, Evil and Ignorance), and we shall come unto the Father and have the "light of life." He is "THE WAY"!

The Light of Life

What is God's promise to us if we believe in Him and follow His directions and His ways? What is the final destination of these paths? The "Light of Life." Everlasting life!

The True Meaning of Life

The true meaning of life therefore is, simply put, to live the "best" (as in "most Good" in God's eyes) life that you can in this lifetime so that you can achieve Everlasting Life in the next! Our life here on Earth is just a span of mortal time. It is our next life, our "immortal, eternal" life that is what our life here on Earth is all about! How we live our lives in this lifetime will determine our fate in the next - whether we achieve Eternal Life or Eternal Death. The CHOICE is yours. 

So... with all this information that has just been presented to you...

Question: Where does "understanding put forth her voice"? Where is the "way of the places of the paths"? Where do these three paths meet?




Question: And where do these paths lead to? Where is the "bound thereof", the "house thereof"?


Everlasting Life


We are in God's mind; God is in our mind. Open your mind, so that you can "see" Him.

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