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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 5
The Meaning / Purpose of Life

What is the purpose/meaning of life?

Be The Best You Can Be;
Expand Your X, Y, and Z.

(Thanks to reader Marianne for that slogan idea.)  
The purpose of life is to continually strive to be the "BEST" person that you can be. To continually strive to reach the highest attainable point on each of the three axes as possible. To continually expand your "world" - your mind - into time and space - into infinity.  To OPEN your mind!



The purpose of life is:

1) To gain as much understanding and to become as wise as you can.

2) To experience and learn as much positive emotion - as much 'Love' - as you can. Not only to learn it, but to teach it because only those who know 'Love' can teach 'Love', and in order to learn 'Love' it has to be taught. This is a confusing concept, but I believe it is the most important of all. Yes, 'Love' is the answer.

3) To do as much 'Good' for others - not for yourself - as you can.

The purpose of life is to "see" as much as you can "see." And once you have reached the highest attainable point that you think you possibly can then you keep on going for as long as your life permits, because there is no highest attainable point - it keeps going forever into time and space - into "infinity and beyond."

And this brings us to man's greatest question, man's greatest mystery...

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