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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 18 
The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami

Journal Of Events
188) December 17, 2004  -  261) May 19, 2005

188) December 17, 2004                    *** VERY  IMPORTANT ***
I may have just figured out something VERY important. I may have just figured out the significance of the 515 as it relates to MAY 15 - which is 5/15. (You really have to read my entire Chapter 18 - ALL 4 parts, especially Part I - in order to "see" the significance of 515 and how it relates to May 15.
This morning I saw that bright speck of light in my eye that I see sometimes. The first time it happened was the night of December 11, 1998 (maybe it was even past midnight I can't remember), and the next morning on 12/12/98 is when I figured out that my model of The Mind that I had been working on actually depicted the Mind of God and a Map of The Way. In that split second of realization my life was forever changed. The night before when I saw that bright speck of light, I didn't have a clue that God was involved in this or what was about to happen the next day, but I remember it was so bright that I commented jokingly, "I see the light!" (I was in bed with my eyes closed just about to go to sleep. It was the brightest and lasted the longest of any times that I have ever experienced it.)
This morning just as I woke up but had not yet opened my eyes, I again saw this light and I said in my mind, "Good morning, God. Does this mean I am going to figure out something else today?" I think I just may have...
It started this morning when I did a Google search on my paper and found where someone had mentioned it on the Surfing The Apocalypse site (www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=23231). The topic was "2012 + 11:11" and since I was the first one (that I am aware of) to make the connection between December 21, 2012 and 11:11 (with regards to discovering the 11:11 am Winter Soltice time and the 11:11 pm "Last Time") four years ago on November 1 (111) of 2000, I was happy to see that my Chapter 13 - 11:11 site was being referenced. (Since this discovery too was God-inspired, I am not afraid to say that I was the first one to figure it out, not because I want credit for it as some of you may be thinking, but because it proves that God exists and is working through me.)
I read the one response. (830 views - 1 response. That is typical. My findings rarely seem to inspire much response, conversation, or debate. I don't know if it is because people are not interested, or if it scares them, or why exactly.) (The one response had 333 views. If you have read this chapter you know that 333 is very significant as it relates to JESUS.)

The response said, "Some say there will be seven years of Tribulation before the end of things as we know it. If 2012 is the end year, and we subtract seven years from that... Yikes we're getting close! "
2012 - 7 years = 2005. "Close" is right.
This inspired me to do some calculations...
I went to timeanddate.com. The two dates I had in mind were December 21, 2012 and, because I have been thinking about May 5, 2005 a lot lately - which is 5/5/5 - I picked these two dates to see the time difference between them. I found that there are 66888 hours between these two dates.
From: Thursday, May 5, 2005 00:00:00
to: Friday, December 21, 2012 00:00:00
It is 2787 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 240796800 seconds or 4013280 minutes or 66888 hours

Subtracted 66888 hours from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
[Giza/Sphinx Standard time; 9:11 pm UT]
Result: Thursday, May 5, 2005 23:11:00
[Giza/Sphinx Standard (not Daylight) time; 9:11 pm UT]
The 888 caught my eye. Again, if you have read this chapter, you will know that 888 is very significant as it relates to JESUS because "Jesus" = 888 in Gematria.
But seeing the 66888 made me wonder when 66666 hours would be.
I was shocked when I saw the answer. [I chose 11:11 pm because, if you read my Chapter 13 - 11:11, you will "see" that that is the exact time that the constellation of LEO rises over the eastern horizon, connecting to and solving the "riddle" of 'The Message of the Sphinx' (which God also "inspired" me to figure out.) Note: This 11:11 pm is Cairo Standard time which is 9:11 pm Universal Time; and the May 15 time is Standard time - not Daylight.]
Subtracted 66666 hours from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 05:11:00

MAY 15 ... 5/15 ... 515

ALSO... 555 connects to this date of May 15, 2005 because where I was born at 45°N 66°W, the sunrise (Son Rise) time on May 15, 2005 is EXACTLY 5:55 am:

What is even more convincing that this date of May 15, 2005 is "meaningful" is that not only i
s it 66666.66666... hours less than December 21, 2012, but it is also 2777 days (18 hours 40 minutes); and 4,000,000 minutes; and 240,000,000 seconds. Surely this can be no "coincidence."
As stated above, many people now know that the Winter Solstice will occur at 11:11 am Universal Time on December 21, 2012. But this is NOT the most important "event" of that day concerning "TIME", and no one (except me) is talking about it yet. It has to do with the 'Message of The Sphinx' with the Sphinx being a type of "clock" telling the "First Time" and the "Last Time." And the "Last Time" will occur that day at 11:11 pm Cairo/Giza time - or 9:11 pm Universal Time. The fact that the Winter Solstice occurs that day at 11:11 am locks the year 2012 into place.

So... using the date of December 21, 2012 and the time of 9:11 pm Universal Time, the May 15, 2005 time works out to be 2:31 am Universal Time. Whether or not the exact time is important, what is important is the day... MAY 15, 2005.
From: Sunday, May 15, 2005 02:31:00
to: Friday, December 21, 2012 21:11:00
It is 2777 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates

Or 240000000 seconds or 4000000 minutes or 66666.66666... hours

I figured out (guided by GOD) how December 21, 2012 is connected to 11:11 and to THE END.
Did I just figure out that MAY 15, 2005 is the beginning of the Tribulation Period and perhaps the Pre-Tribulation Rapture? 

*** ALSO...  It is extremely significant that May 15, 2005 is PENTECOST. ***


And it is a Sunday too. How appropriate. SUN DAY = SON DAY.
Here I have thought all along that CV meant Cumbre Vieja. MAYBE it means Christ Victory!!

Or... MAYBE the Cumbre Vieja tsunami will occur on May 15, 2005 signalling the beginning of the Tribulation Period.  Just a short while ago, at the end of #181, I said, "And why do I keep calling this chapter The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami? I don't know. Maybe time will tell that too. "

Perhaps "Time" has just told me. Perhaps all the pieces of this puzzle have finally been put together.

Something else that I just figured out that is interesting concerning the times 11:11 and 5:11:
Subtracted 66666 hours from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 05:11:00

As I stated previously, this 11:11 pm is Cairo time, which is 9:11 pm Universal time, which is 5:11 pm MY time (Atlantic Standard Time) and 5:11 is the time of the result of the above calculation (which is also Cairo Standard time).


Local Time (Standard)

Time Zone

Cairo, Egypt December 21, 2012 11:11 PM UTC + 2 hours
Halifax, NS December 21, 2012 5:11 PM UTC - 4 hours AST
Corresponding UTC December 21, 2012 9:11 PM

Also, 5:11 am is Cairo Standard Time which is 6:11 am Cairo Daylight Time, which is 3:11 am Universal Time, which is 12:11 am Atlantic Daylight Time or 11:11 pm May 14, 2005 Atlantic Standard Time. 


Local Time

Local Time

Time Zone

Cairo, Egypt May 15, 2005  5:11 AM May 15, 2005  6:11 AM UTC + 3 hours
Halifax, NS May 14, 2005  11:11 PM May 15, 2005  12:11 AM UTC - 3 hours ADT
Corresponding UTC May 15, 2005  3:11 AM

So... both times 11:11 and 5:11 are exactly the reverse of each other, AND at exact opposites on the clock.

This also ties in to a paper that Nate wrote. In fact, he wrote to me 5 days ago on 12/12 and told me that he had just updated it. http://home.comcast.net/~phin8/April52005.html
In this paper, Nate says that Jesus left this earth on May 15, 30 A.D. and that He would return "probably on the same day of the year."  May 15, 2005?

"Jesus left for home to be with his Father and God forty days later on May 15, 30 A.D. In reading about this in Acts 1:3-11, you will see that "two men" appeared on the 40th day to say that Jesus would return the same way he left, probably on the same day of the year. My dog "Happy" will be 10 years old on May 15, 2005. She has a white "5" on her black chest and was born at about 5:15 AM and has 5 white toes on her rear paws. J.L.H.M.'s oldest son "T" will be 18 at #18 house on 5/15/5 and he was born at the 15x15 minute of the day (3:45 AM) exactly, to be a 3:4:5 person. It takes awhile for harmonic synchronicity to sink in for the ones it is meant to be known by, and the rest ignore it all as just coincidental ramblings."

Revelations 3:3
Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.
If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief,
and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

In other words... If you ARE watching, you CAN know.


189) December 31, 2004         *** Indonesian Earthquake / TSUNAMI ***

Is THIS it??? Is THIS the event that all the tsunami coincidences and clues were pointing to???

I started writing this ‘Journal of Events’ earlier this year because of many coincidences and synchronicities I was experiencing which I believed were pointing to a “Mega-Tsunami – Wave of Destruction” occurring sometime in the near future, and I felt I needed to document all these coincidences and clues.

And now, this very same year, it has actually happened.

This is the world’s deadliest tsunami and one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 metres (100 ft) high and killing 230,000 people and injuring half a million in 14 countries.

I was given information and clues - in the form of coincidence and synchronicity - that a "Mega-Tsunami - Wave of Destruction" was going to occur.

And it DID.

On December 26, 2004 at 7:58 am Local Time (12:58 am UT) a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the west coast of Northern Sumatra creating a devastating TSUNAMI which has killed over 120,000 people (with this number continually rising) (UPDATE: more than 250,000 people killed in 11 countries) in the South Asian countries of Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia, and the many other countries that border this area in the Indian Ocean.

It is an unprecedented catastrophe.

I find it very "coincidental" that this devastating tsunami would occur only days after my last posting of the possible Cumbre Vieja tsunami, which, if it occurs, could be much more catastrophic. I also find it "coincidental" that it occured on the same day that I turned 388888.88888... hours / 23333333.33333... minutes / 1400000000 seconds old (that is 14 with 8 zeros and I was born on the 14th of the 8th month). (See #136.) (I turned these times on Christmas Day, December 25, and the tsunami occurred on December 25, 2004 at 8:58 pm my time - Atlantic Standard Time.)      
It makes me wonder if it is all connected to... WARNING...  both on a literal and a metaphorical level.
One of the reasons that so many were killed and injured is that there was no Warning System. People had no idea that a tsunami was racing towards them. Earthquake and tsunami experts knew it was coming, but had no way to warn them. I even read in yesterday's Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper an account of someone who survived this experience that he and other people were standing on the beach and noticed that the water on the beach suddenly began disappearing, being drawn back out into the ocean. They didn't know that this is what happens just before a tsunami hits and thought it just had something to do with the Full Moon. Then they noticed the wave in the distance coming towards them.
The Pacific Ocean has a Tsunami Warning System, but the Indian Ocean does not. I also believe that there is no Tsunami Warning System for the Atlantic Ocean either. So, if the Cumbre Vieja tsunami were to occur, it would be very similar to what just happened in South Asia... Millions and millions of people along the Atlantic coast would have no warning that a tsunami was racing towards them, and millions and millions of people would have no time to evacuate.
Even if the Cumbre Vieja tsunami does not occur, a tsunami could occur as a result of an earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean, as it just did in the Indian Ocean. In fact, this already happened. On November 18, 1929, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Atlantic Ocean in the Grand Banks at 44.5°N 56.3°W which is just off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. This earthquake created a tsunami that killed 29 people in  Newfoundland:
I believe that if an Atlantic Ocean Tsunami Warning System does not currently exist - and I believe it does not - then it must be a high priority to create one as soon as possible, and all the communities living along the coast must develop a plan to prepare for this possible emergency. In fact, this should be done for all ocean communities where warning systems do not currently exist. I found some excellent information here concerning a program that is already in place for communities along the Pacific coast called TsunamiReady: http://www.prh.noaa.gov/ptwc/tsunamiready/tsunamiready.htm

Times & Transcript | International
As published on page C10 on December 31, 2004
Early warning systems lacking for tsunamis: official 
WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. weather agency didn't have the telephone numbers nor staff to alert all Indian Ocean countries when it saw the first signs that tsunamis could be heading their way, its top official said yesterday. He cautioned that the Caribbean and Atlantic also lack an early warning system.
In the face of stern questioning by some in Congress over whether enough was done, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said his agency did all it was responsible for doing in warning 26 countries in the Pacific.
"We cannot watch tsunamis in the Indian Ocean," said Conrad Lautenbacher, the Commerce Department's undersecretary for oceans and atmosphere and a retired navy vice-admiral, noting that no warning system exists for all 11 countries where the death toll has now topped 117,000.
In an interview with The Associated Press, Lautenbacher said he had ordered an internal review of its response to the quake and tsunamis. He said he also has asked NOAA staff to look at creating a "rapid reaction" emergency team and a more global warning system.
Lautenbacher said the chances of a major earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean "are small, but they're not zero."
"There is the potential of tsunami damage" in the Caribbean, he said, "and we believe that (warning) coverage should be extended to those areas as well."


And here are those words again... "WAKE-UP CALL"  (again on both a literal AND a metaphorical level):
From http://www.elitestv.com/pub/2004/Dec/EEN41d1855026641.html

Is the U.S. East Coast in Danger of a Tsunami
Residents of the Atlantic coast may have had a wake up call this week as a devastating tsunami struck in southeast Asia. This catastrophic event has drawn attention to the fact that currently, there is no effective warning system in place that would alert residents of an impending disaster.
While the West Coast has the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and other agencies in place, there is nothing similar on the eastern shore. Scientists predict that a tsunami similar to that which was spawned the earthquake in the Indian Ocean could destroy barrier islands along the eastern seaboard, causing a large number of deaths.
Some researchers are skeptical and claim that the Atlantic Ocean does not have the kind of fault lines that would be susceptible. Bob Morth, a research geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies in St. Petersburg said, 'There's potential there, but the probability is very low.'
But other scientists are not so sure. There is the possibility that a volcano on the Canary Islands could send a 150 foot tall tsunami to slam into the East Coast. George Maul, a Florida Tech oceanographer, who has been writing to President Bush, encouraging some sort of tsunami warning system for the east coast, believes that this event is concerned and said, 'I think it's -- one more time -- a wake-up call,'
The 1755 earthquake in Portugal created a small tsunami in Florida, but because there were few people living there, the number of deaths caused by this event is unknown. On July 3, 1992, a huge wave hit Daytona Beach, but this wave has been called a 'rogue' wave, similar to a tsunami, but caused by an underwater landslide. No deaths were reported during this event.
There have been similar events on the West Coast, mostly due to the tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean. But there is evidence that similar plates are beginning to form under the Atlantic.
So far, to U.S. government has not funded any type of warning system for the East Coast, although the National Weather Service has tsunami warning centers in place in Alaska and Hawaii.
D.R. Boyer

And here is an article just written about the Cumbre Vieja tsunami and SIMON DAY, who, if you recall in my Chapter 18 Part 1 post #6, is the person who spoke on that television program that I watched where I first learned about the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami:
(copy & paste)

Volcanic island a threat to US coast
December 28, 2004
LONDON: A scientist looking to pinpoint the next big earthquake has warned the US east coast could be destroyed by a tsunami unleashed by the collapse of a volcanic island in the eastern Atlantic.
A massive chunk of La Palma, the most volcanically active island in the Canaries archipelago, is unstable, British geologist Simon Day warned yesterday.
Dr Day, of the Benfield Grieg Hazard Research Centre at University College London, said the 500 billion tonne rock could collapse the next time the volcano, Cumbre Vieja, erupts.
That would send a dome-shaped wall of water up to 100m tall - 10 times as high as the tsunamis that hit south Asia - racing across the Atlantic at 800km/h.
Waves would hit the west coast of Africa and the south coast of England within a few hours, he said.
Eight hours after the collapse, the US east coast and the Caribbean would bear the brunt. Cities from Miami to New York would be swamped by waves up to 50m high, capable of surging 20km inland, according to Dr Day's research.
Tsunamis are commonly caused by earthquakes under the sea. About three decades ago, scientists determined that such gigantic waves could also be caused by collapsing islands.
Dr Day first published his findings on Cumbre Vieja in 1999 after a two-year study into the volcano, which occupies the southern half of La Palma.
He identified dozens of volcanic vents formed by successive eruptions over the past 100,000 years and collected samples of lava to build a detailed geological picture.
He found the volcano's vents were laid out in the shape of a three-pointed "Mercedes star", the western flank of which - a mass comprising about 500 billion tonnes of rock - was gradually becoming detached as volcanic activity forced magma to the surface.
The flank is slowly falling into the sea, but a major eruption by Cumbre Vieja could cause it to fall with catastrophic effect, Dr Day said.
"Eruptions of Cumbre Vieja occur at intervals of decades to a century or so and there may be a number of eruptions before its collapse," he said.
The island has had seven known eruptions, the last of which was in 1971.
In August, one of Dr Day's colleagues, Bill McGuire, told a conference on global geophysical disasters that Cumbre Vieja could blow "any time" and warned there was insufficient watch on the volcano.
"Eventually, the whole rock will collapse into the water and the collapse will devastate the Atlantic margin," he said.
"We need to be out there now looking at when an eruption is likely to happen ... otherwise there will be no time to evacuate major cities."

190) January 7, 2005
Happy 1111th Birthday to my youngest son, Craig.
(Decimal 15 = Binary 1111. This is actually quite significant concerning the 11:11 Phenomenon. See Chapter 13.)
191) January 12, 2005

From: http://www.volcanolive.com/volcanolive.html

Teide Volcano (Canary Islands)
28.27 N, 16.64 W, summit elevation 3715 m, stratovolcano
Tuesday 11th January 2005
A report has been received of an increase in unrest at Tiede volcano in the Canary Islands over the past 2 weeks. Carbon dioxide emissions have risen from 75 to 354 tons per day. Hydrogen sulphide emissions have risen from 35 to 152 tons per day. Seismic activity remains elevated under the volcano. Fumaroles have increased in their pressure, and now emit sounds. There is no significant deformation of the land observed.   

From: http://www.volcanolive.com/teide.html

Unrest has occurred at the volcano since May 2004, with an increase in January 2005.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 08:40:03 UTC

192) January 23, 2005
The 3 most significant dates that I have "connected" with during these past 6 years since my "awakening" on December 12, 1998 (see My 11:11 Story). are December 21, 2012 - the date that I calculated to be "The End" date; May 15, 2005 - the date that I calculated to be the beginning of the Tribulation Period; and December 12, 1998 - the date of my "awakening."
Since I found May 15, 2005 by subtracting 66666 hours from December 21, 2012, I was curious to see if there was a significant "harmonic" time between May 15, 2005 [May 14, 11:11 pm my time (Standard) - see Table in #188] and the date of my "awakening" on the morning of December 12, 1998. Using timeanddate.com I found that there was.... 2345 days!
From: Saturday, December 12, 1998 09:00:00
to: Saturday, May 14, 2005 23:11:00
It is 2345 days, 14 hours, 11 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates


193) January 25, 2005
An earthquake occurred today off the coast of Nova Scotia at 3:33 am local time (I have mentioned how 333 connects to "Jesus" many times - i.e. see #136, #147, #151):

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 07:33:51 UTC

Magnitude   4.7
Date-Time   Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 07:33:51 (UTC) - Coordinated Universal Time
                     Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 03:33:51 AM local time at epicenter
Location      43.28N 56.30W
Depth          18.0 kilometers
Reference   440 km (275 miles) ESE of Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada
                    440 km (275 miles) SSW of Marystown, Nfld. and Labrador, Canada
                    445 km (275 miles) SE of Cape Breton (Sydney), Nova Scotia, Canada
                    605 km (375 miles) ESE of HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada

Moderate undersea earthquake rumbles ocean bottom of Nova Scotia
HALIFAX (CP) - A moderate earthquake rumbled across the ocean floor off Nova Scotia on Tuesday, but caused no tidal activity. Janet Drysdale of the Geological Survey of Canada said the quake measured 4.7 on the Richter scale and was centred about 410 kilometres southeast of Louisbourg, N.S. "It's one of the larger events we've had in a while in the region, but because of its distance from land, nobody would have felt it," she said from Ottawa. "If it was on land, people would feel it but you still wouldn't expect damage."
The quake was located in the same area as a 7.2-magnitude tremor that produced a tsunami that swept parts of coastal Newfoundland in Nov. 18, 1929, killing 28 people.
Drysdale said Tuesday's quake was the second in the area since a 3.2-magnitude disturbance last July. However, she cautioned that people needn't worry these moderate quakes are a precursor to something bigger. (Or maybe they should, considering the "coincidental" timing of this earthquake?) "We see these on a regular basis offshore and in this area, so I wouldn't say this is anything out of the ordinary at all," Drysdale said. (I would suggest that the fact that this earthquake occurred at 3:33; at a depth of 18 km (this is Chapter 18); and the fact that it occurred in the same place as the 1929 7.2 magnitude earthquake that created the killer tsunami, which I just talked about in #189, makes this anything but "ordinary.")
There has been heightened awareness to quake-induced tsunamis since more than 160,000 people died when a giant wave hits parts of southeast Asia on Dec. 26.
Canada said this week it wants to take part in a multimillion-dollar program the United States is undertaking to expand a tsunami warning system to the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. announced late last week that it will include new areas of the Pacific, and for the first time, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in a warning system.


194) January 29, 2005
Nate sent me something yesterday that he figured out that I thought was pretty interesting and perhaps significant:
He found this interesting article about Cumbre Vieja which says that the volcano is 4 miles high (from the ocean floor):
He multiplied 4 * 5280 feet/mile to get the number of feet and it came to 21120 feet high.
He then divided 21120 by 6.666666... and got 3168.
These numbers are all very interesting because they all connect to my findings in #188:

Are these NUMB3RS just meaningless "coincidence" or are they dots to connect?

The new television series NUMB3RS started last night.

"Using numbers, we can solve the biggest mysteries we know."

195) February 1, 2005
I received an email yesterday from another person I correspond with, Alastair, who made another significant find which I must definitely add here.
Back in #188, I say that the fact that there are 2777 days between May 15, 2005 and December 21, 2012 is "meaningful" because 777 is a very significant number:
What is even more convincing that this date of May 15, 2005 is "meaningful" is that not only is it 66666.66666... hours less than December 21, 2012, but it is also 2777 days (18 hours 40 minutes); and 4,000,000 minutes; and 240,000,000 seconds. Surely this can be no "coincidence."

***And what Alastair discovered is that not only is it 7 years (relating to the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation Period) between those two dates, but it is 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days - 777 !
Giza / Sphinx & Pyramids Time:

From: Sunday, May 15, 2005 05:11:00  (= May 14, 2005 11:11 pm my time AST)
to: Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
It is 2777 days, 18 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 239997600 seconds or 3999960 minutes or 66666 hours
2005 - 2012 = 7 years
May - December = 7 months
14/15 - 21 = 7 days

As if to confirm the 777 finding, my odometer turned over to 89777 today.


196) February 3, 2005
Today I thought to do a Google search on 'Tribulation 777' to see if anyone else had made any connections to the Tribulation Period and the number 777. I was surprised to find a book by Tom McElmurry called The Tribulation Triad 777:

The write-up says that, "The author is a scholar in the field of meteorology and geology as well as theology. From that standpoint, he presents a study how God will use those forces to fulfill His purpose in the destruction that takes place in the Tribulation Period."
With all the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, devastating weather systems (hurricanes, tornados, torrential rains, mudslides, floods, heat waves, etc), meteorites falling to the ground, intense sun spot activity, the recent Asian tsunami, and the many other unusual natural occurrences happening of late, this sounds like it might be an interesting and relevant read. I am especially interested in how he connects the 777 to this.
I just ordered the book online. When filling out the order form, in the 'Country' box I scrolled down to choose CANADA. I noticed that the very next selection in the list was CANARY ISLANDS. That is where Cumbre Vieja is.

197) February 4, 2005
Nate wrote to me today and told me about a license plate he found on eBay:

Tribulation - May 15? 

198) February 6, 2005
I went to space.com to see if there was any news on sunspot 720, and I saw the headline that 'Star-Trek: Enterprise' has been cancelled. The series finale will air on May 15 on the Space channel. Interesting timing.

(According to spaceweather.com, "If sunspot 720 still exists, it should peek over the sun's eastern limb on February 6th or 7th.")
I wonder if there will be a sunspot 777, and if so, when it will occur and if it will be of any size and consequence.

199) February 8, 2005
I was able to contact Mr. McElmurry, author of the book The Tribulation Triad 777, via email, who informed me that the 777 refers to the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Vials/Plagues of the book of Revelation.
I decided to do a search on "seven" in the book of Revelation and found that it is probably the most significant number in that book. I will include the search results here for your perusal and discernment:
(Rev 1:4) John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;
(Rev 1:11) Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.
(Rev 1:12) And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;
(Rev 1:13) And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
(Rev 1:16) And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.
(Rev 1:20) The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.
(Rev 2:1) Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;
(Rev 3:1) And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.
(Rev 4:5) And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.
(Rev 5:1) And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.
(Rev 5:5) And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
(Rev 5:6) And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.
(Rev 8:2) And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.
(Rev 8:6) And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.
(Rev 10:3) And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.
(Rev 10:4) And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.
(Rev 11:13) And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.
(Rev 12:3) And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
(Rev 13:1) And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
(Rev 15:1) And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.
(Rev 15:6) And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles.
(Rev 15:7) And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever.
(Rev 15:8) And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.
(Rev 16:1) And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.
(Rev 17:1) And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
(Rev 17:3) So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
(Rev 17:7) And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
(Rev 17:9 KJV) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
(Rev 17:10 KJV) And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
(Rev 17:11 KJV) And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
(Rev 21:9 KJV) And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lamb's wife.

(I just noticed on my computer clock that it is 11:11.) 

This afternoon on my way to the grocery store, my odometer turned over to 89888 at 1:48.
888 = "Jesus" in Gematria.
1:48 - 14/8 - August 14 - my birthday


200) February 9, 2005
Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Rooster.


201) February 13, 2005
Today while I was driving another of our vehicles the odometer turned over to 160777. That is two vehicles in two weeks that turned over to 777 while I was driving them. (See #195.)

Today I bid on and won a license plate on eBay that I came across last week, after the 777 connection was made to the beginning of the Tribulation Period and possibly the Cumbre Vieja Eruption (CVE) and tsunami.

202) February 15, 2005
I was calculating what I owed for the above license plate in Canadian funds, and the exchange rate caught my eye... 1.2345:


Today Boeing unveiled the newest member of its 777 family, the 777-200LR Worldliner, the world's longest range commercial airplane. (It is made in Everett, Washington where Nate lives.)


203) February 17, 2005
A metaphor???

204) February 18, 2005
Today my odometer turned over to 89999 / 90000:

205) February 20, 2005
It was a year ago today that I made the connection between Cumbre Vieja and May 15. (See Chapter 18 Part 1 post #12.)

There was an earthquake today in the Canary Islands. (The Cumbre Vieja volcano is on the island of La Palma which is one of the Canary Islands.)  Interesting that it would happen on this day, after what I just posted above.



206) February 22, 2005         Seeing Is Believing
Last night I watched a local cable program (produced in Fredericton, New Brunswick) called 'Melanson Live'. The guest was Stanton Friedman, a UFOlogist. Mr. Friedman will be one of the speakers on the upcoming ABC 2-hour special with Peter Jennings airing February 24 called, 'The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing'. This 'Seeing Is Believing' special is getting a lot of attention in the media and in many of the Internet groups I read.
"As a journalist," says Jennings, "I began this project with a healthy dose of skepticism and as open a mind as possible."
Wouldn't it be great if Peter Jennings would do a special on 'The 11:11 Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing.'
(I wonder if the title made anyone make the connection to THIS ...)

Speaking of UFO's... I don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I used to live in St. Paul, Alberta which has the only UFO Landing Pad in the world. It is a tourist attraction with a UFO Interpretive Center:   http://members.mcsnet.ca/chamber/ufolanding.htm
Another interesting thing about St. Paul is that it is located at exactly 111° W.

207) (same day) February 22, 2005
Yesterday I received an email from Alastair who was concerned that a tragedy might occur today on February 22. He came to this conclusion because it is 1260 days/42 months (Biblical reference) from the 911 Tragedy of September 11, 2001.
From timeanddate:
Added 1260 days to Tuesday, September 11, 2001 00:00:00
Result: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 00:00:00

I commented that February 22 is 222 and that both days are Tuesdays/TWOsdays.
Today a 6.4 earthquake hit Central Iran. Early news reports say that hundreds have been killed or injured. 
I have noticed many interesting numbers associated with this earthquake:


208) February 26, 2005  
I was just reviewing the information in the USGS link above and found that some of the data has been changed since it was originally posted on the 22nd:


209) March 3, 2005
This was an earthquake with many interesting harmonics:
It occurred on 3/3 (33/333 relates to Jesus) at 2:22 UT (see above post) at 45°N at a depth of 18 km (11 miles) near Cornwall, Ontario.
I was born at 45°N, my mother's name is KAY which equals 222 in English Gematria (A=6, B=12, C=18...) and whose birthday every leap year is the 222nd day of the year, Sir KAY was King Arthur's brother, I live at #18 on McKnight Court in the Camelot Estates subdivision (and this is Chapter 18), and King Arthur is believed to have been born in Cornwall, England. (See My King Arthur / Holy Grail Connections chapter.)

210) March 5, 2005  
Nate wrote to me today and told me something interesting that he had figured out, at least interesting to Nate and to me, but I will add it here anyway...
The number 18 has been a significant number in all of this for me. For example, this is Chapter 18, I live at #18, and this year my oldest son will turn 18 on May 15, which is the date that I have calculated may be the beginning of the Tribulation Period (because it is 2777 days before as well as 7 years, 7 months, 7 days before December 21, 2012) and perhaps when the Cumbre Vieja tsunami may occur.

Using timeanddate.com, Nate figured out that exactly 25920 days from his birth date will be my youngest son's 18th birthday. 25920 is the number of years that it takes the sun to complete its cycle around the ecliptic, and if you read my Chapter 13 - 11:11 you will see how this was a key factor in my figuring out how 11:11 connects to December 21, 2012.   

Added 25920 days to Tuesday, January 19, 1937 00:00:00
Result: Monday, January 7, 2008 00:00:00

This really is a profound connection between Nate and I.

And just to add to this amazing profundity, go back and read my Chapter 18-2 post #71 and Chapter 18-3 post #132 and you tell me if this is all just "coincidence" or not...


211) March 7, 2005  
More 18's...
Today we went on a tour of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It was founded in... 1818.
(I was 18 when I went to Dalhousie back in 1978. Maybe even 18 years 18 days.)
Notice the Flash logo... "SEE DIFFERENTLY"...
Isn't that what the first part of this paper is all about??    

212) March 11, 2005  
This is March Break here and two days ago we were visiting my husband's sister and family and my nephew who is two was showing my boys his Rescue Heroes action figures. He then wanted his mother to play his Rescue Heroes cartoon video so she put it on. I glanced at the screen as the cartoon started and saw the title 'Tsunami' and a large chunk of what looked like an iceberg broke off and fell into the ocean creating a mega tsunami. That's all I watched...  
The two other families we visited both live at #33 street addresses.
(While I was writing this, I got an email from my aunt, and the time stamp was exactly 11:11:00.)

213) March 13, 2005

214) March 14, 2005
4:44 seems to be starting to show itself again to me for some reason. A couple of days ago I opened a can of spaghetti sauce and I noticed the time stamp on the lid was 4:44. Then today I looked at the Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam site and noticed the 'VolcanoCam Notes' was updated today at 4:44.



This is interesting to me because that is how this Chapter 18 started last spring. By seeing 444 and connecting it to PALM Sunday which occurred last year on 04/04/04 (which later connected to the La PALMa tsunami).
What is interesting about PALM Sunday this year is that it coincides with the Spring Equinox which occurs this coming Sunday, March 20, 2005.
While researching this date on my RedShift astronomy program, I noticed that Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation LEO, sets at exactly 4:44 am Cairo/Giza /Sphinx time.  (See Chapter 13 - 11:11 for the significance of that.)  


215) March 15, 2005
Today Nate sent me a letter about 222's and it was the #5222 message in my infile folder.

He told me that on March 24 I will be 44 years 222 days old.
Added 222 days to Saturday, August 14, 2004 00:00:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 00:00:00

March 24 is 1290 days (Biblical reference) after the 911 Tragedy and is also the day before Good Friday.
Added 1290 days to Tuesday, September 11, 2001 00:00:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 00:00:00

He also told me that I was married on the 222 day of the year.

216) March 16, 2005
I was doing a Google search on "May 15" and found out that NASA has set May 15 as the target launch date for the first shuttle mission since the Columbia accident two years ago on February 1, 2003. (NASA has a lot of symbolism associated with it.)
Note:  On March 19 there was an article in our local newspaper about this mission and it said, "Never before in 44 years of human spaceflight has NASA gone to such lengths to have a spaceship ready to rush to another's assistance."

217) March 21, 2005
Today I was playing around with timeanddate.com and I found out that counting backwards from the end of the year, 5555 hours brings us to May 14 which is very close to the May 15 date, and May 15, 2005 is 5/5+5+5/5:

Subtracted 5555 hours from Saturday, December 31, 2005 23:59:00
Result: Saturday, May 14, 2005 12:59:00

May 14 is also 333333 minutes from the end of the year:

Subtracted 333333 minutes from Saturday, December 31, 2005 23:59:00
Result: Saturday, May 14, 2005 12:26:00


It is also interesting that the above time is 12:26:00 and Day 226 is August 14, my birthday.  And along these same lines, 3333 hours from the end of the year bring us to August 15 which is the day after my birthday:

Subtracted 3333 hours from Saturday, December 31, 2005 23:59:00
Result: Monday, August 15, 2005 02:59:00
And 5555 - 3333 = 2222:
From: Saturday, May 14, 2005 12:26:00
to: Monday, August 15, 2005 02:59:00
It is 92 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 8001180 seconds or 133353 minutes or 2222 hours

218) March 22, 2005    Not only 777, but a DOUBLE 777.  Just to emphasize the point...

This was today's main story on the front page of our local newspaper:
Missed bus leads to $777,777 win
Dieppe couple claims jackpot in Atlantic Lottery 'Special 7' scratch & win. 
"A series of coincidences led to Viola LeBlanc of Dieppe, N.B., purchasing a Special 7 Scratch’n Win ticket that turned out to be worth $777,777... Special 7 is a national ticket with more than $40 million in prizes. Viola is the third in Canada to win the top prize of $777,777 on this game... Shoppers Drug Mart in Champlain Place, Dieppe, N.B. sold the winning ticket."
(I was even in that very store on that very day.) 


219) March 23, 2005

On March 15 in #215 I posted some information connecting to March 24, 2005:
On March 24 I will be 44 years 222 days old.
Added 222 days to Saturday, August 14, 2004 00:00:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 00:00:00

March 24 is 1290 days (Biblical reference) after the 911 Tragedy and is also the day before Good Friday.
Added 1290 days to Tuesday, September 11, 2001 00:00:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 00:00:00

Today I discovered that from December 21, 2012 to March 24, 2005 is 244444444 seconds.
(11:11 pm Giza/Sphinx time)

Subtracted 244444444 seconds from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 17:56:56

I find this all very curious. I wonder if something major is going to happen tomorrow... 

This made me curious to know when 444444444 seconds prior to December 21, 2012 was. I was shocked to see the results:
Subtracted 444444444 seconds from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
Result: Saturday, November 21, 1998 22:23:36

This is also 123456 hours:  
From: Saturday, November 21, 1998 22:23:36
to: Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
It is 5144 days, 0 hours, 47 minutes and 24 seconds between those dates
Or 444444444 seconds or 7407407 minutes or 123456 hours

I'll bet that is the exact date that I got (probably literally, from God) the idea to try and draw my diagram/model of The Mind, realizing on December 12, 1998, that what I had also done was drawn God's Mind and a Map of The Way. See My 11:11 Story.
220) March 24, 2005

From the 9/11 Tragedy back to my "awakening" on December 12, 1998 is 1444444 minutes:
Subtracted 1444444 minutes from Tuesday, September 11, 2001 00:00:00
Result: Saturday, December 12, 1998 21:56:00

From MY "awakening" to the "Great American Awakening" was 1444444 minutes.

Are YOU awake yet?

221) March 25, 2005

Here is an interesting story that started last Wednesday night. (This is Friday.)  
On Wednesday evening my husband and I picked up our son at his friend's house at about 8:20 pm arriving home between 8:25 and 8:30. As I was letting my son out of the back seat, my husband looked through the open door at the western sky and said, "Look at the falling star!" By the time I turned around, it was gone. I didn't see it, but I thought to myself, "I wonder if that was a "sign" of something. I have been reading on the Internet lately about fireballs being seen just before earthquakes have occurred, so I wondered if this might have something to do with something maybe happening on March 24 which was the next day. (Note: Nate pointed out that at this time, it was already March 24 Universal Time.)
The next morning the top headline in our local newspaper was, "Flaming UFO sighted over N.B."  I told my husband that the falling star he had seen was in the paper, but as I read the article, it was about a different event where many people in the community of Elsipogtog had witnessed a fireball about 11 in the morning. The fireball he had seen was about 8:30 that night.
Then this morning in the newspaper, the top headline was, "Was flaming UFO a meteor?" It begins, "Two more fireball sightings are being reported in the Maritimes." A Riverview woman saw one while out walking at about 8:05 pm. I thought for a moment that might have been the one my husband saw, but since he saw his around 8:30 I figured it could not have been. Then as I continued to read the article, it said, "Minutes later, an observer in Digby, a town in southwest Nova Scotia, also saw a flaming ball at 8:26 pm in the southwest sky."
That was the one my husband saw. The time and sky location coincide, except here it was almost exactly in the western sky, perhaps only a degree or two to the south.
Not only that, but... Digby? I was born in Digby! Now what kind of a "coincidence" is that? (My husband was born in Digby too, 6 days after me, in the same hospital, but I didn't meet him until 22 years later.)
And today is Good Friday. Right under the meteor headline is a picture of Jesus on the cross:


222) March 26, 2005

Perhaps this meteor sighting was a "sign" related to the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Not only that this is all happening during Easter, but...

In yesterday's paper, as shown above, just under the headline about the meteor is a picture of Jesus on the cross.
In today's paper, there is another story related to the meteor (for the third day in row) and right beside it is a picture of a local church's stained glass window depicting Jesus entitled 'The Resurrection':

Also, this post happens to be #222 which could be another connection to the 2nd Coming of Christ.

223) March 28, 2005

A few days ago in #219 I posted some information connecting to March 24, 2005. Please go back and review it as all the 4's are significant...
It led me to believe that something might happen on March 24, but nothing did that I am aware of, unless it was the sighting of the fireball as told about in the above posts.
Then today I was playing around with timeanddate.com again and I think I might have come across the significance of the March 24, 2005 date, if in fact the May 15 date proves correct:
Subtracted 4444444 seconds from Sunday, May 15, 2005 00:00:00
Result: Thursday, March 24, 2005 13:25:56


224) (same day) March 28, 2005

Today a major earthquake (8.7) hit the region of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. This is the same area where the devastating December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami occurred.  It happened at 11:09 pm local time which was very close to 11:11.
It is interesting that in my post #221 about the falling star sighting that I said, "By the time I turned around, it was gone. I didn't see it, but I thought to myself, "I wonder if that was a "sign" of something. I have been reading on the Internet lately about fireballs being seen just before earthquakes have occurred..."

225) March  30, 2005

The March 28, 2005 earthquake occurred 2223 hours after the December 26, 2004 one - just 1 hour past the 2222 mark.
From: Sunday, December 26, 2004 00:58:53 UTC
to: Monday, March 28, 2005 16:09:36 UTC
It is 92 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes and 43 seconds between those dates
Or 8003443 seconds or 133390 minutes or 2223 hours
So it occurred in the day that contained the 2222 hour and the 133333 minute from the December 26 earthquake.
1 day after Christmas (represents Jesus' birth)
1 day after Easter
(represents Jesus' death / resurrection)
1 hour after 2222
 (remember how I said in post #222 that all the 2's could represent the 2nd Coming of Jesus?)
226) (same day) March  30, 2005

On May 15, 2005 I will be 1412222222 seconds old:
Added 1412222222 seconds to Sunday, August 14, 1960 08:12:00 AST
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 12:09:02

On March 20, 2005, which was both Palm Sunday and the Spring Equinox, I was 23456789 minutes old: 
Added 23456789 minutes to Sunday, August 14, 1960 08:12:00 AST
Result: Sunday, March 20, 2005 18:41:00


227) April 4, 2005

I was born on 14/08/1960 - day 227 of that year.
I just noticed that today - April 4 - which is 4/4 - and I am 44 - that:
Added 1408666666 seconds to Sunday, August 14, 1960 08:12:00 AST
Result: Monday, April 4, 2005 08:29:46

Added 23477777 minutes to Sunday, August 14, 1960 08:12:00  AST
Result: Monday, April 4, 2005 08:29:00


Born on 14/08/60 at 8:12 AST  (9:12 ADT; 12:12 UT):

Added 1408600812 seconds to Sunday, August 14, 1960 08:12:00 AST
Result: Sunday, April 3, 2005
April 3 was the day that contained the 2222 hour of the year:

Added 2222 hours to Saturday, January 1, 2005 00:00:00
Result: Sunday, April 3, 2005

14/08/60 8:12 was 12:12 into the 2222 hour of 2005.

A funny thing to add to this is that on April 3, on the day that contained the 2222 hour, Nate bid on and won license plate XT-2222 on eBay. When he told me about it, I asked him if he had noticed where the item was located... HARRISville and HARRIS is my maiden name.

Also, I have commented before that there is a community just down the street from where I live that is named Harrisville:


228) April 5, 2005

At the beginning of this Part 5 in #188 I said:

Did I just figure out that MAY 15, 2005 is the beginning of the Tribulation Period and perhaps the Pre-Tribulation Rapture? 
*** ALSO...  It is extremely significant that May 15, 2005 is PENTECOST. ***
(The above link is to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentecost which gives the date of Pentecost for 2005 as May 15.)
It has been pointed out to me by a reader that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture / Ascension may occur 10 days before Pentecost, which would be May 5, 2005.
I researched this on wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascension_Day and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_5 ) and found that Ascension Day does occur on May 5.
This is interesting because May 5, 2005 is 5/5/5 or 555.
It is also interesting because May 5 is the 125 day of the year and 125 = 5 x 5 x 5, so another 555.
So... It appears that May 5, 2005 and May 15, 2005 may be two very important dates to watch for.
Remember... if you read #188 again you will see that:
MAY 5, 2005 is 66,888 hours before December 21, 2012 and 888 = "Jesus" in Gematria
(Perhaps connecting to the Second Coming of Jesus and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture on that date?)
May 15, 2005 is 66,666 hours before December 21, 2012
(Perhaps connecting to the beginning of the Tribulation Period on that date, ending 7 years 7 months 7 days (777) later on December 21, 2012?)

229) April 7, 2005
I wrote the above on April 5. May 5 is exactly 1 month away.
Has the FINAL COUNTDOWN begun???  (See #216)

230) (same day) April 7, 2005
This is amazing...
Two days ago (April 5) and two posts ago (#228) I said that a reader had pointed out to me that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture / Ascension may occur 10 days before Pentecost, which would be May 5, 2005.
This reader was Ted Porter. I had read a letter of his on the 5doves site and had written to him and he had written me back:
In this letter he puts forth a case for the Rapture happening on May 5, and calculates the time that this might occur.
He calculates the "Exact Middle of Spring, Exact Middle of Taurus" and the possible time of the Rapture to be 5/5/5 at 21:41:02 UT or 9:41 pm UT.
That made me curious as to when MY time for 5/5/5 calculated out to be and if we were anywhere close.
If you recall, at the beginning of this Part 5 in #188, the way I came to the May 5 and May 15 dates was by subtracting 66888 and 66666 hours respectively from the "End" date of December 21, 2012 at 11:11 pm Giza/Sphinx time or 9:11 pm UT.
Subtracted 66888 hours from Friday, December 21, 2012 21:11:00 UT
Result: Thursday, May 5, 2005
21:11:00 UT
Mr. Porter's time calculates out to be 9:41 pm UT and mine 9:11 pm UT. We are in the SAME HOUR only 30 minutes apart!
Note: 9:11 pm UT is 11:11 pm Giza/Sphinx (THE Clock) / Jerusalem STANDARD time / 12:11 am May 6 DAYLIGHT time.

231) April 8, 2005
I wanted to verify Mr. Porter's "Exact Middle of Spring" calculations for myself so I went to http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/EarthSeasons.html to check out the times of the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

Perihelion Jan 2 01    Equinoxes Mar 20 12 33     Sept 22 22 23
Aphelion  July 5 05    Solstices   June 21 06 46     Dec 21 18 35
From: Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:33:00
to: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 06:46:00
It is 92 days, 18 hours, 13 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 8014380 seconds or 133573 minutes or 2226 hours
(Close to 2222 hours)
133573 minutes / 2 =  66786.5 minutes
Added 66787 minutes to Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:33:00
Result: Thursday, May 5, 2005 21:40:00

Performing this process verified to me that Mr. Porter's calculations were correct, but it also had another interesting result. Seeing that the exact length of the Spring season was very close to 2222 hours was very intriguing to me. This meant that the "Exact Middle of Spring" was also very close to the 1111 hour mark.
Added 1111 hours to Sunday, March 20, 2005 12:33:00
Result: Thursday, May 5, 2005 19:33:00

Very interesting...
232) (same day) April 8, 2005
Today is the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Today is also a solar eclipse. The Pope was born on a solar eclipse and buried on a solar eclipse. He lived exactly 31,000 days. (I thought he would live 744444 hours until April 20 but that is another story. Maybe the new Pope will be chosen on April 20.)
From: Tuesday, May 18, 1920 00:00:00
to: Saturday, April 2, 2005 00:00:00
It is 31000 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 2678400000 seconds or 44640000 minutes or 744000 hours

Another interesting connection to the years 2005 and 2012 is that today's solar eclipse will be the last partial eclipse of the Sun visible from the continental U.S. until May 20, 2012.
Today's solar eclipse is also a rare event in that it is "hybrid" solar eclipse. The central path of the eclipse runs across the South Pacific where it changes from an annular eclipse to a total eclipse and then back to an annular eclipse again before reaching Central America.

233) April 12, 2005
Last night while flipping through the TV channels I happened upon an interview on Entertainment Tonight with Orlando Bloom talking about his new upcoming movie. The title of the movie and its release date caught my attention.
May 5, 2005 is Ascension Day, celebrated on the 40th day after Easter when Jesus ascended into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is also the day when many believe, and as the information I have been posting here possibly suggests (or May 15), the day of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture when Jesus returns to take those who are His now back to the Kingdom of Heaven so they do not have to suffer through the Tribulation Period.  
That is May 5. The very next day, on May 6, the movie Kingdom of Heaven comes out in theatres.


234) April 13, 2005
While watching Entertainment Tonight again last night I learned about a new television series premiering tonight on NBC. It is called Revelations.

"The book of Revelations in the Bible predicts the end of the world. Revelations, the TV drama, implies that that time, the so-called End of Days, is upon us now." (ET)


"New York and Hollywood are sort of high on Jesus right now because He sells."
"The NBC series presents a naive view of prophecy." Jerry Jenkins (Left Behind author)
"NBC stresses that the series is not meant to teach scripture, it's just a fictional thriller." (ET)

Never-the-less, the subject, premise, and timing are all very interesting.

235) April 14, 2005
May 15 is my son Tyler's birthday. May 15, 2005 will be his 18th birthday (and possibly the date of the beginning of the Tribulaton Period - 777).

May 15 is Nate's dog Happy's birthday.
On May 15, 2005 Alastair's daughter will turn 12345678 minutes old: 
Added 12345678 minutes to Tuesday, November 24, 1981 12:51:00
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 22:09:00

I wondered how much time was between Tyler's and Alastair's daughter's birthdates, and it is 1998 days:
From: Tuesday, November 24, 1981 00:00:00
to: Friday, May 15, 1987 00:00:00
It is 1998 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates

I just found out that Nate's daughter's birthday is November 24 too. So both Nate and Alastair each have one daughter and both their birthdays are November 24.
I decided to check out how old Nate's daughter will be on May 15, 2005. I found out that on the following day, on May 16, 2005, she will turn 24444444 minutes old:
Added 24444444 minutes to Monday, November 24, 1958 00:00:00
Result: Monday, May 16, 2005 07:24:00

236) April 15, 2005  (May 15 is 1 month from today.)
As stated in the previous post, May 15 is my son Tyler's birthday, and May 15, 2005 will be his 18th birthday.   
I was curious to see if May 15, 2005 had any significance to my other son, Craig. Amazingly enough, I found that on May 15 Craig will turn 484444444 seconds old:
Added 484444444 seconds to Sunday, January 7, 1990 08:26:00
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 08:20:04

And as posted in #226, I will turn 1412222222 seconds old on May 15, 2005.

(same day) April 15, 2005
I decided to back through my posts and compile a list of these interesting findings in a table format.
See Findings.

(same day) April 15, 2005
Last fall we bought a '66 Mustang. It has been in storage for the winter and today my husband registered it and got the license plates for it. When he got home, I couldn't wait to see what license plates he had been given (he did not choose them). I was hoping it would be 111 but I couldn't believe it when I actually saw those numbers. And when I saw the GLV, I immediately thought GOD LOVE.

I wanted to be sure that Bruce did not pick the 111 plates so I asked him about it. He said that the girl who waited on him said she had been waiting all day to give these plates to someone. He asked her why and she said because they had the numbers 111 and she wanted to make sure they went to a car that would be around for a long time and not end up in a junk yard somewhere. He asked her what the numbers 111 meant and she said she didn't know but that she just liked those numbers. Bruce could have gone to any one of about ten different counters, but by "chance", he was next in the line-up and this is the one he got. He also went earlier in the day but left because the line-up was too long. 
It sure looks to me like we were "destined" to get these 111 plates.              

April 20, 2005

Speaking of 111...
Have you ever heard of the St. Malachy prophecies? If not, there is a lot of information on the Internet about it. Here is one good site: www.catholic-pages.com/grabbag/malachy.asp

"The most famous and best known prophecies about the popes are those attributed to St. Malachy. In 1139 he went to Rome to give an account of the affairs of his diocese to the pope, Innocent II, who promised him two palliums for the metropolitan Sees of Armagh and Cashel. While at Rome, he received (according to the Abbé Cucherat) the strange vision of the future wherein was unfolded before his mind the long list of illustrious pontiffs who were to rule the Church until the end of time.
These short prophetical announcements, in number 112, indicate some noticeable trait of all future popes from Celestine II, who was elected in the year 1130, until the end of the world. They are enunciated under mystical titles. Those who have undertaken to interpret and explain these symbolical prophecies have succeeded in discovering some trait, allusion, point, or similitude in their application to the individual popes, either as to their country, their name, their coat of arms or insignia, their birth-place, their talent or learning, the title of their cardinalate, the dignities which they held etc."
110 John Paul II (1978-2005) De labore Solis
(of the eclipse of the sun, or from the labour of the sun)
Karol Wojtyla was born on May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse.
His Funeral occurred on 8 April, 2005 when there was a solar eclipse
visible in the Americas.
111 ???
Benedict XVI (2005 -    )
Gloria olivæ
The Benedictine Order traditionally said this Pope would come from their order.

Yesterday Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was chosen as the new pope. Pope Benedict XVI. Although I do not believe he is from the Benedictine Order, the fact that he chose the name Benedict may serve to fulfill St. Malachy's prophecy concerning the 111th pope.
There is to be one more before the end of time, and Pope Benedict XVI just turned 78.

And when I go back and look at the GLV-111 license plates we just got (post #238) I can now "see" more...

Could the 111 symbolize St. Malachy's 111th pope?

And could the GLV symbolize Gloria olivæ?

Gloria olivæ - Pope #111

April 21, 2005

Speaking of 111...
Today is the 111th day of the year.   

April 24, 2005
 (Passover, Lunar Eclipse, Inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI, my sister's 40th birthday) 

April 28, 2005

Ascension Day, May 5, 2005 (5/5/5) connection?
World's Largest Airliner Takes Off 


More 5's...

Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets  (April 26, 2005)
PHOENIX (AP) - In the space of five minutes, 25 (5x5) year old surrogate mother Teresa Anderson delivered five boys to a childless couple she met on the Internet, a bond that grew so close she eventually waived the $15,000 (5+5+5) fee she had charged. The babies were born in the 33rd week of Anderson's pregnancy. (33 symbolizes Jesus.) She is believed to be the first surrogate mother to carry quintuplets.

April 30, 2005

This is kind of interesting and explains my "perspective" a little bit (remember... "seeing" - both as in 'visually' and as in 'understanding' - is all about your "perspective" - see my Slideshow Presentation for further explanation) especially concerning such newspaper headlines and articles as the two I just mentioned above. It's about changing your perspective to be able to "see" (both as in 'visually' and as in 'understand') below the surface of the obvious and apparent to the deeper dimensions of symbolism and metaphor inside and being able to connect the dots, especially if you believe/know that what is "suggested" in the above BC comic (#241) is actually true...
This week (April 25) a particular headline in our local newspaper grabbed my attention. In this chapter I have been talking about May 5, 2005 / May 15, 2005 as the "possible" dates of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and beginning of the Tribulation period. On April 13 (#234) I wrote about the new television series Revelations that was premiering that night and I included a quote from Jerry Jenkins who is one of the authors of the best-selling series of books Left Behind. Although I have never read any of these books, I know they are about those who have been "left behind" after the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.
It was because of having just written the Left Behind quote that these words were still fresh in my memory. Although the article had nothing to do with this theme (well, in a round-about way it did as it was about Kyoto and the environment), it was the headline and its obvious metaphor that caught my eye:

I then decided to do some research on the Left Behind series and found their website www.leftbehind.com. I just had to smile when I saw this picture on their home page:

Hopefully this explains and perhaps justifies my "perspective" to you a little bit.

244) May 1, 2005  
I read on the 5doves site that there are 666 + 666 days between 9/11 and 5/5/5. That is 1332 days:  
From: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 00:00:00
to: Thursday, May 5, 2005 00:00:00
It is 1332 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 115084800 seconds or 1918080 minutes or 31968 hours

I decided to do some more calculations on 1332 and found that:

(I was born in 1960.)

Three days later, day 1335 after 9/11, is May 8, 2005. And exactly 1 week after that is May 15, 2005.

Daniel 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. 

245) May 4, 2005       
This morning I turned on the television and it was on the Weather Network channel. When I turned it on, they were talking about this being Emergency Preparedness Week. (theweathernetwork.com/weather/eprepared/index.htm)

246) May 5, 2005  
In my Chapter 12 - SIGNS in #19 I talk about the Harmonic Concordance. Yesterday I received a newsletter from them which talks about May 15, 2005 being a significant date. I just searched their site and found this information if you would like to read it:  www.harmonicconcordance.com/NewSite/AstrologicalMusings-Pentecost.htm

247) May 7, 2005  
By The Way...

248) May 9, 2005

Last night's episode of The Simpsons...
(I don't usually watch The Simpsons but my children do and after watching the first few minutes they called up to me and thought I might be interested in watching this one.)

GABF14 - Thank God, It's Doomsday - Confirmed Airdate: May 8th, 2005 (8:30pm) - Written by Don Payne
An apocalyptic movie followed by three real-life omens cause a fearful Homer to research the rapture. Believing that he has deduced when the event will happen, he begins warning others as a way to secure his spot in heaven. After a skeptical Kent Brockman reports on Homer's prediction of stars falling from the sky, there's a Krusty Special blimp accident, and Homer attracts a slew of new believers. When the rapture never comes, a discredited Homer discovers an error in his calculations and returns to the Springfield Mesa alone, where he experiences a conversation with God. 

(Left Behind is spoofed and called the Left Below. See post #243.)
Homer's complicated formula (which includes a 666) works out to May 19 at 3:15. Mine is much simpler (December 21, 2012 11:11 pm Giza time - 66666 hours) and calculates out to May 15 at 3:11 UT, just 4 days and 4 minutes before his. Watching this episode was a surreal experience.

Images from duffzone.co.uk

Next week's episode on May 15, 2005 is the SEASON FINALE and is entitled The Father, Son and the Holy Guest Star.

249) May 10, 2005
Sunday's episode of The Simpons was called Thank God, It's Doomsday.  Another Doomsday connection is on today's AOL Welcome screen:

250) (same day) May 10, 2005
In the above AOL News preview, notice the bottom one... "No leads in Illinois girls' murders." The tragic murders of the two young girls in Zion, Illinois has been the main news story yesterday and today.
I am sure that the name Zion caught many people's attention, including mine. When I see such an obvious connection it inspires me to dig deeper to see if there is a "message" to be found beneath the surface.
The first thing I did was a Google search on Zion, Illinois and found their web site for the City of Zion at www.cityofzion.com/
The first thing that caught my attention here was their logo at the top of the page. This definitely connects to the Biblical Zion. I read earlier in the AOL news article that bought this story to my attention that Zion was founded in 1901 (adds to 11) by a religious faith healer as a utopian community. (Illinois became a state in 1818. See post #211.)

The next thing that caught my attention was directly underneath this picture in the Mayor's Welcome. What caught my attention here was the mayor's name... Mayor Lane Harrison. Harris/Son. Harris is my maiden name. I can't tell you how many times I have seen this name, or some variation of Harris or Mullen, my married name, somehow connected with a news story (usually a tragedy). For example, two major ones off the top of my head... When I was watching the 9/11 Tragedy unfold live on television, I noticed that the camera was filming the event from Harrison St.; back on June 21, 2001 (the Summer Solstice) Andrea Yates drowned her five children, Mary, Noah, Luke, Paul, and John - all Biblical names. Her husband worked for NASA. This happened in Harris County in Houston, Texas. I have not figured out why this is, and I have noticed it far too many times to just be "coincidence", but the conclusion I have reached is that it - and I - are somehow connected with "warning."
I then did a search on "Zion" in the Bible and found that it occurs 152 times in 152 verses. There are many interesting and relevant verses, many referencing the "daughter/s of Zion." The fact that the murders of these two young daughters occurred on Mother's Day I feel is very symbolic.

Jeremiah 4:31 For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail, and the anguish as of her that bringeth forth her first child, the voice of the daughter of Zion, that bewaileth herself, that spreadeth her hands, saying, Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied because of murderers.


The verse that really caught my attention was this one. Notice the trumpet in the above City of Zion picture.

Joel 2:1 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

251) May 11, 2005
I mentioned in the above post that the mayor of Zion is Lane Harrison. I discussed the connection of his last name Harrison to my maiden name Harris, but there is also another connection to be found in his first name, Lane.
A lane is defined as "a narrow path or way." (Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary)
This connects to two other Zion verses that have a direct connection to things I have figured out (guided by God) and written about in the earlier chapters of this paper. (The two diagrams are from my Slideshow Presentation.)
Isaiah 2:3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Isaiah 52:8 Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.


252) May 12, 2005
After just mentioning in the above two posts that I often see the name Harris or Harrison somehow connected with many news stories, usually tragedies, I received a letter telling me that yesterday in Chicago (again in Illinois) a nun (again a religious connection) was critically injured in a hit and run accident. She was taken to the Stroger Hospital which is on Harrison Street. I researched the hospital and found that it is located at 1901 W. Harrison and, as I also just noted above, the city of Zion, Illinois was founded in 1901.
Nun critically hurt by alleged hit-run driver
Tribune staff reports
Published May 12, 2005, 9:23 AM CDT

A Southwest Side Catholic parish had special prayers this morning for a nun critically injured by an alleged hit-and-run driver while Chicago police continued seeking the motorist, WGN-Ch. 9 reported.
The accident occurred as Sister Veronica Brzezinski, 76, of Sts. Peter and Paul Convent was in a nearby crosswalk at West 35th Street and South Damen Avenue at 2:40 p.m. Wednesday, police said.
A late-model white Chevrolet work van with no passenger windows was heading south on Damen, turned left onto 35th, struck the woman and then sped away, police said.
Brzezinski was taken to Stroger Hospital of Cook County, where she underwent surgery and remained hospitalized this morning in critical condition, authorities said.

Copyright © 2005, Chicago Tribune

253) May 13, 2005   (The only Friday the 13th this year.)
There was something else about the above story that was bothering me and it just came to me this morning...
The nun was hit by a "late-model white Chevrolet work van."
"White Chevrolet van" was in my mind because just this week on 5/5/5 and 10/5/5 (the nun was hit the next day on 11/5/5) Nate sent me a couple of pictures of a van that lives across the street from him. We have talked about this van before but just this week Nate started mentioning it again. It is a "late-model white Chevrolet work van."

Nate had noticed many interesting connections concerning this van, including the YAH for Yahweh, the 111, and the phone number being my birthdate 8/14/60. The 6000 also connects to the 6000-year genealogy time-line from now back to Adam & Eve. Nate says that Chavah (connecting to Chevy) is Hebrew for Eve.

If you look at the license plate between the ladder you see 258 J (Juli). Nate also sent me a picture of another 258 license plate. JHM for Juli Harris Mullen.

Also, you can barely see it, but just above the van is the house number. 12217. I told Nate that maybe this connected to 12/21 (December 21, 2012) which is 7 years away. Actually, 7 years 7 months and 7 days from tomorrow.
Note the 7 in the above license plate and the '87 which is the year my son Tyler was born on May 15.

254) May 14, 2005
Well here it is... the eve of May 15.
I do not know what, if anything, will happen tomorrow. But, everything has been leading up to this day. The Rapture? The beginning of the Tribulation Period? The Cumbre Vieja tsunami?
December 21, 2012 11:11 pm Cairo/Giza time - 66666 hours = May 15, 2005 3:11 am Universal Time
May 15, 2005 3:11 am Universal Time =

I anxiously await...

255) May 15, 2005
A reader brought this to my attention. I should have made the connection myself, especially after talking about it in my #225 (which is 15 x 15... a double emphasis on today). The following are comments from a discussion yesterday on a message board:

I don't care about the long run, just the immediate, "Wake up!" Each reported earthquake, was next to a major Christian holiday. After Christmas and Easter, and before Pentecost. Might we see one tomorrow? Might the 6.9 today be predicting something, since it was before the holiday, it could be a 'heads up' instead of a 'wake up'. Ideas? I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I agree, all of this "immediate/impending" activity is in fact "WAKE UP" people...and is building to the great earthquake of Revelation. And the fact they are occurring on or near religious holidays is NOT, as I see it, a coincidence.

256)  (same day) May 15, 2005     A CUMBRE volcano erupts!

http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,15284128%255E1702,00.html (copy&paste)
Galapagos volcano erupts

volcano, in the Galapagos Islands, spewed rivers of lava and sent columns of steam 7 km into the air today, officials said. Cumbre is on the unpopulated island of Fernandina, one of the Galapagos Islands, which are a major tourist attraction. The volcano is 1483 metres high.... He said the most recent eruption in the Galapagos was in 1998.

Despite Damage, Galapagos Island Eruption Is Deemed 'Natural Process'
May 14, 2005 10:51 a.m. EST

Quito, Ecuador (AHN)- A volcano erupted and destroyed part of the ecologically delicate Galapagos Islands, threatening to kill vegetation and some animals on the island of Fernandina, officials said. The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, are considered one of the most important natural preserves in the world. No humans live on Fernandina, the westernmost island in the formation. The volcano, also called Fernandina (?), shot a column of ash and gas 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) into the air while lava descended its banks. Ecuadorean authorities said they would not declare the island, which is formed mostly of lava, a disaster area. The eruption has not interrupted air traffic to and from the Galapagos, which were made famous by Charles Darwin, who studied the islands for 20 years before publishing "The Origin of Species by Natural Selection."

Perhaps Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution is about to be destroyed and God will finally be known as The Creator.

Which reminds me of the BC comic that was in the newspaper just two weeks ago on May 1st:


257) May 16, 2005    "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth"
No Rapture... No Tribulation event... No Cumbre Vieja tsunami...
This is something. It really is. And maybe what this was all about afterall...
This morning I received an email with the Subject: "The Sun of God Speaks to Earth" with a link to a story "NOAA Issues Space Weather Warning" (note the word "Warning" again) which I will discuss in a few minutes.
I have been following this event on spaceweather.com with interest over the past few days and I even sent a letter to Nate two days ago on May 14 about this event with the Subject: Connected? because I instinctively felt it was. I didn't realize until this morning just how "connected" it was.
The subject title "The Sun of God Speaks to Earth" is true. That's exactly what it was; AND... I can prove it!  [Ok... I can't "prove" it, but I can provide you with overwhelming evidence to support it.]
If you go back to my first post in this section (#188) you will find the following:

But seeing the 66888 made me wonder when 66666 hours would be.
I was shocked when I saw the answer. [I chose 11:11 pm because, if you read my Chapter 13 - 11:11, you will "see" that that is the exact time that the constellation of LEO rises over the eastern horizon, connecting to and solving the "riddle" of 'The Message of the Sphinx' (which God also "inspired" me to figure out.) Note: This 11:11 pm is Cairo Standard time which is 9:11 pm Universal Time; and the May 15 time is Standard time - not Daylight.]
Subtracted 66666 hours from Friday, December 21, 2012 23:11:00
Result: Sunday, May 15, 2005 05:11:00

What is even more convincing that this date of May 15, 2005 is "meaningful" is that not only is it 66666.66666... hours less than December 21, 2012, but it is also 2777 days (18 hours 40 minutes); and 4,000,000 minutes; and 240,000,000 seconds. Surely this can be no "coincidence."
So... using the date of December 21, 2012 and the time of 9:11 pm Universal Time, the May 15, 2005 time works out to be 2:31 am Universal Time. Whether or not the exact time is important, what is important is the day... MAY 15, 2005. (It turns out the exact time WAS important as you will soon "see"...)
From: Sunday, May 15, 2005 02:31:00
to: Friday, December 21, 2012 21:11:00
It is 2777 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates

Or 240000000 seconds or 4000000 minutes or 66666.66666... hours

What is significant here is the date and time: May 15 2:31 UT.
Today I went to spaceweather.com and saw this. Look at the date and time of impact! May 15 2:30 UT !
Plus... you know how I have been talking about the number 18... It says that it took 18 hours for the impact to reach Earth.
Plus... this geomagnetic storm was classified by the NOAA Space Environment Center as "an extreme event, measuring G-5—the highest level—on the NOAA Space Weather Scales."
Plus... the impact time was 2:30 and there are 230 days left in the year. (Significant as in the 9/11 tragedy where there were 111 days left in the year.)

Plus... there are 33 weeks left in the year and 33 / 333 / 3333 etc. connects to JESUS.
If this overwhelming evidence does not prove to you that indeed "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth" then I don't know what would. Seriously. Just think about it... I calculated the date and time to be May 15 at 2:31 and the exact impact time was May 15 at 2:30. Just like I said above, Surely this can be no "coincidence."

Here is that story that "The Sun of God Speaks to Earth" letter linked to:

May 15, 2005 — Forecasters at the NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo., observed a geomagnetic storm on Sunday, May 15, which they classified as an extreme event, measuring G-5—the highest level—on the NOAA Space Weather Scales.
"This event registered a 9 on the K-Index, which measures the maximum deviation of the Earth's magnetic field in a given three-hour period," said Gayle Nelson, lead operations specialist at NOAA Space Environment Center. "The scale ranges from 0 to 9, with 9 being the highest. This was a significant event."
Possible impacts from such a geomagnetic storm include widespread power system voltage control problems; some grid systems may experience complete collapse or blackouts. Transformers may experience damage. Spacecraft operations may experience extensive surface charging; problems with orientation; uplink/downlink and tracking satellites. Satellite navigation may be degraded for days, and low-frequency radio navigation can be out for hours. Reports received by the NOAA Space Environment Center indicate that such impacts have been observed in the United States.
NOAA forecasters said the probability of another major event of this type is unlikely, however, other minor level (G-1) geomagnetic storms are possible within the next 24 hours.

This event was forecast by NOAA as the result of a solar flare that occurred on Friday, May 13.

Come on, people. WAKE UP!  The Sun/Son of God is Speaking To YOU! 

(same day) May 16, 2005      Sun/Son of God ... Daughter of God

(Juli Harris Mullen. See Post #253)

Another thing I just "connected" to...
A few days ago in post #250 I quoted this verse:

Jeremiah 4:31 For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail, and the anguish as of her that bringeth forth her first child, the voice of the daughter of Zion, that bewaileth herself, that spreadeth her hands, saying, Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied because of murderers.

According to the above CME picture, it took 18 hours to reach Earth impacting on May 15 at 2:30. Exactly 18 years ago on May 15 at 2:30 I was in labour with my first child. I went into labour shortly after midnight and Tyler was born at 3:45.

259) (same day) May 16, 2005  

May 17th. Neither Nate nor I noticed that this story was in 2000 not now. I was going to delete it, but I figured this "must have happened for a reason" so I have decided to leave it in.
Nate sent me this story today. Amazing...

A Christmas Star for SOHO
May 16, 2000 --If someone could turn off the Sun for a while on Wednesday, star gazers would be treated to a remarkable sight. The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, will pass less than 0.01 degrees apart at 1030 UT on May 17. Unfortunately, the close encounter will take place just 7 degrees from the bright Sun, making it impossible to see with the naked eye.
If Jupiter and Venus were farther from the Sun on May 17, the conjunction would be a real eye-catcher," says astronomer Dr. George Lebo, a 2000 Summer Faculty Fellow at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "The human eye can distinguish objects separated by angles greater than 50 arcseconds, but Venus and Jupiter will only be 42 arcseconds apart. At closest approach the pair would appear to merge into a single brilliant star."
This close conjunction has already been compared to the 2 B.C. conjunction of the same planets that is often identified as the "Christmas Star" reported in the book of Matthew.
In "The Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomical and Historical Perspective," Susan S. Carroll writes:
On June 17, 2 BC, Venus and Jupiter joined .... in the constellation Leo. The two planets were at best 6” (arcseconds) apart; some calculations indicate that they actually overlapped each other. This conjunction occurred during the evening and would have appeared as one very bright star. Even if they were 6” apart, it would have required the sharpest of eyes to split the two, because of their brightness.

As Venus passes by Jupiter on May 17 the five classical planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will span just 19° 25'. The cluster is too near the sun for naked-eye observations, but it's perfect for SOHO coronagraphs, which will be able to see all of the planets except Mars.


260) May 17, 2005    "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth"  PART II
This is amazing...
Back in October and November of 2003 in my Chapter 12 - SIGNS (and amazingly enough, it was post #18) I talked about major solar activity that was occurring which I felt, as the chapter title suggests, were "signs." I just didn't realize just how much of a "sign" they were until this morning.
Here are extracts of what I wrote back then. You will see that the unprecendented solar activity culminated in the "biggest explosion ever recorded in our solar system. The blast originated from giant sunspot 486, and on the Richter scale of solar flares, it measured X28."

18)  October 25, 2003
Astronomers can't remember the last time this happened:
Two Jupiter-sized sunspots (named "484" and "486") crossing the face of the sun at the same time.
October 28, 2003  Solar Flare  11:11 UT 
EXTREME SOLAR ACTIVITY: One of the most powerful solar flares in years erupted from giant sunspot 486 this morning at approximately 1110 UT. The blast measured X17 on the Richter scale of solar flares. (It was the fouth-largest solar storm ever recorded and it was directed straight at Earth.) 
November 3, 2003 
The sun cut loose with three severe flares in less than 24 hours through Monday morning, bringing to nine the number of major eruptions in less than two weeks. Scientists have never witnessed a string of activity like this.
November 4, 2003 
Giant sunspot 486 unleashed yet another powerful solar flare today (Nov. 4th, 1950 UT), and this one could be historic. The blast saturated X-ray detectors onboard GOES satellites at X17.4 for 11 minutes. The last time such a thing happened in 2001 the flare was classified as an X20--the biggest ever. This one might be even bigger.
Astronomers won't soon forget Nov. 4th, 2003--the day of the biggest explosion ever recorded in our solar system. The blast originated from giant sunspot 486, and on the Richter scale of solar flares, it measured X28.  

Yesterday (post #257) I discovered a major connection between the solar flare time of Earth impact and December 21, 2012 at 11:11 pm Cairo/Giza time = 9:11 pm UT.

From that date and time subtracting 66666.66666 hours = 4000000 minutes = 240000000 seconds came to May 15, 2005 at 2:31 UT and the solar flare impacted Earth at 2:30 UT. I felt this was a major discovery providing powerful evidence that  indeed "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth."
This morning I was thinking about the solar flares I had written about in my Chapter 12. I wondered if they too had a connection to December 21, 2012 especially since one was the largest solar flare ever recorded.
If you have read this chapter, you know I have discussed the numbers 33, 333, 333... many times and explained that they connect to JESUS. And JESUS is the "Son/Sun of God." [And connecting to the Son of God/Daughter of God theme, I turned 23333333.33333 minutes old last Christmas day, December 25, 2004, the day of the devastating South Asian tsunami (my time AST). See post #189. Also, Sunspot 486, the source of this biggest solar flare ever recorded, contains the numbers of my birthdate: 14/8/60.]
I found the time of Earth impact of the biggest solar flare ever recorded to be November 6 at 1930 UT. What I discovered was amazing. Remember... The Sun = The Son = Jesus = 33 / 333 / 3333 etc.

From: Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 7:30:00 PM
To: Friday, December 21, 2012 at 9:11:00 PM
The duration is 3,333 days!
(my explanation point)

Select November 6, 2003

If yesterday's post #257 wasn't powerful enough evidence to convince you that "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth" then I sure hope this is!

 December 20, 2006
Sunspot # Solar Flare Earth Impact Size
Date Time Date Time


Nov. 4, 2003

1950 UT

Nov. 6, 2003

1930 UT

X-28+ (Possibly even an X-45)
Biggest Ever Recorded


May 13, 2005 1650 UT

May 15, 2005

0230 UT

M8-Class Explosion
G-5 (highest) Geomagnetic Storm

* "The Sun/Son of God Speaks to Earth"  PART III  
      See Chapter 18-8 Post #485

261) May 19, 2005  
Today at 9:00 pm is the 3333 hour of the year.
From date: Saturday, January 1, 2005 at 00:00:00 AM
Added 3,333 hours
Resulting date: Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 9:00:00 PM


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