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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 18 
The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami

Journal Of Events
112) August 20, 2004  -  134) September 30, 2004

112) (same day) August 20, 2004
I watched the movie The Sixth Sense on TV. At the end of the movie, the little boy is in a school play. He plays King Arthur and pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone.

113) August 22, 2004

A reader wrote to me (thanks Kaye) and told me that a 4.6 magnitude earthquake (I live at 46°N) occurred today 110 (since it is rounded off, it could actually have been 111) km NNW of LA PALMA, Panama. I also notice that it occurred in The 11th Hour local time.

Magnitude 4.6 PANAMA
2004 August 22 04:54:08 UTC

Magnitude  4.6
Date-Time  Sunday, August 22, 2004 at 04:54:08 (UTC) - Coordinated Universal Time
                     Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 11:54:08 PM local time at epicenter
Location     9.35N 78.51W
Depth          75.3 kilometers
Region        PANAMA
Reference  110 km (70 miles) NNW of La Palma, Panama

114) August 23, 2004
Here is a typical example of what occurs between Nate and I:

1) Yesterday (August 22) Nate wrote to me and told me that Canada had won its first gold medal at the Olympics:

Subject:  At 2:22 pm your time Canada got a gold.
Date:      22/08/04 2:37:04 PM Atlantic Daylight Time
From:      Nate
To:          Juli
I was just watching the Olympic games gymnastic men's competition and a guy named Kyle Shewfelt from Calgary, Alberta won the gold. His number was 114.  

Note that this is post #114.  (Plus I have mentioned the number 114 several times in this Chapter.)

2) Nate then noted that Kyle won it on the 22nd and I noted that Kyle was 22 years old.
3) This morning when I logged on, this letter from Nate was waiting for me:

Subject:  Re: At 2:22 pm your time tootoo much
Date:      23/08/04 2:06:57 AM Atlantic Daylight Time
From:     Nate
To:         Juli
I have to add this to the story. The part I missed today but they just showed the event again on NBC Chan. 5 in the Seattle area. I was so mesmerized by Kyle tying for 1st with 9.787 today that I didn't see the #222 USA contestant Paul Hamm go on the floor two contestants later (right after the Japanese guy who was right after Kyle). Anyhow #222 didn't do so good and right after he finished, the next thing NBC showed tonight was an elated Kyle learning that the judges had broken the tie in his favor, so he won. It was at that time this morning that I looked at the clock and it said 10:22 am. I thought that would be 22:22 in the evening, but 2:22 PM ADT. Then you learn that Kyle was 22. That is enough 2s. LOL

4) When I saw the Subject line, I had to laugh. Nate said "That is enough 2s" but it wasn't... This is the letter I wrote back to Nate:

Subject:  Re: At 2:22 pm your time tootoo much
Date:      23/08/04 2:06:57 AM Atlantic Daylight Time
From:     Juli
To:         Nate
I have to add this to the story. And I have to add this to the story...

Since you mentioned "tootoo" - I have to tell you this...
On August 18 I opened a box of Kraft Dinner for lunch. On the back of the box was a hockey card you could cut out and guess who it was - Jordin Tootoo. Remember him? We talked about him before. His name is Tootoo and he was born 2/2 (1983). He wears #55. (He wanted #22 but it was already taken so chose #55 because it looks like 22 reverse and upside down.)  

(Note: Jordin will be 22 his next birthday. Also, 2 years ago, Jordin's brother Terence committed suicide at the age of 22.)
As soon as I saw it I thought of you and wondered if we were going to start seeing TWIN stuff again...
Plus you wrote this tootoo me on August tootoo at tootoo hours (24-hour clock time) your time:

In a message dated 23/08/04 2:06:57 AM Atlantic Daylight Time, Nate writes...
That is 22/08/04 10:06:57 PM or 22:06:57 PDT.
Yes... tootoo much is right :)


115) (same day) August 23, 2004
In today's paper:


116) August 24, 2004

Two Two ... Too Too ... Tu Tu

Two Tu Russian airplanes crashed within minutes of each other. From AOL News:

Russian Plane Crashes, Another Said Lost
MOSCOW (AP) - A Russian airliner crashed south of Moscow, and another passenger jet went missing about the same time after both took off from Moscow, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported Tuesday. There was no word on survivors. Authorities were not ruling out terrorism, the agency said.

A Tu-134 airliner that apparently had 42 people aboard crashed in the Tula region, 125 miles south of Moscow, at about 10:56 p.m. (22:56) Monday, ITAR-Tass reported, citing the Emergency Situations Ministry.

A Tu-154 with 44 people aboard went missing about the same time near Rostov-on-Don, about 600 miles south of Moscow, but authorities had not found the wreckage, ITAR-Tass said.


Note:  The number of passengers has since been updated. The Tu-134 had 44 and the Tu-154 had 46:

The owner of the Tu-154, Sibir Airlines, said the pilots had triggered a hijack alert just before their plane crashed. It was carrying 46 passengers and crew. Volga-Aviaexpress, a small regional carrier which owned the Tu-134, said the crew did not report any problems on board before the plane crashed with 43 passengers and crew. The Emergencies Ministry later said 44 people were aboard.


I was conceived at 44°N and am 44, and I currently live at 46°N.  


117) August 25, 2004

The other day (August 21) I signed up to receive earthquake bulletins for earthquakes over a certain magnitude. Today I received my first bulletin. WOW...  
It occurred at 2:22 and was felt at PALMER.  More precisely, it occurred at 2:22:18 and this is Chapter 18.

2004 August 25 02:22:18 UTC

Magnitude   5.3
Date-Time   Wednesday, August 25, 2004 at 02:22:18 (UTC) - Coordinated Universal Time
                       Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 06:22:18 PM local time at epicenter
Location      61.59N 146.40W
Depth           39.3 kilometers
Region         SOUTHERN ALASKA
Reference   50 km (30 miles) N of Valdez, Alaska
                      75 km (45 miles) SW of Glennallen, Alaska
                      190 km (120 miles) ENE of Anchorage, Alaska
                      765 km (475 miles) NW of JUNEAU, Alaska
Remarks     Felt (IV) at Valdez; (III) at Anchorage, Eagle River and Palmer.
                      Also felt at Gakona and Glennallen.

118) (same day) August 25, 2004

This afternoon I turned on the TV and on TSN the Olympics gold medal baseball game was on. Just as I turned it on, the Cuban team switched pitchers. The new pitcher's name was PALMA. As he came running out on the field I looked at the clock and it was 3:33. He then proceeded to strike out the Australian batter KINGMAN who was #22 (born May 22, 1973).

The name PALMER came up a couple more times on TV this evening.
I was watching the local evening news and they did a story on a fire at an arena in Berwick, NS. They interviewed the Berwick Fire Chief and his name was Steve PALMER.
I had taped The Amazing Race ("11 Teams 2 Couples" = 22) from the night before so we watched it. When it was over, we switched over to watch Canadian Idol which was already in progress. Just when we turned it, they introduced the next contestant to sing and he sang a song by Robert PALMER.
This reminds me of something else I forgot to mention. On August 21 we went to the video store to rent a movie. One of the movies on the shelf that immediately grabbed my attention was 29 Palms. This caught my eye because 29 Palms has been a point of discussion between Nate and I, and I have mentioned it a few times in this Chapter.


119) September 3, 2004

While watching the evening news, the Stock Market closing figures were announced. The TSX went down 44.44 points.

120) September 4, 2004

My children turned on the TV to watch the World Hockey tournament game between Canada and Russia. To start the game a young boy was brought out onto the ice to drop the puck. He was wearing a hockey jersey with the #44. 

121) September 5, 2004


Russia Holds Suspects as School Siege Leaves 333 Dead
Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Russian security forces are holding three suspected militants in Beslan after the school siege in the town left at least 333 people dead, state news service Itar-Tass reported, citing a regional government spokesman...


122) September 6, 2004

In today's newspaper:

Strong earthquakes rattle western Japan, triggering tsunami waves
Audrey McAvoy
TOKYO (AP) - Two strong earthquakes, one magnitude 6.9 and the second magnitude 7.3, rattled western Japan within hours of each other Sunday night, injuring 14 people, shaking buildings in Tokyo and triggering tsunami waves. Damage and injuries appeared to be limited because both quakes were far off Japan's coast, and the region shaken most strongly by them was a sparsely populated rural area, Wakayama, 450 kilometres west of Tokyo. But tall buildings in Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya shook, while buildings swayed in Tokyo.
The first quake, with a 6.9-magnitude quake, struck shortly after 7 p.m., centred 112 kilometres southeast off the Kii peninsula and 10 kilometres beneath the Pacific Ocean floor. Kyodo News reported that five were hurt in the first temblor. The second temblor, of magnitude 7.3, struck about five hours later, centred about 130 kilometres southeast off the coast of Kochi state also 10 kilometres below the seabed. Public broadcaster NHK reported nine people were injured.
Tsunami - waves triggered by seismic activity - were recorded along the Pacific coast, the largest being about a metre high. The Meteorological Agency issued fresh tsunami warnings after the second quake, prompting several coastal towns in Mie state to order residents to evacuate, NHK reported. The first quake was likely a precursor to the second, NHK quoted Katsuyuki Abe, a professor at Tokyo University, as saying.
"It is important for us to closely observe the seismic activity in the area off the Kii peninsula," said Masahiro Yamamoto, manager of the earthquake and tsunami section of the Meteorological Agency, at a televised news conference. "We need to analyse the movements of the earth's crust. This will take some time."
A high-speed train service was suspended for about 10 minutes, Kyodo reported. Local commuter lines serving western Japan were also temporarily halted, the news agency said. Most of the injured suffered broken bones or bruises from falling or from being hit by objects, news reports said.
The Meteorological Agency initially said the first quake had a magnitude of 6.8, but later revised it to 6.9. Japan, which rests atop several tectonic plates, is among the world's most earthquake-prone countries. A magnitude 7 quake is capable of causing widespread, heavy damage. In 1995, a magnitude-7.2 quake in the western port city of Kobe killed 6,400 people.

Note:  Wakayama = Wake Kay A Ma (my ma)
            And remember that KAY = 222 in English Gematria


123) September 7, 2004

I had a dentist appointment this morning. When I got in the car to go I noticed the odometer read 88222. After I went to the dentist I went to buy a few groceries. When I got out of the car I noticed the car beside me had the license plate number RD222. And it was a special plate - a Firefighter's (Emergency - 911) plate. 


Note: Just after I finished writing this (and before I updated my website with it), I checked my mail and I had a letter from a reader with the subject line 911-Codes. Since I had just written the word 911 myself this took me by surprise. In his letter he copied a letter from the Jeff Rense site which talks about the 911 event. It reminded me that there were 911 days between the New York 911 event and the Madrid 311 event, and it also talked about the date September 27 because there are 1111 days between that date and the 911 event.
And I just noticed that the person's ID that sent me this letter was CHIEF and the license plate that I just wrote about was a Firefighter's plate.
And I just talked about a Fire Chief in #118.

124) September 9, 2004

Another PALM incident...
In Part I of my Chapter 18, in Journal Entry #4 made on February 13, 2004, I mentioned that Nate had sent me a picture from a book showing Sherlock Holmes studying a PALM print.
Well today my husband had an appointment out of town so I went with him for the drive. While I was waiting for him in the lobby, the receptionist brought out a couple of magazines for me to read and placed them on the coffee table in front of me. The magazines were editions of the Pony Express which is an RCMP national internal magazine. It was the magazine that was on top that caught my attention. On the front cover was a picture of an RCMP officer dusting a PALM print (Pony Express No. 3, 2004 / Picture by Dale Wison):


125) September 14, 2004

Last night the movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider was on TV. I had been thinking about renting it lately and just last week on September 7 I came across the DVD for $8.99 so I bought it but I had not watched it yet. So I was taken aback a little when I was flicking through the channels last night and came across the movie just starting. When I originally saw the movie back in 2001 I was amazed at the subject material being about the Illuminati and the All-Seeing Eye because my journey had just been leading me in this direction towards finding out about all of these connections:

Lara Croft Tomb Raider                      American $1 Bill                            AOL Logo    
The Key                           © ConspiracyArchive.com                                    

In the last minute or so of the movie, Lara goes out to her garden and looks at her father's memorial marker. The date caught my attention because it read MAY 15. Since the movie is so filled with symbolism, I am curious as to why they picked that particular date.


126) September 15, 2004


Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hoshana Rabah

(See Chapter 16 for more information.)

Last year in Chapter 16 I talked about how Hurricane JUAN, which slammed into Nova Scotia and caused great devastation in Halifax and other areas, occurred during Rosh Hashanah and how it could have been considered a "Warning Sign."
This year, on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Hurricane IVAN is set to slam into the United States. This hurricane has already caused great damage, devastation, and death in the Caribbean. IVAN has been an unusual hurricane in that it has moved very slowly and attained and managed to keep great strength, maintaining a Category 4 or 5 for at least a week. It seems that it has been a major story in the news for a couple of weeks now.   

September 15, 2004   AOL News
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - More than 1.2 million people in metropolitan New Orleans were warned to get out as 140-mph Hurricane Ivan churned toward the Gulf Coast, threatening to submerge this below-sea-level city in what could be the most disastrous storm to hit in nearly 40 years. Residents streamed inland in bumper-to-bumper traffic in an agonizingly slow exodus Tuesday amid dire warnings that Ivan could overwhelm New Orleans with up to 20 feet of filthy, chemical-polluted water. About three-quarters of a million more people along the coast in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama also were told to evacuate. Forecasters said Ivan, blamed for at least 68 deaths in the Caribbean, could reach 160 mph and strengthen to Category 5, the highest level, by the time it blows ashore as early as Thursday somewhere along the Gulf Coast.
September 16, 2004   AOL News
GULF SHORES, Ala. (AP) - Hurricane Ivan slammed ashore early Thursday with winds of 130 mph, packing deadly tornadoes and a powerful punch of waves and rain that threatened to swamp communities from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. For the millions of Gulf Coast residents who spent a frightening night in shelters and boarded-up homes, the worst could be yet to come: up to 15 inches of rain and a storm surge of up to 16 feet.
''We have never seen a hurricane of this size come into Alabama,'' said Gov. Bob Riley, who earlier asked President Bush to declare much of the state a disaster area, a request that was granted.
''You want to see the natural hand of God firsthand but you don't realize how strong it is,'' said Kevin Harless, 32, who was sightseeing in Panama City Beach, Fla., around the time of the tornadoes.
An 11th-hour shift spared New Orleans a direct hit, but Ivan's sheer size could create catastrophic flooding in the bowl-shaped city.

Note: Read Chapter 13 to see how 11:11 is related to The 11th Hour (Warning).

127) September 21, 2004

Charley... Frances... Ivan... Jeanne...

In today's paper:

CP World News
Article published: Sep 21, 2004

Haitian storm death toll eclipses 600 as search crews recover more bodies
GONAIVES, Haiti (AP) - Bloated corpses and weeping relatives filled morgues as Haitians faced yet another tragedy in a year marked by revolts, military interventions and deadly floods. At least 622 were killed by tropical storm Jeanne and officials expected the toll to rise. The corpses of two children were found on a sidewalk Monday in Gonaives, where one-third of the dead brought to the hospital were children.
The toll has been largest in Haiti where deforestation has made even light rain deadly. More than 90 per cent of Haiti's trees have been chopped down, mostly to make charcoal. Without roots and foliage, there is nothing to hold water back from low-lying towns. Floodwaters destroyed homes and crops from corn to onions in the Artibonite region that is Haiti's breadbasket.
Haiti, the world's first black republic, marked its bicentennial amid political turmoil in January. A month later, a three-week rebellion ended in the ouster of president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the arrival of a U.S.-led multinational force. In May, disaster struck again with floods that killed more than 3,000 people on the Haitian-Dominican border in the southern part of the island.

The mentality of humanity will never cease to amaze me. Choice and Consequence... Who chose to cut down 90% of the trees? What did they expect the consequences to be?  Short term... $$$. Long term... "Oh... Maybe we shouldn't have done that." Too late. This is just one example of what humanity everywhere is doing to the Earth. The consequences will be the same." Whoops... Maybe we shouldn't have done that." Too late.  

From my Slideshow Presentation)
(This diagram is near the end of the Presentation.
In order to understand it properly, the previous diagrams should be viewed.)

(From the same newspaper article:)
Three trucks carrying Red Cross relief supplies from tents to blankets rolled in Monday, but two were mobbed by people who grabbed blankets and towels. UN troops stood by watching. Only one truck arrived intact with tents.

Do you know what the phone number of the Canadian Red Cross is? 1-800-418-1111
1111?  Just another "coincidence" that confirms my belief that the 11:11 Phenomenon is not only a Wake-Up Call, but  a Call for those who see it and are truly affected by it (and not in just an oh-wow-I-see-11:11-again way) to step up and help this world in its state of emergency - its 11th Hour - our 11th Hour.


128) September 22, 2004
(Fall Equinox)
Yesterday I went shopping and bought some spaghetti. Since I bought quite a few packages, I just kept them in the box they came in. When I got home I noticed the sign on the box - #2112 - another sign pointing to December 21, 2012. The date of The End of the Mayan Calendar - and the 11:11 Date I calculated. See Chapter 13.


Which reminds me of a picture and article that were in our local paper a few days ago (September 18) that caught my attention:

Signs change with the times

Signs change with the times... From the Burning Bush to the 11:11. (When viewed from a metaphorical perspective.)
This started an interesting conversation between Nate and I.  He questioned the word BACK in the picture so I looked at it more closely. I then noticed the sign in BACK of the man and I told Nate I bet it says "MASSEY HARRIS" - and HARRIS is my maiden name.


129) (same day) September 22, 2004
 (and 22 = 11+11)
Another Eleven Eleven / 11:11 story in today's newspaper. And it's true, man. :)

Trueman aces 11th hole again
Dave Trueman sure has a good feeling when he steps on the 11th tee at the Maplewood Golf and Country Club. Trueman aced the 140-yard, par 3 challenge for the second time this summer during a recent game with Denis LeBlanc and Geoff Wardrop. He scored the hole-in-one with a eight-iron. He posted a score of 80. LeBlanc was 82 and Wardrop 101.

And speaking of Trueman...  Did you ever see the movie The Truman Show (1998)?

130) September 25, 2004
 (Yom Kippur)

And speaking of Jim Carrey...

Frank & Ernest
© Bob Thaves


131) September 26, 2004

From AOL News:

Jeanne Pummels Florida With Wind, Rain
By Deborah Hastings 
STUART, Fla. (AP) - Hurricane Jeanne blasted ashore in Florida with drenching rains and 120 mph wind, tearing off rooftops, hurling debris through the air and sending huge waves crashing into buildings before weakening as it sliced across the central part of the state. At least 1.5 million people were without power.
The Category 3 storm became the fourth hurricane to pummel Florida in a single season, something that has not happened since 1886 when Texas was the target. The three other hurricanes - Charley, Frances and Ivan - have all hit within the last six weeks.
Debris left from the other storms became airborne as Jeanne made landfall shortly before midnight near the southern tip of Hutchinson Island near Stuart, about 35 miles north of West Palm Beach. The same area was ravaged by Frances just three weeks ago. The 400-mile diameter storm then swirled north into central Florida, an area saturated by rain from previous hurricanes that caused billions of dollars in damage and killed at least 70 people. Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, said the similar paths of Jeanne and Frances were remarkable. Mayfield said it was the "first time ever that we know of" that two hurricanes landed so close in place and time.
At 11 a.m. EDT Sunday, Jeanne was centered about 30 miles east-southeast of Tampa. It was moving west-northwest near 10 mph. Earlier, Jeanne tore across the Bahamas, leaving some neighborhoods submerged under 6 feet of water. No deaths or serious injuries were reported there, but the storm was earlier blamed for more than 1,500 deaths in floods in Haiti.
Jeanne followed Charley, which struck Aug. 13 and devastated southwest Florida; Frances, which struck Labor Day weekend; and Ivan, which blasted the western Panhandle when it made landfall in nearby Alabama on Sept. 16.

I truly believe that anyone who denies that the world is in a crisis stage going from "Doom to Doomer" is only deluding themselves. I really don't know how much more obvious it could be.  

132) September 28, 2004
 (Full Moon - Harvest Moon)
Something really amazing happened today...
I was leafing through the newspaper this morning. When I came to the Sports section the main headline caught my eye. It said LEADING MAN and there was a picture of a hockey player above it. I said to myself, "I wonder if that is Nathan Saunders." (If you go back to #71 you'll see the connection. Actually, since it is short, I'll just copy here: )

71) May 5, 2004 

In our paper this week, they have been allocating a full page for one of the hockey players on the local team, including their picture and statistics. Since I don't follow hockey, I haven't paid much attention to this, but today it sure caught my eye. Today's page was for No. 18 — Nathan Saunders. That is Nate my co-researcher friend's name! His number, 18, also caught my eye as this is Chapter 18 and I live at #18.
Nate will also be happy that the newspaper chose May 5th (5/5) for "Nathan Saunders" because Nate is very connected to the number 55.

The reason I wondered if the picture was of Nathan Saunders is because Nate is definitely a LEADING MAN in all of this. (Seriously. I can't emphasize that enough. Hopefully that will become clear to everyone soon.) He sees like I do, except he sees even more than I do.
So when I read the caption underneath the picture I nearly choked. It read, "Veteran Defenceman Nathan Saunders has played 222 games in a Wildcats uniform."
Not only was it Nathan Saunders, but look at how many games he has played - 222.
And I just noticed that this article says Nathan Saunders is 19 and Nate was born on the 19th.



"I definitely do feel more responsibility to use my experience and be one of the team leaders this season," said the Wildcats assistant captain and most veteran defenceman. "I want to be on the ice in all the key situations. I want to be someone that the team can depend on at all the important times in the game."

If you believe any of what I have written in this paper, then know that Nathan Saunders is a Leading Man in all of this. And if you see like I see, then this article should confirm that to you.


The headline of the story to the right of this one is also interesting  - CLOCK TICKS DOWN...

Also, my odometer turned over to 88444 today:


Another interesting thing that I just found out...  
Yesterday all day on the news were reports that Mount St. Helens may be on the verge of another eruption because thousands of small earthquakes were being recorded there. Today I found a site that has a webcam of the volcano and it said that Mount St. Helens is located at 46.20N 122.18W.  
I live at 46°N and Nate lives at 122°W. 
(Also, I am currently 44 years old and Nate is 67.  44 + 67 = 111.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 17:15:24 UTC

A large earthquake occurred today in California. It was a 6.0 magnitude (I was born in '60) and it happened at 5:15 pm UTC. The news report I watched on CNN said that ususally with an earthquake of that magnitude, another of equal or greater magnitude occurs soon after.

I also heard tonight on the news that the first possible case of human-to-human transmission of bird flu has been reported in Thailand. "International health officials have been on alert for signs that H5N1, the avian flu hitting parts of Asia and which is normally transmitted by birds, can jump the species barrier and evolve into a potentially devastating human virus and spark a pandemic like one in 1918 which killed 20 million people." 

133) September 29, 2004

(See #91)

First X-Prize spaceflight returns safely
SpaceShipOne safely soared towards space and back on Wednesday, and is reported unofficially to have reached it 100 kilometre (328,000) altitude target. If so, it leaves its team with just one more flight to go to win the $10 million Ansari X Prize for pioneering commercial human spaceflight.
SpaceShipOne started its engine at an altitude of 14,150 metres (46,400 feet), where it parted company with its carrier jet White Knight. White Knight had taken off horizontally from an airport runway about two hours earlier.

134) September 30, 2004
 (Sukkot begins)
We are in the process of finishing our basement. My husband had the day off so this morning we went to Home Depot to buy some materials. We were probably in the store for an hour or so. When we were checking out my husband asked the teller about some ceiling tiles and she suggested he ask at the Service Department. He asked if I wanted to come with him or check out the items we were purchasing and I decided to check out. When we got back to the truck my husband asked how much it came to. I couldn't remember exactly so I took out the receipt to look. What immediately grabbed my attention was the time on the receipt...  11:11.


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