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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 18 
The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami

Journal Of Events
51) April 12, 2004  -  111) August 20, 2004

51) April 12, 2004
While leafing through my grandmother's newspaper, an obituary caught my eye because the print was larger than the rest (probably because he had reached an age over 100). The man's name was Cecil Palmer. 

52) (same day) April 12, 2004

After I arrived back home, I went on the Internet and checked the earthquake site and noticed that there had been an earthquake that day at 5:15 UT at the location 43.18N 144.87E. I am 43. I live at #18 and this is Chapter 18. I was born at 12:12 UT and 12x12 = 144. [A couple of other 12/12 connections are that it was on December 12 (12/12) of 1998 that I realized that my drawing/model of The Mind also showed The Mind of God and The Way; and in November of 2000, I figured out how 11:11 connected to December of 2012 (12/12).] In '87 my first child was born on 5/15.

53) April 14, 2004

I read in our local paper under the heading 'Tools Stolen' that the police were investigating a break and enter during the weekend in which a Husqvarna model 444 chainsaw was stolen.
While walking through the mall I looked at a new Jetta that was on display. The last four digits of the dealership's phone number were 0444
While driving along Main Street, I read the sign beside a restaurant displaying their Surf & Turf special. I noticed that the last four digits of their phone number were also 0444.

54) (same day) April 14, 2004
In today's paper, David Suzuki's Science Matters column was entitled 'Butterflies Are Better Canaries' and was a sequel to his column that I discussed above in #39.

"By degrading these services and driving so many species to extinction, we put our own future in peril. The good news is that if humans are causing the problem, we can still fix it. It won't be easy, but it's not impossible either."

55) April 15, 2004

On the television show 'Jeopardy', one of the questions was about a Brian De Palma film ('Dressed To Kill'.)  
(Cumbre Vieja is on the island of La Palma which is in the Canaries.)

56) April 19, 2004
International Revenue Service - IRS.gov
Department of the Treasury 

Tax Topic 515 - Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Losses

"Casualty losses can result from the destruction of, or damage to your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake or even volcanic eruption."

57) April 20, 2004
I was checking Sunrise times for May 15, 2004 at various locations using my RedShift computer astronomy program, and I found that where I was born at 66°W 45°N the sun will rise at exactly 5:55.

58) (same day) April 20, 2004
I was watching a bit of Navy NCIS, episode 'My Other Left Foot', and in one of the scenes I saw, someone was checking something out on the computer for Mark Harmon's character. The information came back "May 15th".

59) April 21, 2004
I found something today which really piqued my interest and definitely requires some more investigation. I was looking at the Fivedoves site and this letter caught my eye because of the 11:11 reference. As I read it, something else grabbed my attention and that was the reference to the word PALMONI:

1111 = 'MY NAME' greek value 880+231 (880=510+370)
111 Wonderful - Hebrew value - taken from the Hebrew root of pala (111) Palmoni "Wonderful Numberer"

I had never heard of Palmoni before so I decided to search the Internet for some more information. The best that I found was an online book called 'Number In Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance' by E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913). (This whole book looks like a definite "must read".) From Chaper II

We now come to the Word of God, which is the greatest, and, to us, most important of all God's works. May we not look for, and expect to find, number used not only with the same wondrous design, but, here, with significance also? If there be design, there must be significance. We may not always see the reason for the latter in the works of creation; but we cannot fail to do so in the great work of Divine Revelation.
In Daniel 8:13 we read, "Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation," etc.? Here, a revelation of a certain future prophetic event was made to Daniel, by a certain saint or holy one, i.e., a holy angel; and "another" angel asked a question concerning numbers—"How long," etc.? The name of "that certain saint" is given in the Hebrew, and is placed in the margin, with its meaning. His name is "PALMONI," and it means "the numberer of secrets, or the wonderful numberer."
So that there is one holy angel, at least, whose function has to do with numbers. Numbers, therefore, and their secrets, hold an important place in the words as well as in the works of God. "A wonderful numberer" ("PALMONI") presides over them, and has his place in making known the things of God.

Many people do believe that the numbers 444 have to do with Angels. Here is one website dedicated to that belief, and here is that site's 444 Forum.

To quote what I said at the beginning of this Chapter:

This series of events began on February 4, 2004 with clues connecting to 444 and the word PALM.

444 - Angel
ONI - "So that there is one holy angel, at least, whose function has to do with numbers. Numbers, therefore, and their secrets, hold an important place in the words as well as in the works of God. "A wonderful numberer" ("PALMONI") presides over them, and has his place in making known the things of God."

I have a very strong feeling that this is somehow a very important piece to the puzzle...

And speaking of 111...

111 Wonderful - Hebrew value - taken from the Hebrew root of pala (111) Palmoni "Wonderful Numberer"

Today, April 21, is usually the 111th day of the year, but since this is a leap year, yesterday was the 111st day.

60) April 22, 2004

The local KIA dealership had an ad in today's paper for their 5-5-5 warranty program.

I did a search for license plates and 515 on eBay today and this is the only one that came up.
Mullen JUli?

61) April 23, 2004

Speaking of Palmoni and ANGELS...

 Maybe Angels
Sheryl Crow

Six-lane highway running up to my back door
But it won't take me where I want to be
I took the I-95 down to Pensacola
All I found was a bunch of holyrollers
The don't know nothing 'bout saving me
I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, maybe angels, maybe angels
Down here I feel like a citizen of nowhere
My bag's all packed in case they ever come for me
Got a hundred stories and tabloid lies
Got witnesses to what the goverment denies
So I'm headed down to Roswell to wait and see
I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, maybe angels, maybe angels
Oh what a mystery
Oh, I believe, I believe, I could leave
My sister, she says she knows Elvis
She knows Jesus, John Lennon, and Cobain personally
Well, but I'm too wise to believe my eyes
Cause all I've seen just terrifies me
But I believe they're coming back for me
I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, I swear they're out there,
I swear, maybe angels, maybe angels


Today Sheryl Crow kicked off the Summer Concert Series on NBC's TODAY show. Not only did this catch my attention (because I "get" a lot from Sheryl's lyrics) but just before she came on, an interesting advertisement for the TODAY show came on. Fortunately I taped that part of the show, so I was able to take a picture of it. "MEGA MAY on TODAY."
The La Palma tsunami would be considered a MEGA-tsunami. In MAY?

62) April 24, 2004   

Magnitude 6.0 TONGA
2004 April 24 07:44:11 UTC

I noticed that a 6.0 earthquake occurred today in Tonga at 7:44 UT. I wondered if that happend to be 4:44 my time so I clicked on the 'Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones' link and yes, it was. (Also, I was born in '60.)


63) (same day) April 24, 2004 
The Canadian team won the Women's World Curling Championship today. They are from the MAYflower curling rink in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Skip Colleen Jones is 44 and Halifax is at 44°N. (I was conceived in Halifax, possibly on 11/11/59 at 11:11 and I will be 44 this year.)
The La Palma tsunami... It MAY happen in MAY - and it MAY not.

64) April 25, 2004   

This is a scan of today's BC comic by Johnny Hart. (You can see it better at this link from comics.com but it will only be available there for a month.)


The captions read:

"Do you believe in Destiny?"
"Sure. There is a plan and a purpose for all of us. It's a by-product of intelligent design."
(trip) "Ok, what's the purpose of that stupid rock?"
"To trip you up."
"Very funny."
"Whoa." (section of mountain breaks off and falls away)
"Man, if I hadn't tripp..."
"I know... See? Rocks! Trees! Everything plays a part in Destiny."
"Now wait a minute--trees?"
"Especially trees."

Not only is the "message" excellent - and relevant, but if you notice in frames 5 and 6, a piece of the mountain breaks off and falls away. This is the exact scenario that will cause the La Palma tsunami.

65) (same day) April 25, 2004 

Magnitude 4.8 GUAM REGION
2004 April 25 11:11:33 UTC

An earthquake occurred today in the Guam Region at 11:11 UT (9:11 Local Time). It is also interesting that it was 11:11:33 as I have already made the connection between 33 and Jesus because He was 33 when He was crucified and resurrected. (I mentioned this previously in #4 and #10.)

66) April 26, 2004 

I was checking out the value of some words using the English Gematria chart shown above in #44 and I found that both ANGEL and MAY have a value of 234. (I mentioned in #1 that many people were seeing 234.)

67) (same day) April 26, 2004 
Sometimes I find things by looking, and sometimes things just find me...
Today two Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door. When things like this happen, I always wonder what I am going to learn. They gave me two magazines, 'The Watchtower' and 'Awake'. Figuring there would probably be an article in there that I was meant to read, I picked up 'The Watchtower'. I turned it over to look at the back cover and my jaw dropped. The article on the back cover was entitled, "Should We Call Upon Angels For Help?"

"Is it proper to call upon angels in times of distress? Many people think so. In fact, the new Catholic Encyclopedia says: "One prays to ... the angels ... but only in the sense that they may intercede before God for us." Should we call upon angels to intercede for us?
God's Word provides the names of only two of God's faithful angels, Michael and Gabriel. (Daniel 8:16; 12:1; Luke 1:26; Jude 9) (Note: Palmoni is written in the Hebrew text.) Since these names are mentioned in the Bible, we discern that each angel is a unique spirit person with a name, not merely some impersonal energy or force. Yet, other angles declined to disclose their names. For instance, when Jacob asked an angel who visited him to reveal his name, he refused to do so. (Genesis 32:29; Judges 13:17, 18) No list of names of angels is provided in the Bible, thus preventing humans from giving them undue attention.
Among the duties of angels is the conveying of messages from God to humans. In fact, the original Hebrew and Greek words translated "angel" literally mean "messenger." However, angels do not serve as intercessors who bring human prayers to the throne of the Most High. God has determined that prayers be addressed to him in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, who said: "No matter what you ask the Father in my name he might give it to you." - John 15:16; 1 Timothy 2:5
Jehovah God is never to busy to listen to us if we approach him properly. The Bible gives this assurance: "Jehovah is near to all those calling upon him, to all those who call upon him in trueness." - Pslam 145:18"

To tell you the truth, I am a bit confused as to what message I am supposed to glean from this, and therefore am a bit hesitant to even discuss this...
According to this article, angels do not intercede on our behalf, and that we are to speak to God directly. The ability for us to speak to God directly was also my belief and what is shown in my diagram of The Mind/God's Mind. It shows that we are in God's mind and that God is in our mind, and this mind-to-mind connection is our constant and direct link to God. So all this information I have been getting lately about ANGELS has been a bit confusing to me.

I decided to do a search in the Bible for the word "intercessor". It came up only once in Isaiah 59:16. I decided to read the rest of Isaiah 59 and found that, perhaps, we are in that Time when "our iniquities have separated between us and our God, and our sins have hid his face from us, that he will not hear":  (I have found that the entire book of Isaiah is very relevant to our Time.)

1 Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:
2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
3 For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
4 None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.
5 They hatch cockatrice' eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.
6 Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands.
7 Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.
8 The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.
9 Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.
10 We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noon day as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men.
11 We roar all like bears, and mourn sore like doves: we look for judgment, but there is none; for salvation, but it is far off from us.
12 For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and as for our iniquities, we know them;
13 In transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.

Calling All Angels

I need a sign to let me know you’re here
All of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere
I need to know that things are gonna look up
‘Cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup

When there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head
When you feel the world shake from the words that are said
I need a sign to let me know you’re here
‘Cause my TV set just keeps it all from being clear
I want a reason for the way things have to be
I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me
And I’m calling all angels
I’m calling all you angels
When children have to play inside so they don’t disappear
And private eyes solve marriage lies cause we don’t talk for years
And futbol teams are kissing Queens and losing sight of having dreams
In a world that what we want is only what we want until it’s ours

I’m calling all angels
I’m calling all you angels

Another article that I found interesting was in the 'Awake' magazine. It was about a volcanic island, named JULIa Island, that appeared and then disappeared.

68) April 28, 2004 

I read a letter on the Fivedoves site today with the title '444'. Their conclusion was, "Thus it appears that the number 444 relates to Jesus..." I replied and said that using the English Gematria chart, JESUS has the value of 444. (See #44 above.)

When I finished updating this paper just now and went to put it online, I saw that I had spent 111 minutes online. Also, just before I went online this morning, I went to make a cup of coffee and when I looked at the clock, it was 11:11.

69) April 29, 2004 
Today on the 11:11 Group site, someone posted a link to a story about 111 - "HAMM AIMS TO SEE MALIGNED F-111 SOAR". When I clicked on it, the first thing that caught my eye was tylerpaper.com. Tyler is the name of my son who was born on May 15 (515).

Another connection... HAMM is apparently the name of the museum, and John F. HAMM is also the current premier of Nova Scotia.

Another funny thing happened this morning. Both my children saw it first and each told me about it...
In today's newspaper is a story about a children's author who has written a book. She goes by the name of NANNY KAY and that is exactly what my children called my mother.

Which reminds me of another KAY connection...  There is a rink near our house and it is called the KAY Arena, and just down the street from where we live is a community called HARRISville, and Harris was my maiden name. (There are a few more interesting connections as well that mostly have to do with Knights.)


70) May 4, 2004 

On May 2 and 3, NBC broadcast the two-part fictional disaster movie called "10.5" about the largest earthquake ever recorded.

NBC's miniseries on California quake shakes up ratings:

"The first part of the NBC miniseries was seen by 20.4 million viewers on Sunday night, the most popular movie on NBC in five years, according to Nielsen Media Research. It was the most-watched movie on any network in more than two years, since CBS' documentary about a real disaster, "9-11." ... The last NBC movie to do as well in the ratings was the second part of "Noah's Ark" in May 1999."

71) May 5, 2004 

In our paper this week, they have been allocating a full page for one of the hockey players on the local team, including their picture and statistics. Since I don't follow hockey, I haven't paid much attention to this, but today it sure caught my eye. Today's page was for No. 18 — Nathan Saunders. That is Nate my co-researcher friend's name! His number, 18, also caught my eye as this is Chapter 18 and I live at #18.
Nate will also be happy that the newspaper chose May 5th (5/5) for "Nathan Saunders" because Nate is very connected to the number 55.

72) May 6, 2004 

I have been reading about the three comets which having been making the news recently - Bradfield, LINEAR, and NEAT. In one article I read today about NEAT, it said:

After a long wait, a comet called NEAT finally comes far enough north this week to become accessible to sky watchers in the Northern Hemisphere.
Ever since its discovery back in August 2001, this comet has been visible only to those south of the equator. But now as the comet sweeps past the Earth en route to its closest approach to the Sun, it will appear to race rapidly northward and should become visible to most northern sky watchers beginning on Wednesday evening, May 5. (5/5)
... On May 15, the comet will reach its closest point to the Sun, just over 89 million miles away. It will also be positioned just a few degrees from the prominent open star cluster, M44, popularly known as the Beehive.

73) (same day) May 6, 2004 

Today at 12:12 (see # 52) I turned on the televison to the weather channel. When I turned it on, they were doing an interview with a fellow from the Red Cross who was discussing the topic of Disaster Preparedness. Apparently May 2 - 8, 2004 is Emergency Preparedness Week. "Don't miss our special coverage of Emergency Preparedness Week. Tune in at :12 and :42 minutes past the hour for special reports on how you can stay safe when the weather turns bad."
They gave two website addresses for more information:


When I clicked on the first link, the first thing I saw was this ad for a camera, and it made me think about my writing this Journal of Events:


74) May 8, 2004 
Yesterday I was looking at eBay and I saw this license plate. It caught my attention because I had just been talking about 12:12 and 12/12 (#73 and #52). T for Time?

I also found another one that I really liked. The 227 because I was born on August 14 which is the 227th day of the year in a Leap Year and I was born in 1960 which was a Leap Year.  This is also a Leap Year. (August 14 is Day 226 in a regular year. August 14 is the PHI day of the year as PHI = .618 and 226/365.25 = .618.  227 is also related to PI because 22/7 = 3.14. This is actually the information that brought Nate and I together in the first place.) I liked the 333 because 33 / 333 mean "Jesus" to me.


The bidding for both of these plates ended today. When I logged onto the computer this morning to check on these plates, there was a letter from Nate in my in-box. He had found another plate and wondered if I was interested in it. I couldn't believe it. JM-227. Juli Mullen - 227. I was definitely interested and I ended up getting all three plates.


75) May 9, 2004

I had a very interesting day with plate finds that day. I also found another one that grabbed my attention:

When I saw the word MAP, I suddenly realized that this word is incorporated into the word PALM...
L   MAP.  

I then thought about what L could mean and I thought of EL which is Spanish for THE...
EL MAP... THE MAP. (La Palma belongs to Spain.)
L is also the 12th letter of the alphabet and 12 is very significant (as just discussed above). It was on the 12th day of the 12th month (of 1998) that I suddenly realized that my diagram/model of The Mind also depicted the Mind of God and the MAP of The Way (see #49 and #50).

I then wondered what the 159 could signify and I thought...

MAP 159 - The MAP (of The Way) - figured out and drawn by the 1 conceived in '59 (possibly on 11/11 at 11:11).

This MAP also made me think of Comet LINEAR that I just talked about it #72.
LINEAR also means straight line and my MAP of The Way is made of three straight lines which symbolize the Paths. In Isaiah 42:16, God says, "And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them."

76) May 10, 2004 

Yesterday was Sunday and yesterday I posted the above about my MAP and LINEAR and straight lines. This morning I looked at the earthquake site and at the top of the list was a 5.5 earthquake that occurred yesterday (SUNDAY) at 22:25:22 UTC at SUNDA STRAIT, Indonesia:

2004 May 09 22:25:22 UTC


77) (same day) May 10, 2004 
This morning's tragic headline on the front page of our newspaper:

Four Kent Co. residents killed in single-car crash
BOUCTOUCHE (CP) - Two communities were grieving yesterday after four young New Brunswickers died in an early morning car crash along the province's eastern shore. Skid marks and churned-up dirt could be seen later in the day at the site of the accident on Route 515 in Bouctouche...  Sainte-Antoine Mayor Ron Cormier said his first thoughts were of the four mothers losing their children on Mother's Day. Everyone in the village is in shock.

78) May 11, 2004 

Today's paper contained more information on the accident and the obituaries of the victims. Other than the 515 (Route), I noticed some other unusual things that caught my eye.
The accident occurred on Route 515... It happened at 1:50 am... St-Antoine is a village of 1500 people... Lots of 15's.
Two of the victims were Joline Richard and Gaston Richard. I wondered yesterday if they were related, but today it said they were girlfriend/boyfriend. They both had a sister named Chantal. Joline was born January 6 - one day before one of my sons, and Gaston was born May 14 - one day before my other son (and one day before May 15 - 515). Richard is also the name of my father. I can also see a couple of things in Joline's name.
Today's paper also revealed another strange thing about this accident:

"A macabre coincidence had the school planning a simulated automobile accident in the coming days, with a car wreck and students acting out the roles of the injured. But due to the weekend tragedy, the safe-driving exercise will be postponed to a later date."

79) (same day) May 11, 2004 
Last night another strange thing happened... The television was on but we weren't really watching it because my husband's parents were visiting so we were talking with them. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tidal wave destroying an oil rig. The image shocked me because it was an image I had thought about just a couple of weeks ago, which I'll explain in a minute. I continued to watch the television to see more tidal wave destruction occurring. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and asked, "What is this?" It ended up being an advertisement for a movie coming out on May 28 called, "The Day After Tomorrow."
On May 1st we were in Halifax for a wedding. We strolled along Historic Properties on the waterfront. In the harbour were two oil rigs. I was thinking about what would happen to Halifax if this tsunami happened and thought about the oil rigs and other vessels out in the ocean. The image I saw on television was the same image I had pictured this day.

80) (same day) May 11, 2004 

And since I am on the topic of strange things happening, I'll add another thing than happened last Friday... We rented the movie "Big Fish." I had been wanting to see it because I have noticed a lot of interesting things in recent movies and wondered if there would be a connection of Big Fish to Jesus (since a Fish is the symbol of Christianity, Jesus was a "Fisher of Men," and many of Jesus' desciples were fishermen). While we were watching the movie, there was a sign with the exact name of the place that I live. I have already mentioned that there are many things about this place, and this is just another to add to the list.
I decided to research this place on the Internet and found a couple more interesting things about it that I did not know. It has a very interesting history, but was incorporated as a town again in 1875 with the motto "Resurgo" (I Rise Again), and became a city on April 23, 1890. A little calculation reveals that it just turned 114 on the 114th day of this year. I have mentioned 114 several times in this journal.

81) May 12, 2004 

Tonight on CBC at 9 pm I watched a program called "Asteroid! The Doomsday Rock." (I didn't know it was on - I just happened to come across it.) They discussed one of the asteroids (1950 DA) potentially hitting the Atlantic Ocean and the tsunami that would be created. One of the people interviewed was Steven Ward. I immediately recognized him as one of the co-authors of the research paper, Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands. (See #6, #27, #28.)

While researching this on the Internet, I found something interesting connecting to the word PALM - the Palermo Scale:

"The Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale was developed to enable NEO (Near Earth Object) specialists to categorize and prioritize potential impact risks spanning a wide range of impact dates, energies and probabilities. Actual scale values less than -2 reflect events for which there are no likely consequences, while Palermo Scale values between -2 and 0 indicate situations that merit careful monitoring. Potential impacts with positive Palermo Scale values will generally indicate situations that merit some level of concern."

82) May 30, 2004
Michael Moore's controversial documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" was awarded the top award of the Cannes Film Festival - the Palme d'Or.
On his website www.michaelmoore.com is a section entitled Mike's Latest News and the last news report was posted on May 28, 2004 at 11:11 a.m.
Wouldn't it be a great idea if Michael Moore did a documentary on "The 11:11 Phenomenon"?
I think so; in fact, I wrote to him and asked him to research it and to consider it.

83) June 2, 2004

For the record, even though May 15th has come and gone, I am still seeing May 15 and 515.
For example, last week our CAA membership card came in the mail and it is dated May 15;

This past week on the main page of Kent Steadman's website, www.cyberspaceorbit.com, he has paid tribute to his friend (sister?) Marah Taylor who just passed away. She was born on May 15;
Yesterday I noticed on the receipt that the grocery store where I usually do my shopping is Store #515.

84) (same day) June 2, 2004
I have had an unusual number of 111 things happen in the past couple of days:
Last night on eBay I bid on (but didn't win) this license plate:

Then today I went shopping. As I was driving into the parking lot, the car ahead of me stopped. It was waiting for a car to back out of a parking space. The car behind me didn't know what was happening and got impatient and pulled out to go around me and the car in front of me. It narrowly missed hitting the car backing out of the parking space. The close call grabbed my attention and what grabbed my attention even further was his license plate. I parked beside him and took a picture of it:

On the way home from shopping I stopped and picked up the mail. In the mailbox was a cheque. I thought, wouldn't it be amazing if the cheque was for $111. I had to laugh when I opened it. It was for $110.90 - just 10¢ shy of $111.

Also, yesterday morning I happened to catch an interesting program on VisionTV called 'Test of Faith' with Valerie Pringle. I wanted to research this more so I found their website and message board. The topic dealing with this program had exactly 111 replies when I found it:


 I was born in Digby, Nova Scotia at 45°N 66°W.  45+66 = 111.
And where I live now, the latitude and longitude also = 111.

85) June 3, 2004
 Nate sent me this link today - http://hwy111.com/PalmSprings/

HWY 111 - HIGH WAY 111 - PALM Springs - 4 PALM trees on either side - 44 - The Sun/The SON (Jesus)

Isaiah 55:9
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways,
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Psalm 92:12
The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree:

From my Slideshow Presentation
(I revised my presentation on July 13, 2004)


Nate also informed me that tomorrow (June 4) I will be exactly 16,000 days old. (16 = 4 x 4)

From timeanddate.com:

Time calculation
From: Sunday, August 14, 1960 00:00:00
to: Friday, June 4, 2004 00:00:00
It is 16000 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds between those dates
Or 1382400000 seconds or 23040000 minutes or 384000 hours

86) June 5, 2004
Nate wrote to me and told me that he received this license plate in the mail yesterday that he had bid on and won through eBay:

I was born in Nova Scotia; 2x2x2x2=16 and he received it on the exact day that I turned 16,000 days old.

Birdstone's winning time at the the Belmont Stakes was 2:27 2/5.  (See #74.)

87) June 16, 2004
A fellow wrote to me on June 11th and talked about the Mayan calendar date of 12-21-2012. We have since continued to correspond and I noticed that in two of his letters in a row, the numbers 12:21 were found in the time he sent the emails and I mentioned this to him yesterday:

14/06/04 12:21:20 PM
15/06/04 1:28:21 PM

Then today I bought some paint and when the cashier passed me the receipt to sign I just stared at it. It was stamped with the time 12:21:

When I got back from the store I checked my email and I had a letter from Nate. He had written to me about the number 37 and in it he mentioned that 37 x 33 = 1221. (33 means Jesus.)

88) June 18, 2004
In today's newspaper is a comic (Between Friends) that really caught my eye:


The questions she asks are exactly the ones that I answer in this paper Seeing Is Believing (scroll down). Almost word for word: 

 Contained herein you may find the answers to many of mankind's greatest mysteries ...

Who am I?
What is the meaning of life?
How can we achieve Peace on Earth?
Who/What is God?

That part of the paper (Chapters 1 - 11) was written over 5 1/2 years ago now. I wonder if people will ever believe it...

Also in today's paper:

89) June 19, 2004

From my Chapter 7 - Meaning For The World:

"Now look at the 'Emotion' (Love) axis. As I stated earlier, the 'Motive' and 'Emotion' lines are generally directly proportional. Where we are on one line is approximately where we are on the other (except during the times when the powerful magnet of 'Self' pulls us back). In our selfish pursuit of personal satisfaction and material possessions, with each generation, we are producing less 'Love'. We are striving to "make more money" so that we can be "happier," and in that pursuit, we are not 'Loving' our children as much because there is less time to do so. The more time we spend "making money," the less time we have to spend 'Loving' our children and families. And the few hours in the day that we have left to 'Love' , we are tired. We are tired. The world is tired. With tiredness comes frustration. With frustration comes anger. With anger comes hate. With hate comes suffering. We are suffering. The world is suffering.
On the line of 'Emotion', we are going from positive to negative. Again we make excuses and try to justify it. There are arguments - "It is quality, not quantity time that is important." "No, it is quantity, not quality time that is important." Well, actually, it is both. The more time you spend teaching your children 'Love', the more 'Love' they will learn. What they learn is what they will know. It is learned through experience, not through books. What they learn, they will teach to their children. If they learn 'Love', they will teach 'Love', and their children will learn 'Love', and they will teach 'Love' to their children, and so on. With each generation, we are teaching less 'Love', so our children are learning less 'Love'. They in turn will teach their children less 'Love', and so on. The "Circle of Life." With each generation, we take one step further on the line towards 'Hate'. That is the direction we are heading.
Again, the point is that we are heading in the wrong direction!"


In today's newspaper:


I am wondering if this LA PALMA thing isn't connected to my MAP afterall; since, if you take LA out of PALMA, you do get MAP.

90) June 20, 2004
Last night I watched the movie, "A Knight's Tale" on television. I was surprised it was on again as TBS had a marathon with this movie just last week I believe and showed it several times. (And it was on TBS again tonight. And there was a movie on the Space channel in the afternoon called "Teen Knight.") It made me think about Knights again and all the connections I seem to have with Knights, King Arthur, Camelot, Arcadia, etc. -  some of which I have already mentioned in this paper. I even discovered a couple more in just the last month. In fact, just yesterday, I sat down and made a list of all the connections I could think of. I will add them to this paper when I have organized them all.
So this morning I decided to research this topic some more. I kept connecting to interesting links and found this interesting site:  Path of the Bloodline - Pi - Phi. This interested me because, as I mentioned in #74, I was born on the PHI day of the year. [From #74 - I was born on August 14 which is the 227th day of the year in a Leap Year and I was born in 1960 which was a Leap Year. This is also a Leap Year. (August 14 is Day 226 in a regular year. August 14 is the PHI day of the year as PHI = .618 and 226/365.25 = .618.  227 is also related to PI because 22/7 = 3.14.)]  Also, concerning the bloodline, I continued the pattern found in Matthew 1:17 and came up with exactly my birthdate of 8/14/1960, which I'll explain when I organize and add that section to my paper.

She also mentions the bloodline connection to Nova Scotia:

"Again back to western Europe - I saw Jesus - a sacred bloodline continues - the Holy Grail - Priere de Sion - I saw the map of Scotland and felt a connection to the Highlands that has remained unresolved within me for many years .... now moving me to Nova Scotia - then to upstate New York. I saw July 4, 1776 - symbology of the mysteries of the bloodline brought into this reality as metaphors - Independence Day and freedom - but not a specific date - as there is no time - but as metaphoric messages - the journey of the sacred bloodline - my bloodline brought here to this place where the Twin Towers fell - and twin DNA shifted as the evolution of humanity took a giant step forward."

(This was also very interesting to me also because just yesterday Nate had written me a letter and he had talked about many of the things she mentioned in this paragraph. He talked about July 4th and said that the 4444th hour of the year is on July 4th. He also mentioned that 1776 is 444 x 4.)

I continued researching and found the site www.templarhistory.com. I was astounded at the first piece of information on the site. Tonight the History Channel is airing a program called "Quest For King Arthur."  (Unfortunately we get History Television, not The History Channel, so I won't be able to watch it.)

Also, on July 7th, the movie King Arthur begins:

This has definitely inspired me to complete my list of connections and add it to this paper.

91) June 21, 2004
Continuing with the 'Knight' theme... this story was in today's newspaper: 

Thousands gather to watch first private spaceflight
MOJAVE, Calif. (AP) - Aviation enthusiasts began gathering yesterday in the high desert in hopes of seeing the first flight into space by a privately developed, manned rocket.
Thousands of people were expected to be watching early today when an exotic jet-engined airplane named White Knight was set to take off from Mojave Airport carrying the rocket-propelled SpaceShipOne.
If SpaceShipOne is successful, designer Burt Rutan and his Scaled Composites development company will use the craft to make a run at the $10 million US Ansari X Prize, a formal competition intended to spur commercial development of spaceflight.
White Knight, carrying the rocket plane under its belly, was scheduled for a 10:30 a.m. ADT takeoff, followed by a climb to 15,240 metres, where it would release SpaceShipOne about 11:30 a.m.
SpaceShipOne's pilot, flying solo, would then ignite the rocket and pull up into an 80-second powered climb. After the rocket motor shuts down, the craft is to coast up to a target altitude of 100 kilometres above the Earth, then re-enter the atmosphere and glide for 15 to 20 minutes to a landing back at Mojave.
Wind or clouds could force a postponement.

Also in today's paper...  
You may have read or heard about the two incidents in two days involving CF-18 Hornet fighter jets accidently dropping live AIM-7 Sparrow missiles in Yellowknife, Canada. (They were on their way to Inuvik to monitor Canadian air space during exercises by the Russian air force.) On Friday, a missile dropped off one jet and landed on a golf course. On Saturday, a pilot lost control on landing and ejected and the missile came loose and fell off.
Today I read in the paper that the name of the pilot in the second incident was MULLINS. Why does that not surprise me?
Dropping a bombshell... Yes, I can see the metaphor in that...

* 92) June 22, 2004
My King Arthur/Holy Grail Connections.

93) June 23, 2004
I was cleaning up the basement and I picked up a box that a magnetic dart board that I bought for the boys for Christmas a couple of years ago came in. On the box I noticed a Knight and the word Excalibur. I decided to look further. I opened the box and got out the instruction manual. This was on the first page:

"The legendary King Arthur brandished a magic sword, Excalibur, from which we take our company name. With this unique weapon in his hands, he could not be vanquished. Although Excalibur Electronics can't claim the magical secrets of Merlin, King Arthur's court wizard, sometimes our patented technology may make it seem as if we could. Mag Darts is another innovation of Excalibur Electonics. We make you think."




94) (same day) June 23, 2004
I was watching Canadian Idol on TV. I was looking forward to this show because one of my favourites, Kalan Porter, was going to sing. He was the last one to perform and when he came out he sang, "Lady, I'm your knight in shining armour and I love you." (Lady by Lionel Richie.)
NOTE: Kalan Porter won Canadian Idol. He was born on ... 11/11.

And speaking of Lionel Richie... I believe it was June 28th. My son came to me and asked if I "got" anything from Lionel Richie's songs. I said ,"Yes, why?" (In fact, when I recently heard his latest release, Just For You, I immediately thought, "The words of this song are from the perspective of God/Jesus.")
My son was watching eTalk Daily and heard an interview with Lionel Richie who said something along these lines:

"I wake up every day and say to God, "I have a lot of songs left in me. What do you want me to say to the people?"

That pretty much confirms what I believed about his latest release.


95) June 24, 2004
We were watching the 6:00 news and I heard the announcer say that the evening news would be on a little later than usual that night because a show on prior to that would be on for 1 hour 11 minutes (111). The news would be on at 11:11


96) June 26, 2004
Today were the Opening Ceremonies for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of ACADIA. (King Arthur is connected to Arcadia / Acadia. See my King Arthur Connections for further information on Acadia.)

97) (same day) June 26, 2004
I was listening to the radio and I heard that New Brunswick premier Mr. Bernard LORD designated August 9 (my mother's birthday) as 'Peacekeeping Memorial Day'. "With this gesture, the Province officially recognizes the contribution of Canadian peacekeepers to the establishment and preservation of peace on missions located throughout the world."


98) June 27, 2004
I saw a commercial on TV for AXE Deodorant Body Spray. It said, "SHOW THEM THE WAY."



  From my Slideshow Presentation
(I revised my presentation on July 13, 2004)

Two of the fragrances that AXE comes in are ORION and TSUNAMI.

99) July 5, 2004
I was using my laptop and I decided to try something. You know how sometimes people just close their eyes and open their Bible and put their finger on a particular verse? I decided to do that with the Bible program I have on my computer. Using the Browse function you can choose a Book, Chapter, and Verse to go to. I decided to cover each of the names with my hand and just scroll down and pick one from each of the three categories. When I hit enter, I had chosen Isaiah 22:22. That verse is very significant to me as I describe at the end of My King Arthur/Holy Grail Connections.

100) July 10, 2004

My husband's mother asked us to drop off a few articles, including a cheque, to my husband's sister as we were going that direction. The cheque was for $111.

101) July 15, 2004
I looked at the Sky & Telescope website and on the front page is a link to an article entitled "111 Deep-Sky Wonders for Light-Polluted Skies".  
And the author's name is J. MULLANey.

102) (same day) July 15, 2004
Amber Tamblyn won an Emmy nomination for her role in the new series 'Joan of ARCADIA' (an interesting title combining Joan of Arc and King Arthur's ARCADIA). The show is about a girl who talks to God and who God talks to. She is the intermediary who acts as the link between both worlds.
The theme song for the show is 'What If God Was One Of Us' by Eric Bazillian and originally sung by Joan Osborne, which puts forth a great question:

"If God had a face what would it look like
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that you would have to believe (Seeing Is Believing)
In things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints and all the prophets... "

103) (same day) July 15, 2004
Historic voyage returns to Acadie
Tall ship with crew of Acadian descent spent five weeks retracing route taken to found the first French settlement in North America
The tall ship Europa landed in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia after its month-long voyage from France. This re-enactment of the voyage of Samuel de Champlain and Pierre du Guas in 1604 commemorates the arrival of the French to the New World and the founding of the birth of ACADIA 400 years ago. Port Royal is less than 10 miles across the Annapolis Basin from Digby and Bear River where I was born and grew up. (See My King Arthur/Holy Grail Connections for further information on Acadia.)



104) July 17, 2004  (717)

Bear River, the village in Nova Scotia where I grew up, celebrated its 111th 'Bear River Cherry Carnival' on July 17th.

As I was watching the parade, one float in particular caught my eye as it came towards me. It was a float entered by the Masons. As it passed by, I couldn't believe (well, yes I could) the number of the lodge... 111.


105) July 18, 2004
I happened to turn on the radio and the last end of 'American Top 20' was on. They had counted down to #4 and Casey Kasem said, "Two years ago today the #4 song was 'Soak Up The Sun' by Sheryl Crow." This caught my attention, but what he said next was very significant to me as it substantiated my belief in what much of Sheryl's (and in fact, the majority of those in the music industry) lyrics are really about - beneath the surface. He said, "Early on, Sheryl contemplated a career as a "contemporary Christian singer" but she gave up that idea because she didn't want to limit her audience."
So... she wanted to reach a wider audience. Not change the subject material, but reach a wider audience. So how can you sing about God and be able to not only reach - but keep - that wider audience? Obviously, you cannot do it openly and directly. You have to do it in an underground or secretive sort of way. You hide the meanings in metaphor. Sometimes you can even get away with being literal because then people just assume you must be using metaphor or common expressions. (Like, "God, ... " or "Lord, ...")
Take 'Soak Up The Sun' for example. "The Sun" is used in many songs by many artists (especially lately) as a metaphor for "The Son."

"I'm gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up"

Now, if you were soaking up "the sun" wouldn't you get a tan and "darken up"? But, if you were soaking up "The Son" - "The Light of the World" (John 8:12) - you would "lighten up."

"Every time I turn around
I'm looking up, you're looking down
Maybe something's wrong with you
That makes you act the way you do"

Now is this something you would say to "the sun" or to "The Son"?

I won't get into analysing lyrics here, but just listen to the music on the radio yourself - from this perspective - and you'll SEE...    (See my Chapter 12 - Signs.)

This is just another part of "what's going on." It's not only the 11:11 Phenomenon. But it is all connected...

106) July 20, 2004
 Found this license plate on eBay:

107) July 24, 2004

Found this license plate on eBay (GOD 111):

108) July 26, 2004

Finally went to see the movie 'King Arthur' (see #90). The scene that made the most impact on me was when Arthur was praying to God. It showed his great faith in and sense of duty and commitment to God, even when his own knights ridiculed him for it.
But what made me sit up in my seat and take notice happened before the movie even began, during the previews for up-coming movies.

The trailer included scenes of a Knights Templar ship bringing a treasure across the Atlantic to North America, the symbol of the Masons, the pyramid and Eye of God on the back of the US $1 bill, the Washington Monument (obelisk), etc. - many of the pieces of the secret puzzle that many are just now learning about now. [Unfortunately they do not have all the pieces of the puzzle, so the picture they have put together (pun intended) is incomplete.]
I just read a synopsis of the movie on the Internet that says, "Archaeologist Ben Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is the eighth descendant (another clue) in a family of treasure hunters (Nicolas Cage says "Treasure Protectors") searching for a war chest hidden by Founding Fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin."

They must not know about the 11:11 connection; otherwise, I'm sure they would have the movie open on November 11th and not the 19th.

109) July 28, 2004

  See #88.

110) July 29, 2004
Two days ago on July 27th, Nate sent me a picture that he had taken with his camera that night of a blood-red moon. 

Today Nate and I were discussing that today is the 29th. He told me that today contains the .5764 point of the year and this is the Hebrew year 5764. This inspired me to look at the Hebrew calendar and I found that today is the 11th of Av.
While I was researching this, I found something else very interesting. The 9th of Av (two days ago) is a very important date to the Jewish people:

Tisha B'Av is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar because of the incredible series of tragedies which occurred on that date throughout Jewish History.


This "saddest day" was the day that Nate saw and took the picture of the blood-red moon.

111) August 20, 2004
I have been away for a few weeks without access to the Internet. When I got home a few days ago, I called my sister. She mentioned that there had been an article in her paper about the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami. I asked her to send it to me. Just after I got off the phone with her I went on the Internet to check my mail and some of the sites I usually look at to see what I had missed during the previous few weeks. One of these was Cyberspaceorbit. I was suprised to see on the first page a link to a discussion about the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami. Two incidents in a matter of a few moments caught my attention and made me ask "Why"? Then as I continued checking some of the other sites and discussion groups, I found a few more links and discussions about this tsunami. Apparently the article that was in my sister's paper was also in many others (i.e. http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=3318282) and it sparked these discussions.
[Another interesting thing to note is that the above article was written on August 9. That was my mother Kay's birthday. In the course of writing this chapter, I learned that the value of KAY in English Gematria is 222. I just learned the other day that this year (leap year) August 9 - her birthday - was Julian Day #222.]
In the past couple of days I have also started to see 515's again. And lots of 44's. And "palm" in names and words.
When I first started this Chapter 18 - The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami I thought I was being "told" that the tsunami may occur on May 15. I just assumed it meant this year - 2004. When it did not happen, I was confused as to why the messages has been so strong that it might.
The recent sightings have made me start thinking about this again and I am now wondering if it could happen next year in 2005. 44's have figured prominently in this and since I just turned 44 last week, I will still be 44 on May 15, 2005. Another thing I thought of is that my son whose birthday is May 15 will turn 18 on May 15, 2005 and 18 is the number of this chapter which is entitled The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami.
It is also interesting that I am writing this in #111.


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