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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 18 
The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami

Journal Of Events
872) November 1, 2008  -  932) March 20, 2009

January 2009

It has taken me awhile to convert and transer my Seeing Is Believing from members.aol.com/SeeingBelieving to this new website at seeingisbelieving.webs.com.

I believe that I now have successfully accomplished this and can now concentrate on catching up on posting new posts that I have been keeping track of over the past couple of months...

872) November 1, 2008

On October 27 I received an email from a gentleman who was writing a book about the Holy Grail. In the letters that followed he explained that his research had led him to believe that the Holy Grail was connected to the Digby / Bear River, Nova Scotia area and that he had come across my paper during the course of his research. (I was born in Digby and grew up in the near-by town of Bear River, graduating from Digby Regional High School.)

He told me something that I did not know that I feel is a major personal connection so I have added it to my King Arthur / Holy Grail Connections chapter:

Digby is the home of the world's largest scallop fleet and every August Digby celebrates Digby Scallop Days.
The Scallop Shell is a symbol of Mary Magdalene, Venus, and Divine Conception.


We continue to correspond and have learned that there are a few interesting connections between us. For example, he discovered that his house is at the exact same latitude of the house in Bear River where I grew up. I will discuss some of the others later...

873) November 22, 2008

Today the number of PHA's hit 999. [I previously posted when they hit 777 (post #357) and 888 (post #701).] I will be watching for when they hit 1111.


874) November 26, 2008

I was discussing the "Left Behind" syncs at the end of my last section when AOL was going to delete my paper. Here is another in today's newspaper:

Mother Goose & Grimm © Mike Peters

875) November 26, 2008

I recently started using Facebook and was looking around when a message appeared on my screen from an old aquaintance. I didn't know you could 'chat' on Facebook so the message took me by surprise. I suddenly realized that she had sent this message at exactly 11:11 so I quickly captured a screen print:

A couple weeks later, on January 16, 2009, I had another 11:11 Facebook experience. A friend had just written to me and I was replying to her when I noticed that she was online, so I ended my letter and sent her a message. I had no idea until I saw the chat screen that I had done this at 11:11:

876) November 29, 2008

Today there was a disconcerting article in our newspaper. It talks about a new phenomenon that the psychiatric community is dealing with and it has been named "The Truman Syndrome" (because of the movie The Truman Show). Apparently more and more people are experiencing it:

The Truman Show delusion, or Truman Syndrome, has drawn attention in recent months, in the United States and Britain, as psychiatrists in both countries describe a small but growing number of psychotic patients who describe their lives as mirroring that of the main character in the 1998 film “The Truman Show.”

This is an excellent example of what is happening to people - also connecting to the 11:11 Phenomenon - with the increasing experiences and awareness of "coincidence" directly affecting people's lives. As I have said before, this is truly happening, and if you experience the 11:11 Phenomenon - or can personally relate to this "Truman Syndrome" - then you know it first hand. These people are not "crazy" or "delusional." It really is happening. Outside intelligent forces are affecting our Reality. Even the scientists and researchers do not know why it is happening and are only coming up with ideas and theories, and they are just assuming that it must be related to mental illness. Really though, for them to even consider the alternative - that these people are not mentally ill and that they are actually right - would mean that the entire foundation of their profession (i.e. psychiatry) was built on a false assumption. It would mean that humanity's entire view of Reality and our place in the universe / multiverse would have to change... It is much easier to just attribute it all to 'mental illness' and sweep it under the rug and not have to think about it.

But I believe it is just a matter of time - as the number of people who experience it continues to increase - before the veil is completely lifted and the psychiatric community and the entire world learns - and must face - the truth.

That is one main reason why I write these journals. To document these coincidences that affect my life - with physical proof, i.e. pictures - so that others who are experiencing this can know that they are not alone and they are not "crazy". I also believe that those who experience this should not keep quiet about it or keep it "underground" so to speak, but should unite and tell the world that it is happening.

Because so many people are experiencing this is why 'The Truman Show' (post #129), 'The Matrix', 'Evan Almighty' (post #735 - a must read!), and the increasing number of Reality-questioning movies even exist. It is a "way" to "wake-up" the general population, but it is not enough, as evidenced by the following article. Those that experience it must also come forward - as a group - to prove it. They have to let the world know that it is not "just a movie" - that it is really happening.

NOTE: February 5, 2009 - Today I received an inspiring email that confirms my efforts have not been in vain. I will cut and paste her exact words:
"I am so grateful your journal was saved. It is incredibly important to those of us who see 11:11 and have awakened to the coincidences and God's messages. Your work is remarkable! I wish I had written my daily experiences with 11:11 from the beginning which was in early 1992. I thought I was going crazy and even avoided telling my husband at first. Now, he sees it, too... Your work is one reason I began to look at how God sends messages thru what seems like coincidences. I can't thank you enough."
Thank you!

I have found the article that was in our newspaper online so will post it here:

NEW YORK — One man showed up at a federal building, asking for release from the reality show he was sure was being made of his life. Another was convinced his every move was secretly being filmed for a TV contest. A third believed everything - the news, his psychiatrists, the drugs they prescribed - was part of a phony, stage-set world with him as the involuntary star, like the 1998 movie "The Truman Show."

Researchers have begun documenting what they dub the "Truman syndrome," a delusion afflicting people who are convinced that their lives are secretly playing out on a reality TV show. Scientists say the disorder underscores the influence pop culture can have on mental conditions. "The question is really: Is this just a new twist on an old paranoid or grandiose delusion ... or is there sort of a perfect storm of the culture we're in, in which fame holds such high value?" said Dr. Joel Gold, a psychiatrist affiliated with New York's Bellevue Hospital.

Within a two-year period, Gold said he encountered five patients with delusions related to reality TV. Several of them specifically mentioned "The Truman Show." Gold and his brother, a psychologist, started presenting their observations at medical schools in 2006. After word spread beyond medical circles this summer, they learned of about 50 more people with similar symptoms. The brothers are now working on a scholarly paper.

Meanwhile, researchers in London described a "Truman syndrome" patient in the British Journal of Psychiatry in August. The 26-year-old postman "had a sense the world was slightly unreal, as if he was the eponymous hero in the film," the researchers wrote.

The Oscar-nominated movie stars Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank. He leads a merrily uneventful life until he realizes his friends and family are actors, his seaside town is a TV soundstage and every moment of his life has been broadcast. His struggle to sort out reality and illusion is heartwarming, but researchers say it's often horrifying for "Truman syndrome" patients.

A few take pride in their imagined celebrity, but many are deeply upset at what feels like an Orwellian invasion of privacy. The man profiled in the British journal was diagnosed with schizophrenia and is unable to work. One of Gold's patients planned to commit suicide if he couldn't leave his supposed reality show.

Delusions can be a symptom of various psychiatric illnesses, as well as neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Some drugs also can make people delusional. It's not unusual for psychiatrists to see delusional patients who believe their relatives have been replaced by impostors or who think figures in their lives are taking on multiple disguises.

But "Truman" delusions are more sweeping, involving not just some associates but society at large, Gold said. Delusions tend to be classified by broad categories, such as the belief that one is being persecuted, but research has shown culture and technology can also affect them. Several recent studies have chronicled delusions entwined with the Internet such as a patient in Austria who believed she had become a walking webcam. Reality television may help such patients convince themselves their experiences are plausible, according to the Austrian woman's psychiatrists, writing in the journal Psychopathology in 2004.

Ian Gold, a philosophy and psychology professor at McGill University in Montreal who has researched the matter with his brother, suggests reality TV and the Web, with their ability to make strangers into intimates, may compound psychological pressure on people who have underlying problems dealing with others. That's not to say reality shows make healthy people delusional, "but, at the very least, it seems possible to me that people who would become ill are becoming ill quicker or in a different way," Ian Gold said.

Other researchers aren't convinced, but still find the "Truman syndrome" an interesting example of the connection between culture and mental health. Vaughan Bell, a psychologist who has researched Internet-related delusions, said one of his own former patients believed he was in the virtual-reality universe portrayed in the 1999 blockbuster "The Matrix.""I don't think that popular culture causes delusions," said Bell, who is affiliated with King's College London and the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. "But I do think that it is only possible to fully understand delusions and psychosis in light of our wider culture."

877) December 1, 2008

Today my odometer turned over to 140000 and there was a beautiful Jupiter-Venus-Moon conjuntion.


878) December 2, 2008

In today's newspaper, The Globe and Mail, there was an article about Britney Spears' new CD, Circus, with a very interesting picture.

I have always maintained (see Chapter 12) that many/most of the singer/songwriters are experiencers of this 11:11 Phenomenon, or some aspect connected to it, especially as it is related to GOD, and unbeknownst to the general public, that is what their music is actually about, and 'The Source' behind their troubled, "circus-like" lives. (A few perfect examples are Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.) I have accummulated a large file-folder of evidence over the past 10 years proving this belief. Perhaps someday I should write another chapter dealing soley with this topic.

So when I saw the picture in today's paper, the confirmation was jaw-dropping. Just study the details of this picture and see if you notice what I did:

If you haven't figured it out yet, here is a clue: Look at the book she is holding...

Is it not the BIBLE?

NOTE: In the picture above, notice the beam of sunlight that crossed the newspaper when I took the picture. It shines right across the Bible!

(Another major clue I found reading the article is that Max Martin is involved with this CD.)

879) December 9, 2008

It's nice to have witnesses every once-in-awhile...

Today my husband and I were watching TV. He was flicking through the channels and when he came to Meet The Barkers I told him that was the fellow who survived the recent plane crash. He stopped at that channel and at that precise moment the camera zoomed in on a close-up of an alarm clock showing the time 11:11! Barker's wife said, "It's 11:11 - Make a wish." I just looked at my husband and said, "See?"

880) December 9, 2008

I have been corresponding with this fellow writing the book on the Holy Grail, and we have been discussing many topics - one of which is Arcadia.

Today I was looking at video games for sale on the Internet and was surprised to see this one - Skies of Arcadia Legends. I ended up buying it just to see if I could find anything meaningful in it.

881) December 12, 2008

Today is the 10-year anniversary of my "awakening" - the day when my life was forever changed. I can hardly believe 10 years has passed by already. (See My 11:11 Story.)

882) December 21, 2008       Winter Solstice

This past fall, my grandmother who turned 100, came to live with us. She owned her house in Bear River for 75 years. (The house is well over 100.) This is the house where my father was born and raised, and also where I grew up.

Our bottom driveway was lined with huge - and I mean huge - old oak and maple trees, and my grandmother was always worried that one of these trees, or a branch from them, would fall on the house.

On December 21, Nova Scotia had a Winter Solstice storm with gale-force winds, snow, and freezing rain. The two oak trees at the top of the lane did not survive. They were ripped from their roots and came crashing to the ground. Fortunately for the new owners, the trees fell in the opposite direction of the house, but unfortunately, the power and telephone lines were ripped away from the house, and I don't believe they were repaired for a couple of weeks.

New Owner Standing By Fallen Oaks

I wondered if there was a message in this...

These mighty oaks were well over 100 years old. They had survived so many storms over the century, yet here on the Winter Solstice, they were destroyed. Why on the Winter Solstice? And why now? Was it a message pointing to the possible destruction - when the mighty shall fall - coming on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 - now only 4 years away?

Another interesting thought that came to my mind seeing the roots of these gigantic oak trees sticking in the air was the connection of the genealogy of Jesus Christ (Holy Grail connection) to the "root of Jesse."

I later learned that the new owners of the house have a son named... Jesse.

The Bible verses also having a connection to 111:

Isaiah 11:1
And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse,
and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

Isaiah 11:10
And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse,
which shall stand for an ensign of the people;
to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.

883) December 31, 2008       New Year's Eve

We had just finished watching the New Year's Eve celebrations on tv live from downtown Halifax. The broadcast was over and the production credits were rolling on the screen while the band was still playing in the background. I wanted to hear the band so I was still watching when one of the credits grabbed my attention... 11 Eleven Productions.

I have searched the Internet for any information about them but have not found anything.

884) January 6, 2009       111th



885) January 8, 2009       Comet Lulin

January 8, 2009

Fun With 'Paint'



"The comet makes its closest approach to Earth (0.41 AU) on Feb. 24, 2009. Current estimates peg the maximum brightness at 4th or 5th magnitude, which means dark country skies would be required to see it. No one can say for sure, however, because this appears to be Lulin's first visit to the inner solar system and its first exposure to intense sunlight. Surprises are possible."

"Feb. 24th: Closest approach! On this special morning, Lulin will lie just a few degrees from Saturn in the constellation LEO."

"On February 24 the comet will pass closest to Earth at about 38 million miles (61 million kilometers) and will reach its peak brightness and fastest apparent speed."

A couple of interesting personal syncs with the dates and numbers:

886) January 9, 2009

I have been getting a lot of "Seeing Is Believing" syncs lately...

Today I was looking at some items for sale on the Internet, and this caught my eye:


I think the "Casper, The Friendly Ghost" connection is also interesting:

887) January 10, 2009

On January 6, Nate emailed me and wanted to know if I had watched the tv show The Fringe. I have watched bits and pieces of the series but not on a regular basis. I had not seen it but found that it would be on again on the 10th on the Space Channel so made a note to try and remember to watch it.

The episode was In Which We Meet Mr. Jones which first aired on 11/11/2008: (Episode List)

I wasn't sure what Nate wanted me to notice, but at the first of the show there is big sign that says WEYMOUTH, Massachusetts. Near Weymouth, Nova Scotia (not too far from Digby) is where my husband is from and he graduated from Weymouth High School.

AND... coincidentally...

Before my father entered the Armed Forces, he earned his Education degree, and his very first teaching position was at... Weymouth High School.

But I didn't think Nate knew that so I kept watching closely...

Near the end of the show, Peter (Joshua Jackson) draws 11 vertical lines on the paper. As he is drawing them, I am wondering if he is going to draw | | | |   | | | | - especially since this episode first aired on 11/11 - but he did draw 11 lines:

NOTE: After this, I started watching the show.

On January 20 - Season 1 Episode 11 - (111) - Bound - I learned that there is a character named HARRIS.

That kind of took me aback when I first heard Olivia say "Harris." I sat up and said, "What did she just say?"

I have checked the episode overviews and this is Harris' first appearance on the show. (Funny just as I start to watch the show they would introduce a new character named Harris, and in Episode 11 at that.)

Episode Overview

NOTE #2:

I also learned that the character Mr. Jones (first appearance on 11/11/2008 episode In Which We Meet Mr. Jones, which is also the episode that Nate wanted me to watch, and afterwhich I started watching the show on a regular basis) is played by Jared HARRIS.

888) January 15, 2009       Miracle On The Hudson



Drawing by Rex Babin - Sent to me by Barbi



Wingspan = 111'

Last 2 lines of Flight 1549 Transcript:
(Controller L116 speaking to a different airplane.)


889) January 19, 2009

Today Nate turned 72. Happy Birthday, Nate!

As Nate reminded me, 72 is an interesting number:

890) January 20, 2009       44th


Obama's Inaugural Speech Transcript:

"...That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age. Homes have been lost; jobs shed; businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly; our schools fail too many; and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet...

...For everywhere we look, there is work to be done. The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act -- not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth. We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its cost. We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age. All this we can do. And all this we will do..."

The United States just convened their 111th Congress, and now their 44th President has been sworn in.

111 and 44 are two of the most significant numbers associated with the 11:11 Phenomenon. (See Chapter 13 - 11:11.)

Interesting times ahead...

891) January 23, 2009

A funny "coincidence"...

Nate is someone who I correspond often with and who has been a tremendous source of information and support. His real name is William (Bill) but he goes by his middle name, Nathan, Nate.

The gentleman's name who I have recently been corresponding with concerning the Holy Grail and many other topics, is also Bill.

They have been syncing with some things they are writing to me about so I recently told them about each other.

Checking my emails...

On January 15th I sent this to Bill: "Actually, I just thought of a connection between you and Nate... Nate's real first name is William (sometimes calls himself Bill) and his middle name is Nathan, so you guys have the same first name!"

On January 20th I sent Nate an email and mentioned this other fellow. I said, "His name is Bill too :)"

Today this comic was in our newspaper:

Frank & Ernest © Bob Thaves

892) January 28, 2009

On January 26, Nate sent me an email with a link to his writings about his recent "seeings." At the very top was this license plate:

On January 28, this article was in our newspaper. Of course the 2 - 222,222's caught my attention:

The $222,222 figure was obtained by dividing $80,000,000 by 360 - again the number connected with a circle / with a cycle. 8 is also connected to a cycle.

893) January 29, 2009       117

Today I happened to be flicking channels and came to an older program called First Wave. I had seen bits and pieces of it before, but I had never watched the series so didn't know what the program was about. But for some reason, today I decided to stop and watch it.

The episode was called The Plan:

When I started watching it, they were arguing over whether or not Foster was "The Chosen One." That caught my attention. Some believed he was and some didn't. (At the end of the show the one who didn't believe it ended up believing it.) Awhile later, Foster is going to kill Mabus (from Nostradamus) and Mabus says to him, "Make your choice 117." That really caught my attention!

"117? Why did he call him that?" I asked myself. So I researched the show: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Wave_(TV_series):

894) January 30, 2009

Our next-door neighbours recently put their house on the market:

I noticed that the number - 4113 - is 3114 backwards. 3114 BC is a very important date connected to the 11:11 Phenomenon and the "End Times":

Please read my Chapter 13 - 11:11 for further information, and www.crystalinks.com/mayancalendar.html to learn more about the Mayan Calendar and this 3114 BC date.

895) January 30, 2009

Today Nate told me about a new movie coming out March 20th and sent me links to watch the trailers. This looks like it is going to be a very interesting movie!

It's all about numbers and (not) coincidence - so exactly right up my alley. Surely this movie will get a lot of people talking.

If you don't already know about this movie, then hang on to your seat and watch the trailer. Click on the following link:

TRAILER and Official Website

As I have been saying all along... the 11:11 Phenomenon - the numbers and coincidencs - are a WARNING. (See Chapter 13 - 11:11.)

As I was searching around the movie's official website, I captured this screen print, confirming my belief:

896) January 31 & February 1, 2009

On January 31 I happened to come across a movie on tv that I have been wanting to see for a long time.

I am a very big fan of the series Stargate SG-1 but I have never seen the movie Continuum. Tonight it was on the Space Channel.

One moment that really stuck with me was when Daniel Jackson phoned himself (from another time-line) and told himself that he was right about the Pyramids and that he had to have more faith in himself.

This made me think of own discovery concerning the Pyramids...

Using a box concept to develop my 'Map of the Mind' (which, taken to its points of infinity, is also a map of God's Mind, and a map showing 'The Way'), and connecting that box concept to the constellation of Orion, and using Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock's theory of the stars of Orion's Belt correlating to the Giza Pyramids, and superimposing my map on the Giza Plateau, I have come up with the possible location of the Hall of Records. It was a very complicated process (as you can probably tell by my just trying to summarize it) and it required a series of "revelations" each built upon the previous, in order for me to finally discover the Hall of Records' possible location. (See Chapter 14 - Orion.)

The funny thing is, the very next morning when I turned on the television, the movie Stargate Continuum was playing on the Space Channel again, and at the precise moment when I turned it on, it was at exactly this part of the movie when Daniel Jackson phoned himself and told himself that he was right about the Pyramids and had to have more faith in himself.

Is "Someone" trying to tell me that I am right about the location of the Hall of Records???

897) February 1, 2009

Today I learned something very interesting that I did not know...

The gentleman writing the book about the Holy Grail that I recently began corresponding with, Bill, has been researching our genealogy and he asked me if I was related to a certain 'Harris' family from the Digby area.

He told me that Thomas Alva Edison's father was born in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia. You might as well say Digby.

What? You mean to tell me that Thomas Edison's father was born right here in Digby and no one ever bothered to mention that while we were studying Thomas Edison in school???

I did a little research online and found this:

The Edisons were mill owners in Holland for many generations. In the early 18th Century, Thomas Edison, great great grandfather of Thomas Alva Edison, came to New York City and set up a bank. His son John became a major in the British Army. He and his family - as Loyalists - came to Marshalltown, Nova Scotia during the Revolution.

Thomas Edison's father, Samuel Edison Jr. and Samuel's two brothers, Thomas and Henry, were all born in Marshalltown. The two brothers married two sisters, Caroline and Mary Anne Harris also from the Digby area.

I did not know if I was related to these Harris'. I had only gone a little ways back on the Harris side to my great grandfather, Rupert A. Harris. At that point I was interested in the Mullen branch as Rupert married Alva E. Mullen (because I married a Mullen and I was interested in seeing if I was related to him - which I am - see My Genealogy Chart.)

Fortunately, my uncle had done some research on our Harris side, so I contacted him and he sent me his information.

With this information I still cannot tell if I am related to these Harris' but I am still researching it. At least I now know my Harris side of the family which I didn't know before.

Nate made the connection of Thomas Edison and the light bulb to my "seeing the light."

This in turn led to another interesting learning experience for me...

Bill told me that Thomas Edison did NOT invent the light bulb. In fact, it was Bill's great great uncle who invented it and Thomas Edison bought the patent from him and perfected the light bulb.

Very interesting connections!!!

898) February 3 & 4, 2009

Just an funny sync to document...

On February 3, I watched the Fringe episode Transformation:

Episode Overview
"Flight 718 reaches cruising height and a man is writing down notes when his nose starts bleeding. He goes to the lavatory and checks himself, then swabs his mouth and tests it. The test liquid turns red. He goes to a flight attendant and says he needs to talk to her immediately. She takes him to the back and explains that something is happening to him he doesn't have time or permission to explain. He asks her to gather tranquilizers from the passengers or everyone is in danger He starts bleeding again and asks them what weapons they have. They tell him they have a taser but he says it will only piss himself off. The man says he's locking himself in the lavatory and to keep him in there. The man goes back into the lavatory and checks himself again. His teeth start to fall out and he screams. The flight attendant and passengers hear him screaming as he collapses to the floor and spines start emerging from his back. He smashes out, transformed into a huge beast, and starts attacking the passengers."

The point is that I thought he looked like a giant porcupine.

When I saw that I thought to myself, "I bet that I am going to see another porcupine soon."

Sure enough, the very next morning when I was reading the comics in the newspaper, there was my porcupine:

B.C. © Johnny Hart

899) February 9, 2009       The Secret's Out.

I am always talking about how modern-day popular music is mostly always "secretly" connected - in some way - to God / Jesus, unbeknownst to 99% of the general public. (Case in point, see my recent post #878 above.)

Here is another confirmation of that belief...

Last night before the Grammy Awards were on, I happened to catch 60 Minutes already in progress. At the time that I started watching it, the segment happened to be an interview with Coldplay's Chris Martin so I watched it. (Fortunately, I was able to find the program video on the Internet today, so you can watch it for yourself as long as it is available: Interview Video.)

The segment was entitled, The Mystery of Coldplay. I thought, "That is interesting. I bet he won't, but I wonder if he will actually reveal any mystery," and I watched the program with eagle eyes.

If you watch the video, listen to the conversation at 3:33 (very interesting time):

Steve Kroft: Your very first album you had a world-wide hit in Yellow. Ummm...
Chris Martin: What's it about? I don't know.
Steve: You don't know?
Chris: Absolutely no idea. I still think about it every day... But I still can't quite work out what's it's about.

So tell me... How can you write a song and not have any idea - no clue whatsoever - what it's about?

How can you write a song specifically FOR someone (see following lyrics) and not know who you are writing it for?


Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah they were all yellow.

I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
And it was called Yellow.

Sorry... I just don't buy that.

But it got better...

Later in the interview (7:50), Chris is showing Steve around the studio. Steve says, "Chris is a compulsive worrier and list maker." Chris points out a list on the wall of the band's "Rules" for writing a song. He then says, "Look at #6 - Not many interviews." But I immediately noticed something else about #6. (Steve did too but he didn't question him further on it. What a missed opportunity, especially since the title of this 60 Minutes documentary was 'The Mystery of Coldplay'.)



Now what does that mean and why is that so important that it would constitute a "Rule"?

#1 - What is this mystery? And #2 - Why is it so important to keep it?

So, Chris, do you really have "absolutely no idea" what the song YOU wrote is about, or are you just "keeping the mystery" RULE?

(I think you have already answered that question.)

Does this not provide real physical evidence to confirm what I have been saying???

Another confirmation???

As I was writing up this post, I searched the Internet for the lyrics to Yellow. I typed 'coldplay yellow lyrics' in Google and chose the very first one at the top of the list:

These are the words that appeared before my eyes when I opened the link:   THE SECRET'S OUT.

Just to add another interesting sync...

When 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Kroft was introducing the Coldplay segment, he said:

"In the midst of a deep recession and a music industry fighting for survival, the group's 4th straight multi-platinum album - Viva La Vida - has sold an astounding 7 million copies and snagged 7 nominations for tonight's Grammy Awards, including 'Best Album', 'Best Song', and 'Best Record'. Its current world tour is virutally sold out."

The lyrics site that came back first on my Google search 'coldplay yellow lyrics' above was www.lyrics007.com.

Also, 60 Minutes is the show that has the stop watch ticking and counting down at the beginning of the show, between segments, and at the end.

This connects to the "time running out" and "end of time" theme.

900) February 10, 2009

Tonight's episode of Fringe - ABILITY - was very interesting.


This picture was taken of a manuscript/manifesto that they find and read from a few times during the show. Here are a couple of the passages that they read. Peter reads this one to Olivia:

The advance of the science, which is supposed to expand our knowledge of the universe, will, if not carefully controlled, destroy the world as we know it... Our technological ambitions have not only driven us to the brink of catastophe - the catastophe has already begun. What will The Apocalypse look like? The answer, to use a term that is generally understood, but the specifics of which you cannot imagine, but which this document will attempt to describe, is warfare.

Peter's father, Walter, later reads this passage: (At the end of the show we find out that Walter is the one who actually wrote the manuscript but just realizes it.)

We think we understand Reality, but our universe is only one of many. The unknown truth is that the way to travel between them has already been discovered. By beings much like us but whose history is slightly ahead of our own. The negative aspects of such visitations will be irreversible both to our world and to theirs. It will begin with a series of unnatural occurrences, difficult to notice at first, but growing, not unlike a cancer, until a simple fact becomes undeniable: Only one world will survive. It will be either us or them.

I include these just to show that this is yet another program dealing with the nature of Reality and the fact that it is not what we believe it to be, and that there are outside intelligent forces affecting and influencing our Reality. (All the movies / shows I have discussed are about their own scenarios of what Reality is, who/what these outside intelligent forces are, and their supposed intentions.)

In order to save hundreds of people's lives, Olivia must pass a test prepared by Mr. Jones (Jared HARRIS). She must use her mental ability (hence the title of the episode Ability) to turn out light bulbs (connecting to my recent Thomas Edison post #897) on a light board. She does not believe she can do it, and believes it is only a "Mind Game". Mr. Jones tells her something which immediately reminded me of something I recently wrote about in post #896 when, in the movie Stargate Continuum, Daniel Jackson tells himself (from another time-line) that he has to have more FAITH in himself:

"But I have one thing, Miss Dunham, that you do not. I have FAITH in you."

Olivia tries and successfully turns out the lights using her mind, just in the nick of time just as the countdown is ending, disarming the bomb and preventing a major catastophe.

901) February 13, 2009


Last night at 10:20 pm ET, Flight 3407 tragically crashed killing all 49 on board and 1 on the ground. The flight was en route from Newark, New Jersey, to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, when it crashed in Clarence Center, just short of reaching its final destination.

I have cited many examples in these last 900 posts where sometimes when there is a tragedy, my name Harris or Mullen, or some variation of it, seems to somehow be connected. This has happened once again.

If you notice in the picture above, between where the plane crashed in Clarence Center and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport are two places - Williamsville and Harris Hill.

Both of these names have connections to several posts I have just written about.


Susan Wehle
A person who knew the 55-year-old cantor of Temple Beth Am in Williamsville, New York, described her as "a very, very spiritual person." "She just glowed with excitement and energy when she talked about her spirit and the spirit of religion that lives within her.

She expressed that in so many ways," synagogue administrator Richard Ellis said. Ellis had been planning to drive to the airport to pick up Wehle when she arrived in Buffalo on Thursday. But instead of getting a text message from her at the Buffalo airport, he saw the news that a plane from Newark, New Jersey, had crashed.

Before Wehle joined the Temple Beth Am, she was a cantorial soloist at Temple Sinai in Amherst, New York. Wehle taught music workshops, conducted choirs and performed in concerts and with theater companies, according to a biography on the temple Web site. She released a CD called "Songs of Hope and Healing."

She is survived by two sons, one in Israel and another in Vermont.

Ellis said Wehle, who lived in Amherst, was well known across the religious spectrum through her interfaith work. People were shocked to hear about Wehle, he said. "She's going to be so missed by the whole community, not just the Jewish community," Ellis said. "She was loved by everyone."

902) February 14, 2009

Today I received an email notification from Myspace telling me that I had a new message. So I logged onto Myspace to see what I had received. (It was a Valentine's message - thanks Jillian!)

The first thing I noticed when I logged onto my account was the number 1,111. It was the number of times my profile had been viewed.

It was as if THE SOURCE of 11:11 was saying, "Hello, Juli!" (And on Valentine's Day too. :)

903) February 15, 2009

I received another 11:11 "Hi" on February 14th...

This morning when I checked my emails I saw that my aunt had written to me last night. They are in Florida right now and they had just returned home from supper out with friends that they met at the complex they are staying at. They ended up sitting at a table with friends of these friends, and the conversation was filled with "it's a small world" "coincidences". For example, "Where are you from?" "Nova Scotia." "Where in Nova Scotia?" "Weymouth." That is where my husband is from (see post #887 above) and near Digby/Bear River where I - and my uncle - grew up. Because of all these "coincidences" she excitedly wrote to tell me about them as soon as they got back to their complex.

And what a "coincidence" that, unbeknownst to her, she sent this email at 11:11 (my time)!

Not only did she "coincidentally" write to me at exactly 11:11, but the entire email was all about "coincidences." Double whammy! Once again providing amazing, visible, physical, documented proof that 11:11 and "coincidence" are undeniably connected.

904) February 15, 2009



905) February 20, 2009       Connecting the dots...

So today I am flicking through the channels and I come to a movie that I recognize but that I haven't seen. It is Birth with Nicole Kidman.

When I see the boy I say to myself, "Isn't that the boy who played Orlin on Stargate SG-1?"

So I check the program guide to see who he is, and find his name is Cameron Bright. I then go to my computer and do a search on 'Cameron Birth Stargate.' Sure enough...

Fourth Horseman... Like of 'The Apocalypse'? Isn't that what the 'End Times' are about? And aren't the 'End Times' what 11:11 is about? (The answer is "Yes"... See Chapter 13 - 11:11.)


So then I do another search on Cameron and find his 'Filmography'... Look what is at the top of the list!


imdb image

906) February 20, 2009

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US space agency's Fermi telescope has detected a massive explosion in space which scientists say is the biggest gamma-ray burst ever detected, a report published Thursday in Science Express said.

The spectacular blast, which occurred in September in the Carina constellation, produced energies ranging from 3,000 to more than five billion times that of visible light, astrophysicists said.

"Visible light has an energy range of between two and three electron volts and these were in the millions to billions of electron volts," astrophysicist Frank Reddy of US space agency NASA told AFP. "If you think about it in terms of energy, X-rays are more energetic because they penetrate matter. These things don't stop for anything -- they just bore through and that's why we can see them from enormous distances," Reddy said.

A team led by Jochen Greiner of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics determined that the huge gamma-ray burst occurred 12.2 billion light years away. The sun is eight light minutes from Earth, and Pluto is 12 light hours away. Taking into account the huge distance from earth of the burst, scientists worked out that the blast was stronger than 9,000 supernovae -- powerful explosions that occur at the end of a star's lifetime -- and that the gas jets emitting the initial gamma rays moved at nearly the speed of light. "This burst's tremendous power and speed make it the most extreme recorded to date," a statement issued by the US Department of Energy said.

Gamma-ray bursts are the universe's most luminous explosions, which astronomers believe occur when massive stars run out of nuclear fuel and collapse. Long bursts, which last more than two seconds, occur in massive stars that are undergoing collapse, while short bursts lasting less than two seconds occur in smaller stars. In short gamma-ray bursts, stars simply explode and form supernovae, but in long bursts, the enormous bulk of the star leads its core to collapse and form a blackhole, into which the rest of the star falls. As the star's core collapses into the black hole, jets of material blast outward, boring through the collapsing star and continuing into space where they interact with gas previously shed by the star, generating bright afterglows that fade with time. "It's thought that something involved in spinning up and collapsing into that blackhole in the center is what drives these jets. No one really has figured that out. The jets rip through the star and the supernova follows after the jets," Reddy said. Studying gamma-ray bursts allows scientists to "sample an individual star at a distance where we can't even see galaxies clearly," Reddy said.

Observing the massive explosions could also lift the veil on more of space's enigmas, including those raised by the burst spotted by Fermi, such as a "curious time delay" between its highest and lowest energy emissions. Such a time lag has been seen in only one earlier burst, and "may mean that the highest-energy emissions are coming from different parts of the jet or created through a different mechanism," said Stanford University physicist Peter Michelson, the chief investigator on Fermi's large area telescope. "Burst emissions at these energies are still poorly understood, and Fermi is giving us the tools to understand them. In a few years, we'll have a fairly good sample of bursts and may have some answers," Michelson said.

The Fermi telescope and NASA's Swift satellite detect "in the order of 1,000 gamma-ray bursts a year, or a burst every 100,000 years in a given galaxy," said Reddy. Astrophysicists estimate there are hundreds of billions of galaxies. The Fermi gamma-ray space telescope was developed by NASA in collaboration with the US Department of Energy and partners including academic institutions in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the United States.

907) February 21, 2009       "'Astonishing' Increase"

Entire Article

908) February 21, 2009

A series of syncs have just occurred which I believe are significant. I'm not sure why yet, but whenever this happens, I know it is important...

It started a few days ago...

There is definitely something going on here... I am sure this is not the end of the syncs.

NOTE: As suspected, this was indeed not the end of the syncs... See post #916.

909) February 22, 2009

As my sons are home from university this week, there have been a lot of sports on televison. I was watching the basketball game on tv with them and as the end of the game drew nearer, I had a funny feeling the final score might be 111 so I grabbed my camera to capture the moment:

910) February 23, 2009       "The Bathurst High Phantoms proved miracles can happen."

Speaking of basketball...

Remember post #730 of January 13, 2008?

911) February 23, 2009

Received this email bulletin today from spaceweather.com:

Space Weather News for Feb. 23, 2009

COSMIC COINCIDENCE: What are the odds? On Tuesday, Feb. 24th, Saturn and Comet Lulin will converge in the constellation Leo only 2 degrees apart. At the same time, Comet Lulin will be making its closest approach to Earth--the comet at its best!-- while four of Saturn's moons transit the disk of the ringed planet in view of backyard telescopes. Oh, and the Moon will be New, providing dark skies for anyone who wishes to see the show.

The best time to look is around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning (your local time) when the planet-comet combo ascend high in the southern sky. To the unaided eye, Comet Lulin looks like a faint patch of gas floating next to golden Saturn. Point your backyard telescope at that patch and you will see a lovely green comet with a double tail.

Visit http://spaceweather.com for full coverage including photos, sky maps, and a live webcast.

Geographic Notes: Comet Lulin is visible from all parts of the globe--all longitudes and both hemispheres. Directions are reversed in the southern hemisphere; there the comet is located in the northern sky around 1 am. Saturn is globally visible, too, but the special quadruple transit of Saturn's moons starting around 3 a.m. PST on Feb. 24th is visible only to observers around the Pacific Rim. Details may be found here: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/19feb_quadrupletransit.htm

For some "Cosmic Coincidences" that I discovered read my Chapter 14.

912) February 24, 2009

While watching another Raptors basketball game with my sons, I happened to notice an 11-11 advertisement:

pizza pizza   967-11-11

This reminded me of another similiar 11:11 advertisement at a sporting event - except this one was much better - that I saw recently posted on an 11-11 forum by Shary:

913) February 25, 2009

Wizard Of Id © Parker & Hart

914) February 26, 2009      515 still alive and kicking...

Today Nate sent me a news article:

February 25, 2009

Two killed in shooting
One person held on homicide


THE DALLES, Ore. -- Authorities have released the names of two people shot to death early Wednesday morning in west The Dalles. Patricia Hong and her son, Randy Hong, of 1111 Chinook Street, The Dalles, were found dead at the scene. According to information previously published in The Dalles Chronicle, Patricia Hong is the wife of Kent Hong of the same address and they have another adult son.

Their neighbor, Roark David Smith, 53, 1112 Chinook, was arrested without incident at his residence, according the Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley. He is being held without bail on two counts of criminal homicide, but has not been formally charged. Smith is scheduled to appear before the Wasco County circuit court at 1 p.m. Thursday.

Investigation continued at the scene this morning. Police barricades surrounded the street and a beige Ford Explorer with its lights on covered with a brown tarp sat in the middle of the barricades and police tape, while two yellow tarps lay in the street behind it.

The shooting was reported through 9-1-1 at about 5:15 a.m. ...

915) February 27, 2009      Eye Of God

Telescope Captures 'Eye of God' in Space

Source: AOL.com
Posted: 02/27/09 8:30AM
Filed Under: Science & Tech

(AOL) - Astronomers have taken a spectacular photo of a "cosmic eye" peering down from space.

The object, nicknamed the "Eye of God," is the Helix planetary nebula, a giant shell of gas given off by a dying star, according to The Times of London. The nebula lies 700 light years away in the constellation Aquarius.

Its brilliant colors are created as gas released from the star's surface burst out and are illuminated by ultraviolet light, according to The Register, an online technical publication.

The image was captured with a giant telescope at the European Southern Observatory in La Silla, Chile.

Although the Helix is one of the closest planetary nebulae to Earth, it is difficult to spot because its light fans over a wide area.

German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding was the first scientist to record the Helix nebula, including it on a list of objects in 1824. Earlier photographs showed its shape resembling a corkscrew, which inspired the name Helix.

Psalm 32:8
I will instruct thee and teach thee in THE WAY which thou shalt go:
I will guide thee with mine EYE.

View entire Slideshow Presentation here.

916) March 2, 2009

The syncs which I started posting about in #908 have continued with amazing intensity.

These syncs started with us booking a cruise stopping at Belize and then learning the Crystal Skull was found in Belize.

From what I can ascertain, as you will "see" - and if you "connect the dots" as I have - it appears that - once again - this is all connecting to the Mayans and THE END of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 2012.

Also remember that back in November of 2000, through another amazing series of syncs/clues that guided me along, I discovered that 11:11 was connected to THE END of the Mayan Calendar and to December 21, 2012. (Read my Chapter - 11:11.)

Belize and Crystal Skull connect to Mayans... Maia connects to Maya... Maia connects to Pleiades...
Pleiades connect to Mayans... Pleiades & Mayans connect to Mayan Calendar...
Mayan Calendar connects to December 21, 2012 (

Chapter - 11:11

917) March 3, 2009      "Surprises are possible."

First go back and reread my January 8th post #885...

I had a funny feeling that somehow Comet Lulin was going to be connected to all this:

At the exact time that all the syncs described in the above post were happening to me, Comet Lulin was passing Regulus in the constellation of LEO.

And the previous connecting syncs that I wrote about in post #908 happened just as Comet Lulin was approaching its closest distance to Earth.

By reading my post #885 you can probably tell I was expecting "something" to happen - and it did.

918) March 4, 2009

Another 515 - MAY 15 sync...

Our local news station started a contest this week (March 2 - 20). You have to watch the show to get the daily "clue" and then you can submit an online entry. Today I was watching when the clue was shown so I entered the contest. One of the fields you needed to fill in was your CAA Membership # so I got out my wallet and found my CAA card.

The first thing I noticed was the expiry date: MAY 15


919) March 5, 2009

Another 515 - MAY 15 sync...

I forgot to post about this, so I'll post it now...

When the boys were home last week for study break (February 21-28), I was showing them the movie trailer for the upcoming must-see movie, KNOWING (see post #895).

Tyler showed my a site where you can watch all kinds of movie trailers (www.apple.com/trailers) so we started watching some of them.

Of course, Angels & Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, caught my eye.

Look when it opens in theaters: MAY 15

(May 15 is also Tyler's birthday.)


920) March 6, 2009       Tsunami Déjà Vu

Ok... This is going to be a very long and complicated post, but a VERY important one, so please BEAR with me...

Last night something happened which has inspired me to write this post. The very same thing happened 5 years ago and is the reason why I started writing this Chapter 18 (Chapter 18-1).

(Wow. I just noticed right now that I started this chapter back on MARCH 12, 2004 and today is MARCH 6, 2009 so it is almost EXACTLY 5 years ago.)

Back then, a series of coincidences/syncs/clues happened which caused me to believe that "something" was going to happen. Many of these syncs were connected to the word PALM. I did not know what the clues were pointing to until one day - by chance - I turned on the television to a program about TSUNAMIS. (This was post #6 February 15, 2004. The program was 'Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction'.)

I was busy in the kitchen at the time and too busy to watch it, but for some reason, I still kept the television turned on that channel. Suddenly from the kitchen I heard the word La PALMA. That kind of shocked me - and I immediately dropped what I was doing and sat down and watched the program because I just knew it was connected. I immediately wondered if all these PALM clues were pointing to the possibility that the La PALMA Cumbre Vieja mega-tsunami was going to happen.

Here is how I started this Chapter 18 back in 2004:

March 12, 2004 
In this chapter I am going to discuss a series of "coincidences" that have occurred over the past month and a half that lead me to believe that the La Palma Tsunami is going to occur in the near future. If you have never heard of this event please read on. Before a month ago, I had never heard of it either.
As I have stated many times in this paper, there is no such thing as "coincidence". Coincidence is not the random happening of synchronistic events. They are clues given to us by a higher power (God) to be followed as if we were a detective figuring out a mystery, or another analogy is, they are dots given to us to connect in order to see the big picture.
This is how I have figured out most of the information in this paper. By following the clues given to me.
In this chapter I am going to try to describe all these clues that have been given to me over the past month and a half which have led me to this conclusion regarding the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami. Actually, the clues are still coming. In fact, just this morning one of the most significant of all occurred which has convinced me that I am supposed to write this information up and add it to my paper.
Even if nothing happens, then at least more people may be aware of this potential impending catastrophe by reading this chapter. Like I said, I had never heard of it before and apparently I am not the only one. According to Gwynne Dyer, Syndicated Columnist, the majority of the people who could be most affected by this disaster are unaware as well.

Tsunami syncs then continued with intensity, and I also started getting many MAY 15 syncs which led me to believe that this mega-tsunami might occur on May 15.

It did not happen on May 15 but the syncs continued.

Then on December 26 the Indonesian mega-tsunami happened. It killed almost 250,000 people.

I started this Chapter 18 because I felt I was being given "clues" that a mega-tsunami was going to happen. And it did.

Well... The same thing has happened again, and it is starting to feel like Déjà Vu...

Once again, I am going to say that I do not KNOW if anything is going to happen or not.

But last time I felt it was - and it did. And now the same pattern seems to be happening again.

So, like last time, I am going to document the list of syncs/clues that have happened to me over the last while and explain my interpretation of the information that is being given to me - my "connecting of the dots."

As I said at the beginning of this post, something happened last night to inspire me to do this. I will now explain what...

This has been an intense month of overwhelming syncs. In the past few posts I have explained some of them, including the Belize and Crystal Skull syncs (post #908) and then the connecting Maia / Maya syncs (post #916) and the increasing MAY 15 syncs.

Well... During this same time period another set of amazing syncs has been happening that I have not yet talked about here, quite frankly because I could not figure out where they were leading. But over the last week, I started to begin to wonder if they weren't again leading to another tsunami. I was starting to get the same feeling that I had 5 years ago when I started getting all the overwhelming syncs connecting to Tsunami. It seemed like the same thing was happening again.

In fact, just yesterday, because I had finally concluded that these "clues" might again be pointing to Tsunami, I decided I would sit down, go through all my notes and emails, and compile a list of all these syncs and dates, just in case the clues continued to go in this direction, so that I could start documenting them here.

I had JUST completed this list - at around 8:15 last night - when I turned on the television...

Remember how last time I did not know where the clues were leading until - just by chance - I turned on the television to the program about tsunamis called 'Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction'?

Well... The EXACT same thing happened again last night.

I had just finished my list of syncs I thought might be pointing to Tsunami when I turned on the tv. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a program on about TSUNAMIS!

Seriously... It was just like Déjà Vu.

'SHOCK Wave' is right. This really "shocked" me. It was definitely an OMG moment.


'SHOCK WAVE' TRAILER: www.cbc.ca/documentaries/docplayer_doczone.html?id=1050057521
(Choose 'Shock Wave: Doc Zone')

'SHOCK WAVE' ENTIRE SHOW: www.cbc.ca/documentaries/docplayer_doczone.html?id=1051128387
(Only available from within Canada?)

Ok... Now I am going to document the list of syncs/clues that I finished compiling last night (just minutes before I turned on the television to the program on Tsunamis) that have been happening over the past month or so that have led me to believe another tsunami may possibly happen in the near future.

I am going to document them by date - as they happened - so they may be confusing to read and to understand the connections as you are reading along.

So, as I said earlier, please BEAR with me.

(NOTE: That was a clue... Many of these syncs have to do with BEARS.)


While I was watching this program, two words caught my attention:

One was CASCADIA (Cascadia Subduction Zone). It made me think of a possible connection to ARCADIA.

Another word was the name of one of the coastal communities: UCLUELET, British Columbia... U-CLUE-LET

I am not saying that a tsunami is positively going to happen. All I know is that the last time these syncs started happening pointing to a mega-tsunami, it did happen.

Granted, I did not get the date right, or even the location of the tsunami, but a mega-tsunami did happen - that very same year.

Whether another tsunami happens in the near future - whether it happens on May 15 or December 9 - whether it is the La Palma Cumbre Vieja one or the Cascadian one (which is what this last documentary 'Shock Wave' was about) - or none of the above - I do not know.

But the message is the same as last time: Just in case... Be aware, be prepared, and have some kind of emergency plan of action organized and practiced.

In fact, this is exactly what this documentary 'Shock Wave' was about too.

It was about the lessons learned from the 2004 Sumatra tsunami - the lessons learned of the benefits of being aware and being prepared vs the disastrous consequences of not being aware and prepared. You can't stop a tsunami from happening, but you can be more prepared than not in the event that one does occur.

It was about the coastal communities' citizens getting together and having meetings and creating emergency plans and practicing emergency drills in case an earthquake happened and a tsunami was eminent.

Comments were made that on one Indonesian island where the 2004 tsunami hit, not one person was killed because it had been passed down from generation to generation that if there ever was an earthquake to immediately head for the high ground as a tsunami was probably going to follow.

Another example was given that a 10-year-old girl staying with her family at an Indonesian hotel had just learned about tsunamis in school so when she saw the water recede from the beach, she knew what was going to happen while many other onlookers just stared in amazement at the phenomenon having no idea of the impending catastrophe. Because of her efforts, the beach was cleared and all the people were safely harboured in the hotel when the tsunami wave hit. Not one person from that hotel was killed because of this 10-year-old girl who was aware.

"Shock Wave is not just another "doomsday flick." It's the story of people on the front lines of science, engineering and emergency planning who, along with thousands of volunteers, are finding ways to help our communities survive the next rupture."

"If you have an aware community, you can all survive."

"It doesn't have to be such a disaster. It's only a disaster if we don't do something."

921) March 7, 2009

Nate reminded me that the movie WATCHMEN just opened yesterday - the day I wrote the above post.


Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice;
with the voice together shall they sing:
for they shall see eye to eye,
when the LORD shall bring again Zion.

View entire Slideshow Presentation here.

(I noticed when I uploaded the above Watchmen poster it was 347 x 515.)

922) March 8, 2009

If you will recall, some of the syncs in the above post #920 involved 'HOPE'.

My reader friend, Debbie, sent me this interesting HOPE and 515 connection:

ROMANS 5:1-5

1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

2 By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand,
and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also:
knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

4 And patience, experience; and experience, hope:

5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed
abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

923) March 8, 2009

While watching the news today, we heard the tragic news that another Canadian soldier had been killed in Afghanistan.

The announcer said, "This brings the total to 112."

112? This means that the 3 soldiers killed last Tuesday (March 3) brought the total to 111:

Not only was the 111th soldier killed born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but this is exactly where we were living back in 2000 when I discovered the meaning of the '11:11 Phenomenon' (Chapter 13 - 11:11), and the connection of my 'Mind Theory' to the constellation of Orion and the Pyramids in Egypt, including the possible location of the 'Hall of Records' (Chapter 14 - ORION).

924) March 9, 2009

Speaking of earthquakes...

I read in this morning's newspaper that we had a small earthquake here in New Brunswick yesterday morning.

USGS recorded it as occurring at 5:16:05 am local time - mere seconds after the 5:15 timeframe - so it was certainly happening (at least beginning) during 5:15 as well.

So... Is this another "clue" pointing to a possible earthquake / tsunami on 5/15? (I also notice that it is 11:11 as I am writing this.)

925) March 9, 2009

Again speaking of earthquakes...

These past few days I have been playing around with timeanddate.com trying to see if anything might catch my eye.

I did a Google search on 'tsunami May 15' and the third site listed was about the most powerful earthquake ever recorded - a magnitude 9.5 - which happened in Chile on May 22, 1960.

This earthquake also created several mega-tsunamis and many people were killed.

The first wave was reported to be 8m (26') high and the second wave 10m (33') high.

Severe damage from shaking occurred in the Valdivia-Puerto Montt area. Most of the casualties and much of the damage was because of large tsunamis which caused damage along the coast of Chile from Lebu to Puerto Aisen and in many areas of the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Saavedra was completely destroyed by waves which reached heights of 11.5 m (38 ft) and carried remains of houses inland as much as 3 km (2 mi). Wave heights of 8 m (26 ft) caused much damage at Corral. Tsunamis caused 61 deaths and severe damage in Hawaii, mostly at Hilo, where the runup height reached 10.6 m (35 ft). Waves as high as 5.5 m (18 ft) struck northern Honshu about 1 day after the quake, where it destroyed more than 1600 homes and left 185 people dead or missing. Another 32 people were dead or missing in the Philippines after the tsunami hit those islands. Damage also occurred on Easter Island, in the Samoa Islands and in California. One to 1.5 m (3-5 ft) of subsidence occurred along the Chilean coast from the south end of the Arauco Peninsula to Quellon on Chiloe Island. As much as 3 m (10 ft) of uplift occurred on Isla Guafo. Many landslides occurred in the Chilean Lake District from Lago Villarica to Lago Todos los Santos. On May 24, Volcan Puyehue erupted, sending ash and steam as high as 6,000 m. The eruption continued for several weeks. This quake was preceded by 4 foreshocks bigger than magnitude 7.0, including a magnitude 7.9 on May 21 that caused severe damage in the Concepcion area. Many aftershocks occurred, with 5 of magnitude 7.0 or greater through Nov 1. This is the largest earthquake of the 20th Century. The rupture zone is estimated to be about 1000 km long, from Lebu to Puerto Aisen. Note that the tsunami deaths from outside Chile are included in the 1,655 total. This is still considerably fewer than some estimates which were as high as 5,700. However, Rothe and others state that the initial reports were greatly overestimated. The death toll for this huge earthquake was less than it might have been because it occurred in the middle of the afternoon, many of the structures had been built to be earthquake-resistant and the series of strong foreshocks had made the population wary.

This 1960 date also connects to my birth year and to the polar bear license plate picture that Nate just sent me on March 5 (plus the auctions for this plate and the 55155 one end today on eBay):

NOTE: Not only did the plate contain my birth year 1960, the plate sold for $181.49 which contains my birthday 8/14 in the middle as well:

I decided to use this event and date as a beginning marker for my timeanddate search:

Chilean (May 22, 1960) >>> Indonesian (December 26, 2004) >>> Cumbre Vieja?/Cascadian? (May 15, 2009?/December 6, 2009?)

I did find some very interesting things:

Chilean (May 22, 1960) >>> Indonesian (December 26, 2004) >>> Cumbre Vieja?/Cascadian? (May 15, 2009?/December 6, 2009?)

I found that from the day of this biggest earthquake ever recorded (and the tsunami) to the day of the catastrophic Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, 23,456,789 minutes passed - instead of a count-down, like a count-up.

NOTE: From the exact recorded minute of the May 22, 1960 earthquake to the exact recorded minute of the Indonesian earthquake was not exactly 23,456,789 minutes; however, THE DAY that the Indonesian earthquake occurred contained that number of minutes:

From date: Midnight between Saturday, May 21, 1960 and Sunday, May 22, 1960
Added 23,456,789 minutes
Normalized to 16,289 days, 10 hours, 29 minutes
Resulting date: Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 10:29:00 AM

The first site above states that, "The Great Chilean Earthquake came after a smaller earthquake in Arauco Province at 06:02 on 21 May 1960." It does not say whether this was local time or GMT, but in all other places, if it is GMT it states so, so I assume it is 6:02 am Local Time. This would be 11:02 am GMT. Using the exact recorded time of the Indonesian earthquake on December 26, 2004 at 00:58 GMT (12:58 am) and subtracting 23,456,789 minutes gives May 21, 1960 at 2:29 pm GMT. This is just 3 and a half hours after the recorded time of the smaller earthquake which seems to have been the precursor of the 'The Great Chilean Earthquake' the next day.

The second site above states that, "This quake was preceded by 4 foreshocks bigger than magnitude 7.0, including a magnitude 7.9 on May 21" showing there was a great deal of seismic activity occurring during this time period, so it would be difficult to pinpoint the exact event/time when this possible 23,456,789 minute count-up could have begun. Suffice to say it was in the general time-frame from the DAY to the DAY.

From date: Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 12:58:53 AM
Subtracted 23,456,789 minutes
Normalized to 16,289 days, 10 hours, 29 minutes
Resulting date: Saturday, May 21, 1960 at 2:29:53 PM

Chilean (May 22, 1960) >>> Indonesian (December 26, 2004) >>> Cumbre Vieja?/Cascadian? (May 15, 2009?/December 6, 2009?)

So I wondered if timeanddate would reveal any interesting numbers between this Chile earthquake/tsunami date and May 15, 2009.

There was nothing startling; however, I did find there were 2555 weeks between these two dates, and 555 is significant.

From and including: Sunday, May 22, 1960
To and including: Friday, May 15, 2009
It is 17,891 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 48 years, 11 months, 24 days including the end date

Alternative time units
17,891 days can be converted to one of these units:
1,545,782,400 seconds
25,763,040 minutes
429,384 hours
2555 weeks (rounded down)

Also... Using the 23,456,789 countdown from the time of the December 26, 2004 earthquake at 12:58 am GMT which came to May 21. 1960 at 2:29 pm GMT, and using that date/time as the starting point, it is still 2555 weeks, but it is also 17890 days. 17890 could be perceived as another type of 'count-up'; however, I think that may be stretching it a little. Also stretching it a little might be seeing the 17890 as an anagram of 7-8-9-10, another 'count-up'.

WOW... Nate informed me that 814 x 3.14 = 2555.96 (weeks) x 7 = 17891.72 days

814 connects to my birthday 8/14, and 3.14 is PI which also connects to my birthday as I explain in My King Arthur / Holy Grail Connections chapter:

August 14 is Day 226 in a regular year and Day 227 in a Leap Year.
I was born in a Leap Year (1960) so I was born on Day 227.
PI = 22/7 = 3.14

Chilean (May 22, 1960) >>> Indonesian (December 26, 2004) >>> Cumbre Vieja?/Cascadian? (May 15, 2009?/December 6, 2009?)

From December 26, 2004 at 12:58:53 am to May 15, 2009 is 1600 days.

1600 is an interesting number for a couple of reasons:

First, 1600 days = 40 days x 40 days, and 40 days is a number of extreme significance in the Bible.

Second, do you remember in post #920 where I told about the sync of Nate sending me the picture of the largest grizzly BEAR ever found? It weighed 1600 pounds.

From and including: Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 12:58:53 AM
To, but not including : Midnight between Thursday, May 14, 2009 and Friday, May 15, 2009
The duration is 1600 days, 23 hours, 1 minute and 7 seconds
Or 4 years, 4 months, 18 days, 23 hours, 1 minute, 7 seconds

And speaking of 555's... While I was playing around with timeanddate I discovered that I will be turning 1,555,555,555 seconds old on November 29 of this year. (This is just 1 week before the 'other' December 6 date - 1111 days before December 21, 2012.)

From date: Sunday, August 14, 1960 at 12:12:00 PM UT
Added 1,555,555,555 seconds
Normalized to 18,004 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes, 55 seconds
Resulting date: Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 2:57:55 PM

Last time (post #136 on October 2, 2004), I had discovered that I would be turning 1,400,000,000 seconds old on December 25, 2004. That was significant to me because it was 14 with 8 zeroes and my birthday is the 14th of August - 14/8.

This also turned out to be significant because this was the day of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami.

It happened on December 26 just after midnight GMT, which was still December 25 my time (Atlantic Standard Time).

And just to add another interesting finding, from Sunday, November 29 to Sunday, December 6 is 11,111 minutes.

From date: Midnight between Saturday, November 28, 2009 and Sunday, November 29, 2009
Added 11,111 minutes
Normalized to 7 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes
Resulting date: Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 5:11:00 PM

I have already disussed that December 6, 2009 is 1111 days before December 21, 2012...

From December 21, 2012 at 11:11 pm Giza Time - which is 9:11 pm UT - subtract 1111 days is December 6, 2009 at 9:11 pm UT - which is 5:11 pm my time (Atlantic Standard Time).

So from the beginning of November 29, 2009 - the day I turn 1,555,555,555 seconds old - plus 11,111 minutes = December 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm
and from December 21, 2012 11:11 pm Giza time minus 1111 days = December 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm my time.

926) March 9, 2009

And speaking of my birthday...

Tonight my odometer turned over to my birthdate of August 14, 1960:

927) March 9, 2009

And speaking of 555's...

I received this email from my reader friend, Debbie, tonight. She does not know about my 555 findings, so this is quite a sync:

928) March 9, 2009       Another tsunami reference!

Tonight we were watching a show on the National Geographic channel called 'Herod's Lost Tomb':

(Here is National Geographic's website on this program: HEROD'S LOST TOMB.)

It was a very interesting show and they were talking about all of Herod's architectural accomplishments.

I certainly was not expecting to hear the word "tsunami" so I was very taken aback when I did.

One of these achievements was the city of Caesarea that he built and dedicated to Caesar Augustus.

Herod the Great's port city of Caesarea was an architectural marvel built to honor Rome's first emperor, Caesar Augustus. The walled city included a palace, a 3,500-seat theater, a hippodrome, and a deepwater harbor sheltered by an enormous concrete breakwater, the outline of which can still be seen beneath the water.

This breakwater is believed to have been destroyed by a TSUNAMI:

The program showed a recent project which was done to try and determine if the cause of this catastophe was a tsunami. They obtained core samples of the sand and studied the contents finding that it indeed appeared that a tsunami had been the cause. I found their project website online:


In 2003, we made an exciting discovery during our excavations of an ancient harbor at Caesarea, Israel; shell and sediment deposits from an ancient tsunami. The harbor was built by Herod the Great at the end of the 1st c. BC. I had been conducting research since 1990 trying to determine what destroyed the ancient harbor and in 2003 we finally discovered part of the answer. Our collaborative research team, led by the late Dr. Avner Raban from the University of Haifa, and myself from McMaster University found the shell and sediment deposits. Radiocarbon dating and artifacts from the deposits indicated that the tsunami struck sometime in the 1st-2nd c. AD. We believe it was recorded in Talmudic sources (Shalem 1956) since it reports a tsunami striking the shore on December 13, 115 C.E. The force of the tsunami impacted Caesarea and Yavne, and its impact reached as far as Rome. An earthquake that destroyed Antioch (in modern Syria) probably triggered the tsunami which in turn affected the structural integrity of the harbor. At least, this was our working hypothesis, and the findings from this year have supported our theory...

Eduard G. Reinhardt FI'04
McMaster University
August 25th 2005

In April 2007, the second expedition to collect sediment cores from the areas outside of Caesarea's ancient harbor was initiated by Prof. Yossi Mart and his postdoctoral researcher geoarchaeologist Dr. Beverly Goodman. The project's goals were first to collect a series of shore-parallel (-15.0 meter contour) and shore-perpendicular sediment cores as a means to reconstruct the lateral extend of the tsunamigenic horizons originally discovered in 2001 (Reinhardt et al. 2006). The second goal was to reopen and extensively sample the original deposit (area W), to better record its stratigraphy, and to collect more sample material for continued analysis, as the previous sampling supply was exhausted. Prior to the initiation of the project, micropaleontological and sedimentological analysis on two pilot cores collected in 2005 was completed (Goodman et al., forthcoming). The results from that study were promising, as the tsunamigenic horizons were correlated to a depth of -20 meters, and inspired the continuation of the coring study. The expedition was generously supported by the Department of Infrastructure, RIMS, Hatter, EcoOcean and an anonymous donor.

Three tsunamis are included in the earthquake and tsunami catalogues that specifically refer to Caesarea (see Amiran 1994, Mart and Perecman 1996). Until recently, there was no undisputed or published physical evidence for these events. A chance discovery in 2001, during excavations to ground-truth a magnetometry survey map (Boyce et al. 2004), revealed an anomalous deposit that has since been dated and published as preserved evidence of the 2nd century C.E. tsunami event. While the nature of the deposit has been determined, the actual understanding of how large this event was, and the impact it had on the harbor or the city of Caesarea is still unclear. To resolve this, it is necessary to determine the size and extent of the deposit as a means to reconstruct the wave height and impact zone for wave run-up on shore.

... These results will make it possible to fully model the tsunami wave and understand how it impacted Caesarea.

Report prepared by Beverly Goodman

(Read the above site for more information on this very exciting research project.)

So... Two shows - both about tsunamis - that I just - by chance - come across in a matter of days?

'Shock Wave' on March 5 (post #920) and this one, 'Herod's Lost Tomb', on March 9.


929) March 11, 2009

Today Nate sent me a picture he just took...

On his door he has a picture of his granddaughter, Amber, with her student card hanging from his door handle.

The reason he sent me this picture was that he noticed that her student # is 2555 - the same as the number of weeks I just discovered are between the most powerful earthquake ever recorded - the May 22, 1960 Chilean Valdivia earthquake and tsunami - and the upcoming date of May 15, 2009 (post #925).

I noticed that AMBER contains the word BEAR.

I also noticed that the first two letters of her middle name - UR - plus the first two letters of her last name - SA - spell URSA which is Latin for BEAR, and another connection to the recent URSA MAJOR and URSA MINOR syncs.

NOTE: Today Nate also figured out and told me:

(From post #925:)

From and including: Sunday, May 22, 1960 (Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami - most powerful earthquake ever recorded)
To and including: Friday, May 15, 2009
It is 17,891 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 48 years, 11 months, 24 days including the end date

Alternative time units
17,891 days can be converted to one of these units:
1,545,782,400 seconds
25,763,040 minutes
429,384 hours
2555 weeks (rounded down)

814 x 3.14 = 2555.96 (weeks) x 7 = 17891.72 days

814 connects to my birthday 8/14, and 3.14 is PI which also connects to my birthday as I explain in My King Arthur / Holy Grail Connections chapter:

August 14 is Day 226 in a regular year and Day 227 in a Leap Year.
I was born in a Leap Year (1960) so I was born on Day 227.
PI = 22/7 = 3.14

930) March 12, 2009

I still can't figure out what the 'BEARS' syncs/clues have to do with 'TSUNAMI' but today I got another amazing one...

Today Bruce and I went to Halifax to visit our boys at university.

When we got to Craig's residence I called his room and he came down to meet us and help carry things in.

When I saw him I was stunned...

He was wearing a shirt with the word 'BEARS' on it! Apparently that is the mascot of his floor in residence:

Nate noticed that the picture of the bear foot on Craig's shirt looks the same as the picture of the bear foot of the biggest grizzly ever recorded at 1600 pounds he sent me back on February 1 (post #920).

[Remember that there are 1600 days (40 days x 40 days) between the December 26, 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami and the upcoming date of May 15, 2009 (post #925)]:


931) March 19, 2009



NOTE: Note the earthquake which occurred shortly after in the Canary Islands. This is where the La Palma Cumbre Vieja volcano is.

932) March 20, 2009

Today is the first day of Spring.

Spring officially began at 11:44 am Universal Time.

As I describe in my Chapter 13 - 11:11, 11 and 44 are two of the most significant numbers connected to this phenomenon (11:11 / 4:44) - especially connecting to the four Equinox and Solstice times of 2012.


This reminds me of my Waitress' License I received back in 1980 when I worked at the Admiral Digby Inn for a couple of summers.

Not only was my number 1144 but I received it in 1980 - the exact year when I calculated the 11th Hour to have begun (see Chapter 13).

The movie 'KNOWING' opened in theaters today (see post #895). I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and tonight we went to see it.

I was not disappointed at all. I thought it was very, very good, and I give it my highest recommendation.

And "KNOWING" what I know... It might even be spot on...

(And speaking of 444... I just noticed that this picture is 300 x 444.)

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