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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 18 
The La Palma Cumbre Vieja Tsunami

Journal Of Events
1) February 4, 2004  -  50) April 10, 2004


I started writing this ‘Journal of Events’ in early 2004 because of many coincidences and synchronicities (which I do not “see” as random events of chance, but rather, as clues or signs or warnings given to us by a Higher Power) which I believed were pointing to a “Mega-Tsunami – Wave of Destruction” occurring sometime in the near future.

That very same year this catastrophic event did in fact happen.

On December 26, the world’s deadliest tsunami and one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history occurred inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 metres (100 ft) high and killing 230,000 people and injuring half a million in 14 countries.

March 12, 2004 
In this chapter I am going to discuss a series of "coincidences" that have occurred over the past month and a half that lead me to believe that the La Palma Tsunami is going to occur in the near future. If you have never heard of this event please read on. Before a month ago, I had never heard of it either.
As I have stated many times in this paper, there is no such thing as "coincidence". Coincidence is not the random happening of synchronistic events. They are clues given to us by a Higher Power (God) to be followed as if we were a detective figuring out a mystery, or another analogy is, they are dots given to us to connect in order to see the big picture.
This is how I have figured out most of the information in this paper. By following the clues given to me.
In this chapter I am going to try to describe all these clues that have been given to me over the past month and a half which have led me to this conclusion regarding the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami. Actually, the clues are still coming. In fact, just this morning one of the most significant of all occurred which has convinced me that I am supposed to write this information up and add it to my paper.
Even if nothing happens, then at least more people may be aware of this potential impending catastrophe by reading this chapter. Like I said, I had never heard of it before and apparently I am not the only one. According to Gwynne Dyer, Syndicated Columnist, the majority of the people who could be most affected by this disaster are unaware as well.


This series of events began on February 4, 2004 with clues connecting to 444 and the word PALM.

1) February 4, 2004
I received an email from a friend:

Subj: 04/04/04
Date: 2/4/2004 2:09:06 PM
From: xxxx
To: [email protected]

Juli - I don't know why but the upcoming date 04/04/04 & you are on my mind.
My response:
Subj: Re: 04/04/04
Date: 2/4/2004 2:55:20 PM
To: xxxx
From: Juliway
Yes, 444 is a big number in all of this, so 04/04/04 is certainly a date to pay attention to. It is Palm Sunday too, the first day of the Holy Week, with Easter the following Sunday so that is pretty significant as well.
I do believe that this is the year *something* is going to happen. In fact, many people have been getting a lot of 234's lately so thought something might happen yesterday which was 02/03/04. Yesterday was also the 11th day of the 11th month on the Jewish calendar.
I have found that you are pretty in tune with me and this. So many times I have just figured out something and then I get a letter from you. It has happened at least a half dozen times - enough that I noticed it - so maybe you are onto something with the 04/04/04. Hope so!
Interesting times...
I had just read on the Fivedoves site that April 4, 2004 (04/04/04) is Palm Sunday so I mentioned this in my letter.

2) (same day) February 4, 2004

Less than two hours hours after receiving my above letter with the Subject: 04/04/04, I received a letter from my co-researcher friend, Nate. His letter was sent at exactly 4:04:04 PM. I immediately wrote back to him to tell him about that synchronicity.

3) February 6, 2004
Nate wrote to me and told me that Easter was on April 11th. I wrote back and told him that 7 days earlier, on 04/04/04 was Palm Sunday, the first day of the Holy Week.

At this point, Nate and I start noticing and discussing the word PALM. (Nate more than me.)
(Nate had already been discussing a possible March 20-23 earthquake in the area of Joshua Tree / 29 Palms, California with me.)

3B) February 9, 2004

(This section was added here on March 29, 2004. On February 9 I found this out and added it to my Chapter 12 - Signs. Since this occurred within the timeframe of this journal and involves the number 444 and date 04/04/04, I have decided to copy it here as well. The significance of 11:11 is discussed mostly in Chapter 13 - 11:11.)

As discussed in this paper, 444 is a very significant number.
(Back in July of 2000 I came across a book that belongs to my father-in-law entitled 'Beyond Numeracy' by John Allen Paulos and on page 76 I read, "By an application of the principle of conservation of superstition, 444 might have acquired mystical significance...")
That is why April 4, 2004 is such an interesting date. It is 04/04/04.
(April 4, 2004 is also Palm Sunday, the first day of the Holy Week, and 7 days later on April 11 is Easter.)
I decided to look at my computer astronomy program, Redshift, to see if I could see anything interesting. I wanted to see what time Orion was rising over the eastern horizon from the vantage point of the Sphinx. I set the date to 04/04/04 and the location to Cairo. I forwarded the time and, as I wondered if it might, Orion has just completely risen over the horizon at 11:11 am. I wanted to see the exact time the last star of the constellation of Orion, Saiph, appeared over the horizon, so I clicked on that star and found that its exact time of rising is 11:11!  Now what are the chances of that?


4) February 13, 2004
Nate wrote to me and told me about a couple incidents that had occurred involving the word PALM.  The Subject heading of his letter was "The Unfolding Palm Reading." Little did he know how ironic that title was as it certainly has been and continues to unfold.
That day Nate had taken his wife to her favourite Mexican restaurant and the name of the restaurant was La Palmera. He had forgotten the name of the restaurant but when he saw it, he said he "almost fainted". He had also noticed and sent me an obituary from his newspaper of a man who had died on February 9 (2/9) whose name was Joel Palm (also connecting to his 29 Palms earthquake. Also, Joel is survived by a sister who lives in 29 Palms.) Nate also told me that Joel 2:9 adds to 2004 in Hebrew gematria.
Later that same day, Nate wrote to me again and sent me a picture from a Sherlock Holmes book that he had mentioned to me earlier. The picture shows Sherlock Holmes studying a hand / palm print on a wall. He also resent me a picture of a California license plate that we had been discussing earlier. It was PLM  555. He also has another license plate MLP 555 which is PLM backwards:

This is the letter I wrote back to Nate:

Subj: Re: La Unfolding Palm Reading
Date: 2/13/2004
To: xxxx

Wow. It looks like you are really onto something here. I will keep an eye peeled for anything Palm related.  I wonder if Palm might also be related to Psalm.
I also remember seeing an earthquake at Joshua Tree not too long ago - maybe a few weeks? It caught my attention because that is the first (I think) album put out by U2 and I have found a lot of syncs with that music group. Their last CD has a J3-33 on the cover which I took to mean Jesus 333. They also had a song (and World Tour) called The 11 o'clock Tick Tock Tour. That was in 1980 and 1980 is when I calculated the 11th Hour started. (See Chapter 13 - 11:11 Section 'The 11th Hour'.)
I'll try to find that earthquake. Maybe it will have some harmonic numbers for you...

This is when I made a conscious effort to pay attention to anything I saw or heard relating to the word PALM.

5) February 14, 2004
We got our house insurance renewal in the mail. It was exactly $444.00.

***  6) February 15, 2004  ***
I had been busy in the kitchen all day baking brown beans, brown bread, ham, scalloped potates, and a blueberry cake. For some reason, shortly after 3:00 pm I walked over to the television and turned it on. When I turned it on it was on the Discovery Channel. I stood there and watched if for awhile. The program was about a place in Alaska called Lituya Bay where a mysterious wave of water had caused major devastation. Scientists could not figure out what could have caused this wave as it was too massive to have been caused by an earthquake. It  remained a mystery until July 9, 1958 when it happened again - and this time there were witnesses. What had happened was that a large piece of the mountain at the end of the bay had broken off and slid into the water causing this unbelievable wave.
I found this program extremely interesting but I could not see why I had been "led" to watch it. I felt that I was "supposed" to see it but I could not see why so I walked back into the kitchen and continued working.
All of a sudden the words La Palma rang in my ears! Just the day before I had told Nate that I would pay close attention to anything Palm related. I ran back into the TV room. I had thought the show was over, but that was only the first part. The second part is what I was "meant" to watch. I grabbed a pen and paper and started to take notes.
La Palma is a volcanic island in the Canary Islands. It is made up of two volcanos - one extinct and one active. The active one is called Cumbre Vieja. This volcanic island is on the verge of collapse into the ocean because of a fault/shift that has been created. When this happens, they said it will be the largest natural catastophe in history. They said it is not a matter of IF it is going to happen, but WHEN. They said there may be 10 - 20 eruptions of this volcano before it happens, but they do not know - it could also be the NEXT.
They have studied and created models of what will happen when it does. They said what will happen will be unbelievable - a thousand times bigger than anything studied before. The wave will be 650 meters high. 30-40 kilometers wide. Travelling at speeds up to 720 kilometers/hr. This wave will race across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas and it will take 8 hours to arrive. (By the time it hits shore, it is estimated that the wave will be 10 meters high at Newfoundland, 20-25 meters high at Florida, and 15-20 meters high on the north shore of South America.) There may be time to warn people, but few will have time to escape.
They said if you hear that Cumbre Vieja is erupting then pay very close attention...
Needless to say, I was stunned. I asked God, "Is this what all these clues have been about? Is Cumbre Vieja going to erupt soon and is this tsunami really going to happen?"
I could not believe I had never heard of this before.
I looked at the TV Guide. The name of the show was Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction.

I decided to research this more on the Internet. I actually found a transcript of the program as well as a research paper entitled Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands co-written by one of the speakers on the television program, Dr. Simon Day. (Co-authored by Steven N. Ward.)

7) (same day) February 15, 2004
Nate said, "What you are talking about is a second Atlantis sinking." The next day on February 16, I came across an article on the Internet about the Canary Islands and it said, "Some historians suppose that the legendary continent of Atlantis was located here."              

8) February 16, 2004

We received the Dalhousie University Alumni Magazine in the mail. On the cover is Lucy Kanary. La Palma is in the Canary Islands.

9) (same day) February 16, 2004
I continued my research and found that Gwynne Dyer had written an article in the newspaper just that previous week in which he had mentioned this La Palma danger. Gwynne Dyer's column is printed in our local newspaper but I had not read it last week. I just checked his website gwynnedyer.net and the article has not yet been posted in the archives, but you can read the article here: Dyer: Earth To Humans: Pay Attention To World's Known Dangers
http://www.gwynnedyer.net/articles2004.htm  (5 February 2004  'Catastrophes')
Isn't it funny that I started "paying attention" to this the exact same week that Gwynne Dyer tells us to "pay attention" to it?


10) (same day) February 16, 2004
I noticed that the last time Cumbre Vieja erupted was 1971. That was 33 years ago. (33 means Jesus.)

The time before was 1949. That was 55 years ago. (55 is also significant. In fact, just last night (March 11) I bought a license plate from eBay - which I will talk about later - and the seller's id was doublenickel55.)

11) February 17, 2004
I read on the Fivedoves site that a lot of people are noticing and talking about PALM trees:

Two Doves (17 Feb 2004)
"Palm Trees Everywhere!"

Hello John and Doves:
My prophecy partner and I have only posted one time. Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely excited about the Passover season. We have studied together for nearly 10 years and the truth of the matter is that we will find something in the scriptures and then suddenly the very ideas appear on the Doves and someone else with spiritual eyes discovers just what we have been studying. One thing that has truly come as a subtle hint is that everywhere that you look you see Palm trees. Palm trees on dishes, pictures, pillows, chairs, rugs, etc. I cannot remember seeing so many Palm trees in any other year, palm trees everywhere you look! I feel as though the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us something. Oh yes, Palm Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the 10th of Nisan. Palm trees, palm trees everywhere. This is so truly exciting! We are very excited about the "DATE" palm too.
Two Doves

12) February 20, 2004
Nate wrote a letter to me including many of his findings. In it he included a picture of a license plate that we had previously discussed. We had already discussed the 515 as possibly meaning May 15 as that date had significance to both of us. My first child was born on May 15 (and my other child weighed 5 lbs 15 oz at birth) and Nate's family pet also shares this birthday. May 15, 1948 is also the day that Israel became a state which many people believe fulfills the End Time prophesy of Matthew 24:32.


But this time when I saw the plate, I immediately made the connection of CV to Cumbre Vieja!
I wondered... could this possibly be a "clue" that the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami may occur on May 15 - "seen" by the girl who grew up in the village of BEAR River, Nova Scotia?!

Bear River

Three days later on February 23, my son and I were watching a rerun of "Friends". It was the episode where Monica is buying a wedding dress. A rival wedding dress buyer asks Monica when she is getting married and she says, "May 15th".

13) (same day) February 20, 2004

I found a 1971 license plate with the numbers 33-55. Just a few days ago I had learned that Cumbre Vieja last erupted in 1971 which was 33 years ago and the time before was 55 years ago.
(I am not sure what the NK could mean. The only connection I could make was that Nate and my mother Kay share the same birth year, but that has nothing to do with the La Palma Cumbre Vieja event.)


14) (same day) February 20, 2004
Nate wrote to me and told me that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake had hit the Santa Cruz Islands.
Santa Cruz is also the name of the capital of the island La Palma.

NOTE:  (added March 16, 2004)
Another Santa Cruz connection is that one of the two authors of the research paper Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands is Steven N. Ward and he is located at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California which is in Santa Cruz, California.

15) February 24, 2004

I happened to turn on the television and Regis & Kelly was on. They were playing the spin-the-wheel contest and the contestant won a trip to PALM Island in the Caribbean.


16) (same day) February 24, 2004
A major 6.5 earthquake (since changed to 6.4) and several aftershocks over the next few days hit near the north coast of Morocco. Many were killed. Morocco is in Western Africa and the Canary Islands, of which La Palma is one, are just off the coast of Morocco. I wonder if this will affect the Cumbre Vieja volcano.
The final toll of this disaster is 629 killed, 926 injured.
926 is 629 backwards.
629 + 926 = 1555.

PLM 555 / MLP 555.
MLP is PLM backwards.


17) February 25, 2004

Nate wrote to me and told me about a man named William Coates, believed to be the oldest man in the U.S., had died at the age of 114. This reminded me that not long ago we had discussed other oldest living people who had also recently died at the age of 114 so I looked through my notes. (We had been discussing Psalms 114.) I found that on September 25, 2003 I had written to Nate and told him that the world's oldest man, Yukichi Chuganji, had died at the age of 114, and on November 13, 2003 I had written that the world's oldest woman, Mitoyo Kawate, had died at the age of 114. As I read over these articles, something caught my attention. Yukichi Chuganji was born on March 23, 1889 and Mitoyo Kawate was born on May 15, 1889.
March 23 (20-23) is the date that Nate believes the 29 Palms earthquake may happen and May 15 is the date the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami may occur.
I wrote to Nate and told him that I hoped that he was not right because then I would be very worried that I may be right.


18) February 26 - March 9, 2004

We went away on March Break. We went to Florida and went on a cruise in the Caribbean. Needless to say, there were PALM trees everywhere I looked.


19) March 9, 2004  

We arrived home from vacation. It was exactly 4:44 pm when we got in the taxi at the airport to come home. (I pointed the time out to my children.)
I went on the Internet to check my mail and looked at the Yahoo 11:11 Group to see if anything interesting had occurred while I was away. The first thing that caught my attention was a letter from a guy whose id was tsunamikid1111. When I saw the tsunami I immediately took that as another "clue" for the La Palma tsunami. He had just written the letter that day.  


20) March 11, 2004
Nate wrote to me about another license plate he had found so I went to eBay to have a look. I immediately found this one. My husband is a member of the RCMP. His anniversary date with the RCMP is April 4th so this year it will occur on 04/04/04 which is PALM Sunday. The shape is a Bear and I am from Bear River. This is the same shape as the CV 515 (Cumbre Vieja May 15?) license plate. The 4U 2C means For You To See. I wondered if this license plate was 4 Me 2C all the connections to the La Palma tsunami. When I found this plate I noticed there were 11 hours 10 minutes left to bid (seconds are not displayed) so almost 11:11, and it was the 11th. I decided to place a bid on it and ended up winning it. The seller's id was doublenickel55.

*** 21) March 12, 2004  ***
This morning I looked at the Yahoo 11:11 Group site again and I was stunned at what I found. In fact, it is this letter that has convinced me to sit down and document all these events that have occurred.
I cannot say for sure that the La Palma Cumbre Vieja tsunami is going to occur on May 15, but I do believe all these "signs" point to the fact that it IS going to happen.  
Somehow, by "mistake" a letter from tsunamikid1111 had "accidentally" been attached to a letter posted by another member of the group. This letter is about a vision of a great tsunami and the La Palma tsunami is mentioned as a possibility! I hope that the series of events that I have described up to now will convince you, or at least make you ponder, that there is NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!!
I also found it interesting that we are both from Nova Scotia and we both lived in Alberta. We were both born on the 14th and there is a 1 year 4 month difference between our ages. He said he has a daughter conceived in Alberta and born in Halifax, NS on 1/5. I have a son that was conceived in Alberta and born in Halifax, NS on 1/7. He has one sister (no other siblings) who is 5 years younger than he is. I have one sister (no other siblings) who is 5 years younger than I am. (I also see that his sister's birthday is December 21st. That is a significant date. December 21, 2012 is the final day of the Mayan Calendar and the date that I have calculated as the 11:11 Date - the date that the final grain of sand falls from our Hourglass of Time. See Chapter 13 - 11:11.) I wonder if there are any other connections...
Here is his letter:

When I was 10 yrs old, in Oct/72, I had a "vision", with sound, of quite possibly the most tremendous tsunami or tidal wave, ever to happen on earth. The only thing is, it has yet to happen. This was during my first experience with death. My grandfather had passed away on the 25th and we were in Nova Scotia for the funeral. That is my home province, although I've lived in Alberta for the last 25 yrs. This vision appeared in a rather unique way. My uncle Paul and I were upstairs reading when we both heard a strange noise outside. He told me to have a look to see what it was. Well...when I pulled back the drapes to look out the window, I saw a tsunami racing towards me, obliterating everything in its path.This wave must have been 300 feet high! My view of it was from a distance but it was still massive! Also I could hear the sound of the water rushing towards me. In the middle of this town or city I was seeing being destroyed, was a large hill with what looked like a church or large stone building on it, which this wave also consumed. Needless to say, this scared the shit out of me and I pulled the drapes shut rather quickly. My uncle asked me what it was and I just shrugged it off somehow and said "it was nothing" but when I turned around he looked at me and said "my god boy, you look like you've seen a ghost!" He looked out that window, but I don't think he saw what I did. It was 25 yrs!... before I told a single soul about that! It was also 25 yrs before it was revealed to me when?...where?
Now it's 11 yrs later. It's late Mar/83 and on the same night that my daughter was conceived, 11:11 makes itself apparent to me in a big way. (Message 24313) She was born 1/5/1984. Although she was conceived in Alberta, she was born in Halifax N.S. She is phsycic also and 11:11 revealed itself to her without any help from me. Her #s are often used in my numerology, as you will see later. Also in Oct/83 my uncle Paul passed away suddenly...11yrs to the month of when I experienced my wave vision! Still I told nobody.
Now it's 12/21/89. That's when I felt the "hand" on my shoulder that spoke to me without sound. (Message 24088) Who knows where I would be now if that hand had not stopped me. That happened on my sister's birthday, she was born 12/21/66. She is a little phsycic and a little 11:11. I have no other siblings or children.
NOW its Mar/97 it's 25 yrs since this story started and Hale Bopp is in the sky. (Message 24311) This is when it all started to connect. I was born 11 days before X-mas, my daughter 11 days after X-mas and my sister 11 days before Jan/1. So I wrote down the date of my "projected" tsunami to be 1/1/11, go figure.When I decided to see how old we would be......ME-50  Sister-45   Daughter-26 = 121 or 11x11 hmmm
So now, I think I know when, but not where? I didn't have to wait long for that one...........................

Now it's the summer of 98, 26 yrs since the start of this story and my little voice is saying gooooo to Nova Scotia.You know the voice I'm talking about it's the one we should NEVER ignore. So I took 5 wks vacation, threw the camping supplies and dog in the truck and hit the road. I left Alberta the last week of August heading east, mostly because my voice told me to. Along the way I stopped to see an old girlfriend. Over dinner one night I told her a little about 11:11. Nothing too extreme, although the words did seem to flow easily. I left the next afternoon for the final leg to N.S. It was Sept/2, I figured to drive all night and make it there by noon the next day. Along the way though I started to hear those voices and sirens and screams in my head. Only this time, louder and more intense than ever before. It was overwhelming. I was only 4 hrs from home but there was no way I could make it, I was to tired, so I took a nap. When I woke up and turned the radio on, the first thing I heard was the news of flight 111 that crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia!....Ooohhh ssshit! I felt compelled to drive across the country to N.S. and now that I am here, a MD11 airplane with a flight #111 has crashed! 229 dead, shit! But...229 is the 50th prime #, that's my age on 1/1/11.When I got to my mother's, she told me my friend had called so I called her back, she asked me what was going on? How could I tell her about 11:11 one night then she hears about the crash the next? Spooky really.
A week later, we went to Halifax for the "Great Big Picnic" It's a music festival held there every year. It's on a big hill called "Citadel Hill". I had never been there before, but as soon as I saw it I recognized it from my vision.You see.. it's an old army fort, made of stone with a large stone wall surrounding it. Now I know where. Now I know why I listen to my little voice.
How will this wave happen? I do not know. I'm thinking something large from the sky maybe? But I've recently learned that one of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa has an enormous slab of volconic rock on it, just itching to slam dunk the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists are watching it closely, if it falls, it's big enough to send a 300 foot wall of water racing at 650 mph! towards the east coast of North America. Nova Scotia, New York and the Canary Islands are pretty much parallel to each other on a map. I don't think an earthquake could produce a wave that big. Either something from space or a situation like the Canary Islands.
The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I had a "strong vision" of a "massive wave", and someday the east coast of North America is going to feel the full force of it. Maybe thats why I live at 3500 feet altitude? Far between both oceans.
Just for fun...Michel Nostradamus born 12/14/1503
Michael %&^$#*& born 12/14/1961
Take Care....Mike


I will continue to add to this should any more developments occur.

 All I can really say is that if you hear that Cumbre Vieja is erupting,
pay very close attention.



22) March 13, 2004

An earthquake occurred south of the Figi Islands at a depth of 444 kilometers: 

That information has been changed from the original report which gave the depth at 444 km:


23) March 14, 2004
This morning my husband asked me if he could throw away a piece of Lego toy that has been sitting on the counter for about a year now. He has tried to fix it many times with Crazy Glue but it will not stick together. The lego piece was a PALM tree from the Pirates Lego set

24) (same day) March 14, 2004

Tsunamikid1111 wrote to me and told me that where he had his tsunami vision was only about a 1/2 hour drive away from where I currently live. When you meet someone on the Internet they could be from anywhere in the world. What are the chances that I would live so close to where he had his vision? 
25) March 15, 2004
Tsunamikid1111 (Mike) wrote to me again and pointed out another PALM connection. In his original letter where he describes the "hand on his shoulder" incident, he actually says, "That's when I felt a hand on my right shoulder, not an aggressive hand, it was a very calming hand, and I could only feel the palm."
Updated: April 4, 2004
Mike wrote to me today and told me about another sync he found. He was reading over some of the old  posts in the 11:11 Group archives and came across my first post. It was message #2412 and he said his house is #2412.  

26) (same day) March 15, 2004

Tsunami Alert
Nate wrote to me today and told me about a strange incident that occurred on March 4 in Gypsum, Colorado. A Tsunami Alert was "accidentally" broadcast over the airwaves of four radio stations. Interesting timing.
You could look at this two ways: One, that it was a false alarm; or two, that it was a completely unexpected warning that suddenly just came out of the blue and caught everyone totally off guard and made them wake up and pay attention to the Alert. And a Tsunami Alert at that. "Everything happens for a reason."
NOTE: (added March 19, 2004)
A reader who had been searching 555 on the Internet and came across this chapter wrote to me and told me some interesting things. (Thanks Deb!) She read the 'Tsunami Alert' article and noticed that it happened in Eagle County and that one of the radio stations was called 'The Eagle'. She said that in Scripture, the eagle is symbolic of the prophetic. ALSO, "The Eagle" in Hebrew Gematria has a value of 555.

27) March 16, 2004

I found an article on Science News Online called Killer Waves written just ten days ago on March 6 about how scientists are learning how to predict tsunami risk. One of the sources is Steven N. Ward and I remembered him as one of the co-authors of the paper Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands.
What I noticed that was interesting is that he is located at the University of California in Santa Cruz, California. This now makes three connections to Santa Cruz. (See #14.)

28) (same day) March 16, 2004
While searching on the Internet some more, I discovered that Steven N. Ward had been a guest on George Noory's Coast To Coast AM radio program on February 5, 2004 discussing the La Palma collapse and tsunami. This was just one day after my Series of Events, which I have been documenting in this chapter, began.  
Steven N. Ward's website is www.es.ucsc.edu/~ward

29) March 18, 2004
Nate wrote to me (last night but I didn't read it until this morning) and told me about some connections between La Palma, Spain, and Morocco. I wrote him back this morning and told him that I had also noticed the connections that La Palma was owned by Spain and was off the coast of Morocco. These connections were also emphasized by the recent tragic earthquake in Morocco and the 311 attack in Madrid, Spain, which made me wonder if a third tragedy would involve La Palma.
What is interesting is that just after I sent Nate this letter, I noticed that I had sent it at 8:44 which is 4:44 his time, once again connecting to the 444 and PALM themes that began this Series of Events.

30) March 19, 2004     
A reader who had been searching 555 on the Internet and came across this chapter wrote to me and told me some interesting things relating to the 'Tsunami Alert' incident described above. See #26.

31) March 20, 2004   
This morning I woke up and it was still dark. I reached over and grabbed my alarm clock to see what time it was. It was 4:44. That hasn't happened in awhile. When I woke up again I looked at my alarm clock again. It was 8:44. That is 4:44 Nate's time. What a way to start the day.

32) (same day) March 20, 2004   
What a way to start the day indeed...
I just read a letter that Nate had written to me last night. He said that yesterday at 4:44 he was surfing the channels and when he came to The History Channel there was a program on called 'The Wrath of God: Tsunami: Killer Wave'.

Also, I just checked the online TV schedule for The History Channel for yesterday and see there was a whole series of 'The Wrath of God' programs on from 8 am - 1 pm, and repeated again from 2 pm - 7 pm.

33) March 22, 2004  
Nate wrote to me and told me about an earthquake that happened on March 18 at Big Bear Lake, California, which is about 50 miles from 29 Palms. We both thought of the two Bear license plates CV 515 and 4U2C.    

34) March 24, 2004
Nate sent me an article published March 21 about an earthquake that happened 40 years ago on March 27, 1964 in Alaska. It was called the "Alaska Good Friday Earthquake" and it was the largest earthquake in the written history of North America with a magnitude of 9.2. (The only larger earthquake ever recorded was a 9.5 magnitude in Chile in 1960  - my birth year.) A large tsunami followed each of these quakes. 114 Alaskans died as a result of the earthquake and tsunami (connecting to our Psalm 114 discussion) and 16 people in Oregon and California.
It is interesting that it happened on Good Friday. That year Good Friday coincided with the date of the full moon which was Passover Full Moon Day, Nisan 14, 5724. This year Nisan 14 will be April 5. Nate also pointed out that it happened in 1964 and this is the Hebrew Year 5764.
It is also interesting that the current Dairy Queen television and radio promotion is for the 'Brownie EarthQuake'. 

35) (same day) March 24, 2004 
I have noticed a few interesting things that have been happening in the heavens in this past week so I think I will document them here. Perhaps they are "signs"?
1) On March 14/15, scientists announced the discovery of a new planet (planetoid) in our solar system named Sedna.
2) On March 19 the closest ever recorded encounter between Earth and an asteroid (2004 FH) occurred. (Coincidentally, the movie 'Armageddon' was on television on the 21st - scheduled in the TV Guide which came out the week before.)
3) In today's paper (and on AOL News) there is an article about a unique planetary lineup going on now:
Five Planets Visible Across Evening Sky
By Marcia Dunn
Five planets are arrayed across the evening sky in a spectacular night show that won't be back for another three decades. For the next two weeks, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - the five closest planets - should be easily visible at dusk, along with the moon. ``It's semi-unique,'' said Myles Standish, an astronomer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. The planetary lineup will be visible to the naked eye every night for an hour after sunset through early April. At the end of the year, the same five planets will reunite for a few weeks, but in the pre-dawn hours. Standish said this particular planetary grouping may offer the best nighttime views until 2036. The orbits of the five planets take them to the same side of the sun every few years or so. The conditions have to be just right for all five planets to be clearly visible at dusk or dawn; Mercury is often tough to catch. Stargazers should look to the western horizon just after sunset. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be lined up in the sky with Jupiter close to the eastern horizon. They will span about 135 degrees. Saturn will be almost directly overhead.

36) March 28, 2004 
A few things have happened in the past few days worth noting:

37) March 29, 2004 
Since I have included the topic of 11:11 in this, I have decided to copy a section here that I added to my Chapter 12 - Signs on February 9. I feel it is relevant since it occurred within the timeframe of these journal entries and involves the number 444 and date of 04/04/04. See #3B above.

38) March 30, 2004 
In #36 above, I mentioned that I had been using my laptop. That is because I have been having problems with my computer. This morning I went into the computer repair shop to pick it up and as I was standing at the counter I glanced at a flyer they had sitting on the counter. What immediately caught my attention was their address printed at the top of the flyer - 515 Kennedy St.

39) March 31, 2004 
Another Canary-related story: (Cumbre Vieja is on the island of La Palma which is one of the Canary Islands.)
In today's paper, David Suzuki's Science Matters column is entitled 'Let's Listen To The Birds'. It is about a recent report finding that one in eight of the world's bird species is facing extinction and a third are at risk. It starts out: 
Most everyone has heard the analogy of the canary in the coalmine. Miners used to take the birds, which are hyper-sensitive to deadly hydrogen sulfide gas, down into the shafts. If the birds keeled over, miners knew to get out - fast. Today, birds are warning us once again, only on a much larger scale.

It ends with:

"Canary in a coalmine" was originally a literal reference that became a metaphor for a warning signal. Today, the metaphor has become literal once again. Only this time, the coal mine is the Earth and we have no where to run.

I thought the connection between Canary and Warning Signal, whether literally or metaphorically, was interesting with regards to what this chapter is about.

40) (same day) March 31, 2004 
This morning I decided to look at Marilyn Agee's site, Bible Prophecy Corner, which I haven't looked at in awhile. I noticed that one of her most recent Pro and Cons was #1111 posted just five days ago on March 26. Because of the number, I decided to read it to see if it contained any information related to these events.
Pro and Con #1111 is a discussion about Passover and when Jesus was crucified. She believes that Jesus was crucified on Nisan 13. Verifying with the Jewish Calendar site, www.hebcal.com, this year Nisan 13 is April 4, 2004 - 04/04/04 - 444.
(I also noticed at the top of the calendar you can click on, "Export calendar to Palm & Outlook.") 

41) April 1, 2004 
Nate told me that today he received a license plate in the mail and the postage sticker said it weighed .444 kg. He said he received it at 12:44 which was 4:44 my time. Also, the last three numbers of the first group of numbers at the bottom are 515.

Also today Nate resent me a picture of a license plate that we had discussed before. The connection that we made with it previously was that both my husband and I are turning 44 this year. The J for Juli, the B for Bruce, with the two 44's for each of us. Today Nate said the JB was for Juli Believing, and today the counter on my website Seeing Is Believing hit #4444.


And speaking of Seeing Is Believing... I bid on and won this license plate on March 21. It should be coming in the mail any day now. (Received April 2.)

This ties in with the following:

42) (same day) April 1, 2004 
Today I received a letter from a reader who had been researching the La Palma tsunami and came across my paper. He said that just when he found it, a colleague came in and said that an article he had just finished writing came in at exactly 1,111 words. He said he was located in New York and mentioned the word Celtic so I asked him if his ancestors were Scottish and told him that I was born in Nova Scotia which means New Scotland. He wrote back and said, "Talk about coincidences? I was born in N.S. too."

43) April 2, 2004 
 The TV Guide came in the paper today and I read that the movie The Ten Commandments is going to be on Sunday (04/04/04). I noticed that the length of the movie is 4 hours 44 minutes.

44) (same day) April 2, 2004 

A=6 B=12 C=18 D=24 E=30 F=36 G=42 H=48 I=54 J=60 K=66 L=72 M=78 N=84 O=90 P=96 Q=102 R=108 S=114 T=120 U=126 V=132 W =138 X=144 Y=150 Z=156

A reader wrote to me and reminded me of this English Gematria chart that I had learned about a couple of years ago but hadn't thought about in awhile. She told me that Jesus, Messiah, and Cross all have a value of 444. Interesting that this information should come to light the week before Easter. (Her name was Melody and her name also equals 444.)

45) April 3, 2004 
This morning I read the colour comics that came in today's newspaper. The subject of today's Shortcuts is Volcanoes. The writer is Jeff Harris. My first initial is also J and my maiden name was Harris.

46) April 4, 2004 

Today Tsunamikid1111 (Mike) wrote to me with another sync he had come across. He had been reading over some of the old posts in the 11:11 Group archives and found my first post. It was entitled "Hello" and it was message #2412. He said #2412 is his house number. (I told him that maybe I was meant to eventually say "Hello" to him - which I did on March 12:)
Subj: La Palma tsunami
Date: 3/12/2004
To: [email protected]

Hello Mike, ...

47) (same day) April 4, 2004 
An earthquake occurred today on 04/04/04 555 km NNE of the Ascension Island at 3.43S 12.21W.

Ascension is another name for The Rapture; 12.21 relates to the date of December 21, 2012 (significance discussed mostly in Chapter 13 - 11:11) and 555 relates to 'The Eagle' which is symbolic of the prophetic. (I also noted the 3.43S which is 43 from the middle going both ways and I am 43.)

48) April 7, 2004 
On today's AOL Welcome screen is a picture of a young man named Jesse Palmer. Apparently he is the new bachelor in the Reality TV show 'The Bachelor' which begins its new season tonight.
I noticed a few interesting parallels between this story and Jesus. The first thing that caught my attention was his last name - Palmer - which contains the relevant-to-this-chapter word PALM. Palm Sunday is the first day of the Holy Week ending on Easter Sunday (this coming Sunday) celebrating when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people honored Him with palm tree leaves.
Then I noticed his first name - Jesse. Jesus is "The Root of Jesse":

Then I thought about the premise of this Reality TV show - a bachelor looking for a bride - and thought about how this could be a metaphor for Jesus' coming back for "The Bride of Christ". 

49) (same day) April 7, 2004 
I had another interesting thing happen to me today. Many will think it has nothing to do with this chapter, but I think it does in the Big Picture, so I think I will document it here anyway...
In my email this morning was a newsletter from MacLean's magazine. The subject was "Heroes of the Cross" so I opened it. They had done a story on 5 ministers from across Canada so I clicked on the story about the minister from Halifax. After I read it, I decided to print it, so I clicked the "Print Story" button at the top of the page. Instead of giving me the printable version of the story, it created an error screen with Java Script code:
at /shared/print.jsp._jspService(/shared/print.jsp.java(Compiled Code))
at com.orionserver[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)].http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._ah._rad(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)].server.http.JSPServlet.service(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._cxb._abe(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._cxb._uec(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._io._twc(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._io._gc(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)
at com.evermind[Orion/1.5.2 (build 10460)]._if.run(Unknown Source)(Compiled Code)

What immediately caught my attention was the word ORION. This is extremely relevant to me because of what I have discovered with the constellation of Orion which I explain in Chapter 14 - Orion. I don't know if you have read the first part of this paper or not, but it is about explaining by drawing (because people need "to see" in order "to see") the Human Mind - and The Mind Of God - in the form of a box (you have heard the expression, "Think Outside the Box"?) - and then explaining by showing The Way in the form of a map (because people need "to see" in order "to see") using the three axes (= the Paths) of the box. (See Summary.) Anyway, what I then discovered was that I could create this same box diagram using the stars of the constellation of Orion, which I feel proves the existence of God because it proves that the stars were not placed there randomly by some cosmic accident, but were placed there scientifically and puposefully.
Then as I looked at the code more closely I saw the word EVERMIND and I immediately thought of God's Mind as The Evermind.
It is amazing that Orion and The Mind were both present in this code.
UNKNOWN SOURCE? No. I know exactly who The Source is.

50) April 10, 2004
Spent the Easter weekend with my grandmother. While leafing through her newspaper, a picture in the Travel section caught my eye because it contained a palm tree.

I then noticed the caption underneath it - See It Your Way. I get a lot of "Seeing" and "Your Way" syncs. I believe it is because of my drawing of The Way in the form of a map (which I just talked about above), and because of the numerous syncs I get regarding this, I believe it is God's Way of telling me that He likes it; in fact, I know (and I mean know - not just believe) that He had a hand in my figuring it out.  

Just last week on April 5, I happened to turn on CNN and they were interviewing Peter Frampton who was promoting a new album and tour. (I'll leave that connection for you to figure out.)

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