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Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 10

My Message

Mankind's Problem

As I described earlier in this paper, we, both as individuals and as a human race, are headed in the wrong direction! (Please review Chapter 7.)


We have been told this and warned about the serious consequences ever since the beginning of time, yet we have refused to listen.

I too will attempt to give the same message, again using the words of the Bible, with the difference being that this time the message is also "shown" via the diagram. Sometimes it is easier to "see" when you can "see." Sometimes it is easier to follow directions when you have a MAP!

The fact that mankind is headed in the wrong direction, as opposed to the right (as in "correct"; as in "Good") direction, in effect, heading backwards, is evidenced throughout the Bible.

THAT is what our problem is. Not only the fact that we are headed in the wrong direction, but more significantly, in fact, what is exactly the point, that we are walking away from God. We have, in effect, both symbolically and factually, turned our backs on God! We have rejected Him. We have forsaken Him. Not only have we forsaken Him, but we question and even deny His existence.

For creating the heavens, for creating our beautiful planet, for creating US ...

... this is the thanks we give and appreciation we show to God. Not only are we ungrateful for what He has given us, and gives us everyday, but we are bound and determined to destroy it - to destroy ourselves.

Why should He do us any favors? We certainly do not deserve any. What do we expect? We are lucky He didn't destroy us long ago. Why, in fact, hasn't He? Why? Because He loves us. Although God is angered by our disobedience and saddened by our ungratefulness (just stop for a moment and imagine how you would feel if you were Him - just stop for a moment and consider His feelings), He still loves us. Not only does He love us, but He has already forgiven us, and He is just waiting for us, with great hope and with open arms, to return to Him. He is a merciful God. We do not realize just how lucky we are. We have no idea. No comprehension whatsoever. We live our lives in oblivion. Blind to the truth. We need to wake up. We need to open our eyes. We need to "see" the truth. Before it is too late.

But our luck will not hold out forever. God will not wait forever. The day is coming, the time has already been set, when we will pay for our thanklessness and destructive ways. We will pay for rejecting God. That day is coming: The Second Coming of Christ; Judgment Day; Redemption Day; The Apocalypse; ... The End.

We have been warned, and warned repeatedly, but we are not afraid or even worried. The fear of God is not in us.

We do not believe it is really true. "They have been warning us about this for thousands of years and nothing has happened yet." "It is just a story."

Is it "just a story"? No. It is not.

Peace on Earth. Why?

As I stated at the beginning of this paper, the purpose of this theory is to "provide a new perspective, a new foundation on which to build, with the hope that it will provide a new awareness for mankind and a path towards understanding, peace, and happiness." I also stated that my hope for this theory is to help bring "Peace on Earth." Why? Other than to help save our world and to save mankind, there is also a greater reason: To help save man from everlasting punishment and eternal death!

God is the God of Love; the God of Peace. He abhors violence and war. They are the products of Hate.

And as I stated earlier, that day is coming.

God does not want us to be at war - to hate one another. He wants us to live in peace and harmony - to love one another. We are ALL brethren - brothers and sisters - no matter what race, no matter what language, no matter what religion, no matter what anything. We are ALL children of God. We are all ONE family with God being our Father! Yes, like any family, we may have our differences, but like any family, we must work together to solve our problems in a peaceful manner, and to help, support, take care of, and love each other, for the good of the whole family.

Why? Because, if we do not live in peace, if we continue on the path in the direction of selfishness and hate, if we do not change our ways and "walk in God's way," if we continue to be "disobedient children," we will suffer the punishment that we deserve and pay with the fury and wrath of our Father. If we are found not to have followed God's instructions and found not to be in peace on Judgment Day, we will be very, very sorry. But then it will be too late to be sorry.

The point is that no one knows for sure, except God Himself, when Jesus will be returning, when Judgment Day will be. But when that time comes, we had better be ready, because if we are not, if we wait until we "see" Him coming...

... If we wait until we "see" Him coming, then it will be too late.

Is there any hope? What can I do?

1) Is World Peace really possible?

2) Is Everlasting Life really possible?

Yes, they are possible. It is NOT hopeless. There IS hope. We CAN achieve World Peace! You CAN have Everlasting Life!

1) World Peace

Is Peace on Earth really possible? The answer is "Yes." The answer MUST be "Yes" because if you say, "It's impossible" then you have "closed your mind," and peace can ONLY be achieved if you have an open mind. If you do not believe that it can happen, then it will not. If you believe that it can, then it is possible.

But, before World Peace can be achieved, you must first achieve inner-peace - peace of mind. You must start with yourself and work out from there.

In order to achieve inner-peace, you must "understand" yourself. How can you do this? You must first "figure yourself out." THAT is how this theory all began! Go back to the beginning of this paper and review the section "Who am I?" If you will remember, the original purpose of this paper was to answer this question in order to:

Peace stems from forgiveness. Before peace can be achieved, forgiveness must first be achieved.

You must first learn to forgive yourself for whatever past mistakes you have made and regrets you hold. Do not let your mind dwell on these negative thoughts. Do not agonize over the "darkness" of the past. This is to be facing in the wrong direction. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and move on - in the right direction. Look, with hope, to a "bright" future. There is a "light at the end of the tunnel" if you are "walking" this "way."

Once you have achieved peace with yourself, you can move outward to 'Others'.

To not forgive means that your thoughts are of resentment, revenge, retaliation, and anger. To not forgive means that you are facing in the wrong direction - the direction of 'Hate'.

To forgive, or to ask for forgiveness, is to "turn around" and face in the right direction. THAT is the direction - the ONLY direction - to Peace. And remember, if you are not facing the right direction, then you are not facing God, and you will not be able to "see" God, because you cannot "see" Him when you have your back turned to Him. And remember, by choosing not to face God, you have, in effect, chosen to reject Him.

Yes, it will be difficult. Some terrible incidents may have occurred in your life. Some horrendous, inhumane atrocities have occurred throughout history. Many of these things will be very difficult for you to forgive. But you must try. At least if you agree to try, you are facing in the right direction. And remember, if God can forgive us for everything that we have done, then we should be able to forgive as well.

"To err is human; to forgive, divine."

Do not blame others for your misfortunes and your "lot" in life. If you feel that others are to blame, then forgive them and move on. Recognize that your future lies in your own hands. Take responsibility for your own life. Believe in yourself. The picture you choose to create with your life depends on the "dots" you choose to connect, the choices you make. You create your own destiny.

To forgive or not forgive is a choice - a conscious decision that you make. You choose which direction you wish to face. But if you choose not to forgive, if you choose to continue facing the wrong direction, then peace, which can only be achieved by facing the right direction, will never be achieved. So, you "see," World Peace really is in YOUR hands. It is in YOUR hands; it is in MY hands; it is in each and every one of our hands. World Peace is a worldwide commitment. It is a commitment that must be made by EVERY individual - not 50% - not 99% - but 100%. Everyone. And we must work together, the entire world as ONE family under God our Father, in order to succeed.

And remember the message of the previous section:

Which leads us to...

2) Everlasting Life

Yes, you CAN be saved and have everlasting life! Each and every one of us - no matter where we are on any of the three axes lines, 'Emotion' (Love), 'Motive', and 'Understanding' - no matter how hateful, how bad, how unknowledgeable or ignorant of the truth we have been. No matter how impossible it may seem. It doesn't matter. God has already forgiven us, and He is just waiting for us to return to Him. But, if we do not return to Him, then it will matter.

Following is what you must do, but, before you can do anything, you must believe in God! If you do not believe in God, then everything else will be for naught. It all starts with YOU - 'Your Mind' (just as this theory did). You must open your mind to the possibility, because, if you say, "Impossible," or question or deny His existence, then you have "closed your mind" and it will be impossible for you to "see" God. You cannot "see" God if you are walking with your back towards Him. You must be facing Him with your eyes wide open.

Step 1. Stop. Confess and Repent.

Realize and admit that you are going in the wrong direction. Admit that you have not followed God's way. Admit that you are a sinner. Admit it to yourself. Admit it to God. Tell Him that you are sorry. Tell God that you want to change. Make a personal commitment to yourself and to God to at least try. Tell Him. Tell Him yourself. This is between you and God and no one else. If you say it and truly mean it, He will listen. Do not be afraid of Him. Yes, have the "fear of God" in you - know, appreciate, and respect His great power - but do not be afraid of Him. He is just waiting for you, with open arms, to return to Him. Do this, and you will be amazed at what will happen.

Step 2. Turn around.

Do not be afraid. What you see ahead of you now may be frightening, but be brave. God will help you. He will show you "The Way," and He will give you the courage and the strength. All you have to do is ask Him. Do this, and you will be amazed at what will happen.

Step 3. Go.

Make a personal commitment to try to become the "best" (as in "most Good") person that you can possibly be and live the "best" life that you can possibly live. (Review the first section of this paper.) Strive to get as high as you can on each of the three axes lines of 'Understanding', 'Emotion' (Love), and 'Motive' - the "paths of the righteous" - the paths of salvation - "The Way."

And once you have reached the highest attainable point that you think you possibly can then you keep on going, getting even "better" for as long as your life permits.

And again, do not be afraid to ask for God's help. He is patiently and eagerly waiting for you to do so. All you have to do is ask Him.

Believe in God. Obey His commandments. Walk in His Way. God is All Seeing, All Knowing. He knows EVERYTHING about you - everything you do - everything you think. Live "right."


"I view God's commandments as a picture frame within which we are free to create a beautiful work of art with our lives." (Unknown)

Work to build a personal relationship with God. Do not be afraid of Him. Remember, He already knows everything about you. You have no secrets from God. He knows you better than you know yourself. Talk to Him. Treat Him as a Father - ask Him for guidance, and treat Him as your friend. Treat him as a friend, but remember to treat him with the great respect and reverence that He deserves. That is what He wants. Your acknowledgment and consideration, your appreciation, your friendship, and your love. And not only to show Him, but to show all His family. Open your mind to 'Others'. Open your mind to God.

Learn as much as you can about God. Read your Bible. Attend church. Church is important not only because it is where you can go to learn about God, but because it is "God's house." It is a home where you can go to be with God and His family - those who believe in Him and want to show Him and His family their respect, their appreciation, their friendship, and their love. It is a home full of wonderful positive emotions. It is a home full of music, singing, happiness, caring, and love. It is a home where you can find the greatest 'Good', 'Love', and 'Understanding'. It is also a commitment of time and attention that you give to God.

Whether or not you attend church is your choice. The most important thing is to have a personal relationship with God. Choosing a particular church is an important decision and sometimes a difficult one. First decide what you believe - not what you have been told to believe. Think about it. Make your own decisions and choices. So many religions, and even churches within religions, have so many different beliefs that religion becomes complicated and confusing. With confusion comes frustration. With frustration comes anger. With anger comes hate. With hate comes suffering.


How much persecution and violence, and how many wars throughout history have, and still are, being waged in the name of religion - in the name of God? Is this not the ultimate irony? the ultimate hypocrisy? God must look down upon us and just shake His head in disbelief.

Religion need not and should not be complicated. God, Love, and Peace. It is as simple as that. And besides, what religion do you suppose God is? ... Exactly.

Work to build a personal relationship with God, and with ALL mankind, based on friendship and love. Do this, and you will be amazed at what will happen.


I do have a comment on Jesus. Many people do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. But I have one question. What was Jesus' message? His message was "Love." I look at some of these people and see a people who have been at war forever. I see a people who are continually searching for "Peace." I look at these people and think, "I read the Bible and you were at war from the beginning, and now, thousands of years later, you are still at war. Why?" Obviously, something is not "right." Generation after generation after generation of war and violence and hate is what they have learned from their parents and taught to their children. If they had believed in Jesus and followed his teachings of "Love", I wonder where they would be today. (And where we would all be, for that matter, if we had all believed). And then I think, "It is not too late! It's not over 'til it's over." It is my hope that many people will have the opportunity to read this, and maybe they will "see" that, just like Jesus said, "Love is the answer." Human pride makes it difficult for us to admit that we have made a mistake. But let us finally admit it - all of us - so that we can move on, in the right direction.


So...what will happen?

When you change the direction you are "walking" on the "paths"; when you show God your face instead of your back; when you acknowledge and believe in God instead of ignoring or rejecting Him; when you begin to treat God as your friend and not your enemy or even nonexistent; when you start to treat God with respect, appreciation and love, your life will change.

God will reveal Himself to you, in fact, you will realize that He probably already has - you just weren't aware that's what it was. You were looking, but you didn't see. You were listening, but you didn't hear. "What a coincidence." "How ironical." "I should have listened to my conscience." Open your eyes. Open your ears. Start looking with "new eyes" and "new ears." Start looking and listening from a different perspective, and you will be amazed at what you will see and what you will hear. You could not before, because you did not know to, because no one ever told you. Now you know! Open your mind. At least try it. What harm can it do?

To repeat what I said at the beginning of this paper:

If you simply look at something the way you always have, you may not be able to see the "true" picture. It may take someone looking from a different perspective to "see" the answers ... To use the stereogram as an analogy, some people are only able (or only know to because that is what they have learned) to look at the picture on the surface, where some know that in order to see the "true" picture, you must look inside.

You will start to realize that many things that you once thought were just coincidences or ironies are, in fact, not. There is no such thing as coincidence! They are answers, or clues, or "dots." Let me explain. God will provide you with the "dots" - all you have to do is "connect the dots" in order to "create the picture." That is how God speaks to us, helps us, tells us that He is here with us, tells us that He loves us. He will provide you with the "dots," but you have to figure things out - make the connections - create your own picture - yourself. He will not tell you what to do. You must make your own decisions and choices. But He will help you if you ask Him to. He will show you "The Way."

Each time we "connect a dot," each time we "get it," we become "enlightened." That is one reason why striving to achieve the highest you possibly can on each of the three paths is so important - to continually expand your mind, because the greater your "box" becomes, the more you have to figure things out with.

The part here where we must be careful is not to become paranoid. Everything is not a "dot." Just relax, stay calm, and stop and figure things out calmly and rationally. Think about it. You will know what is a "dot" and what isn't. Look at the connection from the perspective of the "big picture" looking in the right direction. And each time you "connect a dot," each time you "get it," remember to say, "Thank you."

If you choose to "listen" and if you choose to "look"; the "dots" you choose to connect, and the "picture you choose to create with your life"; the direction on the "paths" you choose to follow, and the "way" you choose to "walk" is your choice and your choice alone. You make your own choices and decisions. You create your own destiny. Or is it, "You have a destiny, but it is your choice as to whether or not you wish to follow it"?


Is this really true? Can you really do it? Can you really find out that God is really there? Can you really have a personal relationship with God? Can you really have everlasting life? Is all this really possible?

The answer is "Yes"! It really is true. But the decision to believe it is yours. All someone else can do for you is to give you the information and show you "the way." Ultimately, it is your decision - and your decision alone - as to what you will believe and which direction on the paths you will take. It is your choice. And remember, choices have consequences. You must be prepared to take responsibility and be accountable for every choice you make.

This theory and model have shown you "The Way." What you choose to do with this information is your decision. The direction you choose to take is your choice. But, for your own sake, before it is too late, I hope and pray that you will consider very carefully what I have told you and shown you in this paper, and that you will choose to follow the map I have presented to you - the "paths of the righteous" - because they are the paths that lead to God and to Eternal Life.

I hope that the information that I have shared with you in this paper has helped you to "see" God, because it is true. God really does exist. This is not "just a story." How do I know? How can I be so sure? I will tell you ...


I have since created a Slideshow Presentation which summarizes the concept of my theory
and the information found in these preceding chapters that you have just read:


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