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My 11:11 Story

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January 2004 

My 11:11 Story
I have always been one to experience what are referred to as "coincidences" and I never gave them much thought other than being neat occurrences. Never did it even cross my mind that they were anything more than just chance happenings. Even when I started to see 11:11 an unusual number of times on digital clocks did it enter my mind that it actually meant anything.
I'm not sure exactly when I started to notice 11:11 but I know it was a few years before December of 1998. I was noticing it so often that I decided it must be my lucky number. I believe it was in 1997 that they were selling tickets to a Dream Home lottery in the building where I worked so I decided I would wait until November 11 (11/11) at 11:11 to buy my ticket. I did not win, but this just shows you that this number was having an affect on my life.
Around the end of November 1998 I started working on my diagram of The Mind. It was on the morning of December 12, 1998 as I was just looking at my diagram that it suddenly dawned on me that I had drawn The Mind of God and The Way. That moment changed my life. It was then that I also realized that all the strange coincidences that I had been experiencing, especially of late, were not coincidences at all. I realized at that moment that this was possibly God's way of revealing Himself to me and of communicating with me.
About a week later as I was getting ready to go to bed, I was sitting on the edge of my bed wondering and worrying about what was going on with all of this and I just happened to look at the alarm clock. It read 11:11. I realized then that the 11:11 had something to do with what was happening with me.
It was the Christmas season and both my mother and my grandmother were spending Christmas with my family. My grandmother was a religious person so I asked her if she knew if 11:11 meant anything in the Bible. She said no. My mother was very involved in the spiritual community so I asked her if she knew if 11:11 had any meaning that she was aware of. She also said no.
So I decided to ask God what it meant. (I also asked God if He would do something to prove to my husband that what was happening with me was not just my imagination as I would need his support in order to continue on this new road I suddenly found myself on.)
A couple of weeks later on January 11 (111), 1999 I got an answer.
We were busy getting ready for school and work and we had the radio on the station that broadcast school closures and school bus delays. Suddenly my husband called out to me and said, "Juli, you'd better come listen to this." I came over to the radio and the speaker said, "For all of you out there who are wondering what 11:11 means..." My knees almost buckled out from underneath me. I couldn't believe it. It scared me because then I knew I was right about coincidence not being just coincidence and then I knew that God was really real and what was happening to me and what I had figured out were all somehow involved.
[For verification purposes, the radio station was CFPL 98 AM in London, Ontario and the speaker was Peter Garland. This program was broadcast on January 11, 1999 at 7:55 am and again at 5:55 pm. (I had to work late that evening and I heard it again when I was driving home.) I do not remember exactly what Peter Garland said as I was in a bit of a state of shock but I remember it was alien and mothership related.]
I then started to notice 11:11 in more places than on just digital clocks. I would see it as the 'Time Sent' on emails at work; on cash registers, on receipts, and on packages of meat at the grocery store, on license plates, on phone numbers... anywhere there were numbers. Sometimes they were obvious, sometimes hidden. Here is an example... my May 13, 1999 Statement of Earnings showed that I had 83.36 hours of vacation earned. I wanted to see how many days that worked out to be so I divided 83.36 by my 7.5 hour work day and it came out to 11.11. I was literally being inundated with 11:11 and other amazing coincidences everywhere I turned.
I decided to look at these coincidences from another perspective. I decided to look at them as clues to a mystery.
For example, shortly after this all started I happened to turn on the radio and they were talking about a program that was going to be on television that evening about the Pyramids. I decided that because I had turned the radio on at that exact moment that I must be supposed to watch that program. (In searching the Internet, I believe this program must have been "Opening The Lost Tombs" which was a 2-hour live broadcast on FOX on March 2, 1999.)
The next morning at work I was greeted with, "Did you watch that show on television last night about the Pyramids?" I couldn't believe it. I had completely forgotten all about it. But I decided that what was happening must have some connection to the pyramids so I decided to start researching this. I had always been interested in the pyramids and more than 20 years ago in 1977 during the summer before I started Grade 12 I had even been to the pyramids of Teotihuacan just outside Mexico City and been fascinated by the Aztec Calendar - Sun Stone at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.  I already had a very interesting book called 'Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids' by Peter Tompkins that I had purchased after my trip to Mexico because I had found it all so amazing, but I decided to go to the bookstore to see what I could find on the Egyptian pyramids.
There were so many to choose from. I did not know which one to pick. I came home with 'The Message of The Sphinx' by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. Little did I know how important this book would be to me. It was definitely no coincidence that I chose (?) this book.
I did not read this book right away as I was busy trying to write my paper as I thought it was important that I put what I had figured out in writing. I did not have a website at the time so I just typed it on paper. (This is true. The first time I finished writing my paper I read it over and I said to God, "I hope this is good enough. Did I say what you wanted me to say?" It was late. I shut down the computer and went to heat up my wheat bag and get ready for bed. As I reached to open the door of the microwave I saw the time on the clock. It was 11:11. From that point on, 11:11 has also been a message of affirmation or confirmation to me.)
When I finished my paper I wanted to write a References page so I decided to look at other books to get the proper format. I picked up 'The Message of The Sphinx'. As I leafed towards the end of the book, something caught my eye.
There on page 235 I saw the numbers 11:11! I almost dropped the book.
I will include the passage because it is so interesting:

We note in passing that if the Horus-King could have been provided with the 'special number' 111.111, and had used it in the way described above, it would have led him back to (72 x 111.111 years =) 7,999.99 years before the specified 'ground zero', i.e. to almost exactly 8000 years before 2500 BC - in short, to 10,500 BC.
We know this seems like wishful numerology of the worst sort - i.e. 'factoring in' an arbitrary value to a set of calculations so as to procure spurious 'corroboration' for a specific desired date (in this case the date of 10,500 BC, twelve and a half thousand years before the present, that we have already highlighted in Chapter 3 in connection with the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.) The problem, however, is that the number 111.111 may well not be an arbitrary value. At any rate, it has long been recognized that the main numerical factor in the design o f the Great Pyramid, and indeed of the Giza necropolis as a whole, is the prime number 11 - a prime number being one that is only divisible by itself to produce the whole number 1. Thus 11 divided by 11, i.e. the ratio 11:11, produces the whole number 1 (while 11 divided by anything else, i.e. any other ratio, would, of necessity, generate a fraction).
What is intriguing is the way that the architecture of the Great Pyramid responds to the number 11 when it is divided, or multiplied, by other whole numbers. The reader will recall, for example, that its side length of just over 755 feet is equivalent to 440 Egyptian royal cubits - i.e. 11 times 40 cubits. In addition, its height-to-base ratio is 7:11. The slope ratio of its sides is 14:11 (tan 51 degrees 50'). And the slope ratio of the southern shaft of the King's Chamber - the shaft that was targeted on Orion's belt in 2500 BC - is 11:11 (tan 45 degrees). (* See Note at end.)
Arguably, therefore, the ratio 11:11, which integrates with our 'special number' 111.111, could be considered as a sort of mathematical key, or 'stargate' to Orion's belt. Moreover, as we shall see, a movement of 111.111 degrees 'backwards along the ecliptic from 'ground zero' at the Hyades-Taurus, the head of the celestial bull, would place the vernal point 'underneath' the cosmic lion.
Is it not precisely such a location, underneath the Great Sphinx, that the Horus-King is urged to investigate as he stands between its paws 'with his mouth equipped' and faces the questions of the Akhus whose initiations have led him this far? Indeed, does it not seem probable that the 'quest journey' devised by the 'Followers of Horus' was carefully structured so as to sharpen the mind of the initiate by requiring him to piece together all the clues himself until he finally arrived at the realization that somewhere underneath the Great Sphinx was something (written or pictorial records, artefacts, maps, astronomical charts) that touched on 'the knowledge of a divine origin', that was of immense importance, and that had been concealed there since the 'First Time'?
In considering such questions, we are reminded of the Hermetic doctrines which transmit a tradition of the wisdom god Thoth who was said to have 'succeeded in understanding the mysteries of the heavens [and to have] revealed them by inscribing them in sacred books which he then hid here on earth, intending that they should be searched for by future generations but found only by the fully worthy'. Do the 'sacred books of Thoth' or their equivalent, still lie in the bedrock beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza, and do the 'fully worthy' still seek them there?

I then realized the immense importance and scope of the 11:11.
Later that summer of 1999 I was reading the newspaper and saw that a total solar eclipse was going to occur on August 11th. When I read that it was going to occur at 11:11 across a path of 111 kilometers I became very worried that something was going to happen. I remember my son had been invited to a friend's cottage and I was very reluctant to let him go. Fortunately nothing did happen, but it made me realize that more clues/information could be found in the heavens. Shortly after, during a shopping trip to Costco, I was drawn to a table of computer programs they had for sale just inside the entrance. There on the top was an astronomy computer program. I thought this might be a very useful research tool, and I was right.
Also that summer I decided to stop working and dedicate my time to this. It had really taken over my life and I knew it had to be my priority. I learned how to build a website and recreated my paper online which I have updated and added to many times since I first wrote it.
I later thought to research the 11:11 online and found some information (although no one knew the meaning of 11:11) including an online group that had been created to discuss the phenomenon, which I joined on February 1, 2000. (There are many sites and discussion groups out there now.) This showed me that a growing number of other people were also experiencing this phenomenon.
I continued my research and around November of 2000, with the help of the many coincidences/clues I was given, I believe I found what the 11:11 is mainly about and which also answers the mystery/key referred to above in "The Message of The Sphinx'. (I did attempt to discuss these findings with Robert Bauval but he was not interested.) These discoveries can be found in Chapter 13 - 11:11 and in Chapter 14 - ORION. (Note: In the above passage it states, "the ratio 11:11, which integrates with our 'special number' 111.111, could be considered as a sort of mathematical key..." and coincidentally when I figured this information out I was living at 44 Ikey Street.)
I also found that the 11:11 had many connections to me personally. I had already discovered many interesting things about my birth date (I am still debating whether to add that information or not), but using www.timeanddate.com I found that I could quite possibly have been conceived on 11/11 at 11:11 (in Halifax, Nova Scotia at 44°N). I was born August 14, 1960 (LEO) at 9:12 am Atlantic Daylight Time (8:12 Atlantic Standard Time, 12:12 Universal Time). 40 weeks prior to this date is November 8, 1959, only three days before November 11. Using the time and date calculator, I found that from November 11, 1959 at 11:11 am to August 14, 1960 at 8:12 AST is 6645 hours and coincidentally I was born at 66°W 45°N. It is also interesting that in the above passage of 'The Message of The Sphinx' it says that 11:11 is tan 45 degrees and I was born at 45°N. 66+45 also = 111.


This gives a brief summary of how 11:11 started with me. There is so much more to all of this that I could not possibly write here. It has been over 5 years now since December 12, 1998 and everyday something happens. I try to document and save as much evidence as possible.  


December 12, 2006
Today is my 8th anniversary. Over the last few days, there has been a rare planetary alignment with an 11:11 connection to me. (See Chapter 13 - 11:11.) 

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