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Seeing Is Believing



As shown in the previous chapter, one of the most significant "Signs" was the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999.

August 11, 1999   Rare Total Solar Eclipse.

Date:  August 11th
Time:  11:11 am
Path:   111 kilometers wide

"With the sun at the height of its 11 year cycle of activity (11 year increasing activity followed by 11 year decreasing activity), scientists hope this eclipse will let them learn more about the rarely sighted solar corona." (View scan of entire newspaper article here.)
(Jerusalem Moon Rise: 4:44 am)
For anyone aware of the 11:11 Phenomenon, this was an extremely significant event. If you were "watching" (Rev. 3:3) this one was definitely an attention grabber.

The 11:11 Phenomenon
(Also includes other numerical combinations such as 4:44 / 3:33 / 12:21 etc.) 

Perhaps the most significant "Sign" is the spiritual awakening that is occurring among the masses. This has been noticed and described in several newspaper articles as "God is back!" I do not believe that God has actually "gone" anywhere, but that, as He said He would do in the "Last Days" God is indeed "pouring His spirit out" (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17) .One example of this is the phenomenon known as the 11:11 phenomenon or enigma. This is, in fact, one of the significant events that started me on my journey. I did not mention it previously and only described it earlier in this paper as "coincidence" for the simple reason that I wanted people to believe me, and I thought if I mentioned this, it would only serve to destroy any credibility I might be able to achieve. I have recently discovered that I am not alone, in fact, there are many who are experiencing this phenomenon.
What is it? If you yourself have been experiencing this mysterious phenomenon and have been questioning your sanity or the state of your mental health, do not worry any longer. It is not your imagination. It is real. And you are not alone.
Based on what I have learned, no one is exactly sure yet of its origin or meaning - only that it does have one. There are many theories and personal beliefs, but no one seems to have figured out the exact reason as yet, although most believe it is some form of communication from beyond our world or dimension. (I say communication, but it actually involves so much more than that.) There is definitely no earthly force that can cause this - it is too extensive and encompassing and too "Time" irrelevant.
So, what is it? Let me give you an example of the experience:  (In the following example I use the numbers 4:44; however, they could also be 11:11 or another numerical sequence. The 11:11 and 4:44 seem to be the most common.) You are buying groceries. At the deli counter, you purchase some luncheon meat. The clerk hands you your package and you notice the price is $4.44. You buy your groceries and the total is $15.56. You hand the clerk a $20 bill, and your change appears on the register as $4.44. You say to yourself, "That is funny." You get into your car and as you reach to turn on the radio, you notice the time is 4:44, and also, your favourite song is playing. Now you say to yourself, "This is weird." As you leave the parking lot, you notice the car ahead of you has the license plate ABC 444. Now you say, "What is going on?" When these "coincidences" begin to occur on a regular basis, you realize that they are not, in fact, "coincidences." As I said earlier, there are currently only personal theories, but mine is that it is God calling, "It is time to Wake Up":

Revelation 3:3
(New International Version)
Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent.
But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.


Note 2007:
Watch the movie Evan Almighty and Evan's coincidences with the number 614... Exactly like that.
(See my Chapter 18-12 Post #735.)

And something to help prove what I am telling you:
One guess how much it cost me to rent that movie... (And no, it was not a special promotion for that movie. I asked.)

To help to prove to you that this is really happening, please look at the following websites:
Note:  Over the past few years, since I first wrote this in 1999, many 11:11-related sites have been created on the Internet. Performing a search on "11:11 phenomenon" or "11:11 coincidence" will provide you with many links of interest pertaining to this phenomenon. (Update: The phenomenon has grown so much that performing a search on only "11:11" will provide you with many links. There are also many December 21, 2012-related sites now.)


11:11 Music

Deana Carter 
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Back Cover - 11:11


Charlie Major

Roberta Fabiano


Regina Spektor


Jamie Clark

"You are probably wondering what significance 11:11 has to me as a singer and songwriter and why I named my first album 11:11. It all started several years ago when 11:11 would appear on the clock when I had difficult times or abrupt changes in my life. I would see it as a reminder of something, but of what I did not exactly know. Some friends of mine say they always make a wish when they see it. I think there is so much more to it, and every time I do see it, I stop and reflect. All of my life I wanted to help people and the best way I know how is through my music and songs. The relationships I have had, have been the most important influence in my song writing. I have been blessed with many experiences, some not so wonderful and others beautiful but all equally extraordinary. These experiences have given me the ability to write my songs in the most passionate way. To me this all ties into 11:11."  
Michael Macrone
Quartet 11:11
Michael Macrone and Randy Porter have exactly this much to say about quartet 11:11 (Zeus Quartet No. 1):

"We undertook this joint composition for a number of good reasons, which are so good we needn't rehearse them here. The title is also a collaboration, joining together our remembrances of childhood delight in clocks with myths of the usurping of fathers. It won't help your understanding of the piece (even assuming that were desirable), but you may think of the figure '11:11' as a double bifurcation of indivisible unities - pairing and division, reflection and identity. Not exactly like fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, violin and violin, but probably worth saying maybe once. In the mid-1970s, the telling of time was transformed. The arrival of the digital clock gave time's diplay new visual meaning. The particular hour '11:11' - a suggested brunching time - has been especially significant to us. It is the only time when we can marvel at four identical digits, beautiful in their simplicity. The event was a source of endless amazement to our families, who could witness it twice daily, like clockwork. It was a ritual that transformed time, human experience, and literacy. 'The clock struck ones' -- four of them, to be exact. Now suppose that each '1' represents the correct amount of Arabian horsehair necessary to string a bow. A string quartet should inevitably follow. The possible juxtapositions are endless: 1111, 1111, or ... 1111, etc. Why two composers and only one piece? Well, like time, like 11:11 itself, it has to do with change and new ways of thinking..."
 Rufus Wainwright
Want One

Track 13 - 11:11


All American Rejects
Move Along

Track 7 - 11:11 p.m.

 Andrew Bird
Bowl of Fire - The Swimming Hour
Track 4 - 11:11

The Black Maria 
A Shared History of Tragedy
Track 11 - 11:11


John Beasley
Track 6 - 11:11

I have my own 11 phenomenon story.
Back in the 1990s when I was hanging, writing, recording and playing with my pals John Patitucci and Steve Taviglione,
every time we’d look at the clock it was 11:11 whether it was morning or night,
so I wrote a song called 11:11 which was on my first album, Cauldron. (Released 1992)

Bryan Adams
11 Songs



Bryan Adams puts on secret concert in Vancouver
Updated Fri. Mar. 21 2008 10:53 AM ET

CTV.ca News Staff
Canadian rock icon Bryan Adams put on a secret concert at a Vancouver church Thursday night, performing songs from his new album, "11." The 48-year-old singer performed for his family and 300 lucky fans at St. Andrew's Wesley Church.      




Available September 21, 2010


Rihanna Tweets 11:11
July 21, 2012

LeAnn Rimes Tweets 11:11
July 24, 2014


Mo Kenney
2015 ECMA Winner 'Pop Recording of the Year'

Jay-Z / Jay:Z


As an example of attempting to figure out this mystery, following is an interesting exchange of ideas that occurred recently in a discussion group I belong to regarding this 11:11 phenomenon (the following table can be used for reference purposes):
   Decimal     Hexadecimal     Binary    










2 to the 1st power







2 to the 2nd power













2 to the 3rd power























The 11:11 also has relevance back to the Egyptian pyramid times. In the book, The Message Of The Sphinx by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, it appears that this number has an extreme significance - perhaps a sort of mathematical key. This number is also associated with "The Seekers of The Truth."

Update  (Nov. 2000)

The 11th Hour

Since I wrote the above section regarding The Message Of The Sphinx, I have learned more.  I would like to share this information with you.

It has always been my belief that the 11:11 phenomenon was related to the "End Times" but I did not know how or why. I believed its purpose was to "wake people up" and make them aware of God's actual existence,  and that its constant sighting was a reminder or inspiration for me (and others) to do this. Then, this past summer, something occurred which refocused my attention on figuring out how the 11:11 was "a message" related to the "End Times."

We were flying home on vacation and a little girl who was traveling with us brought along the book Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (after the popular television game show of the same name). She and my children were asking each other the guiz-show questions when my son passed the book to me and said, "I think you should see this, Mom." (Note: This is a prime example of how things "happen" to me - there is no such thing as "coincidence" - God provides the "clues" or "dots" but it is up to us to "follow the clues" or "connect the dots.")

The question was as follows:

"What hour, mentioned in the Bible, has come to mean the last possible moment that something can be done?"
A. 10th
B. 11th
C. 12th
D. 13th

At this moment I made the "connection" between the 11:11 and the "End Times" ... We are in the 11th Hour!  (The following day I read an article in the local newspaper about a trip for some Cadets possibly being cancelled. It said, "Now the trip is in danger of falling through at the 11th hour."  This was the confirmation "message" that I needed.)

I decided I would try to figure this out. The following will summarize my thought process:

How can I prove we are in the 11th Hour? When did the 11th Hour (11:00) begin and where are we now in that 11th Hour? When was 11:00 and more significantly, when is 11:11?  Does 11:11 mean "The End"?


It takes the sun 25,920 years to complete its cycle through all 12 constellations (Ages) of the Zodiac. Each Age is therefore 2160 years (25,920 / 12 = 2160).


We are currently in the Age of Pisces entering the Age of Aquarius. When did the Age of Pisces begin and where are we now in that Age?  When does the Age of Aquarius begin? I could not find the answers to these questions as they do not appear to be known exactly. So, I tried to figure it out myself.

Pisces is symbolized by Fish. A Fish is the symbol of Christianity.  Many of Jesus' disciples were fishermen. Jesus was a "Fisher of Men." Let's say that the Age of Pisces began with Jesus' birth - Year 0. (I realize that there is no Year 0 and that it begins in Year 1, however my reasoning is that Jesus was 0 (not 1) when He was born and did not turn 1 until a full year later on His 1st birthday.)

So... take the Age of Pisces being 2160 years and convert that into a Clock format as follows:  

12 hours = 2160 years
1 hour = 2160 / 12 = 180 years

1:00 = 180 AD;   2:00 = 360 AD;   3:00 = 540 AD;   ... etc.  
11:00 = 1980


Continuing with this train of thought, if 11:00 began in 1980, when is 11:11?

1 hr = 180 yrs
1 min = 180 yrs / 60 = 3 yrs
11 min = 3 yrs x 11 = 33 yrs
1980 + 33 yrs = 2013

11:00 = 1980
11:11 = 2013


This date coincides with "The End" of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 - the day the Long Count hits - which many believe signifies "The End."


Newspaper Article:  Hands of Clock Forever Set at 11
"The clock isn't working and church members really aren't sure why
its hands are permanently set at 11 o'clock.
There are many that say the hands are set as they are
... in order to remind people that they should be getting their things in order."

Also Note:   
4 o'clock is represented not by IV but by IIII (connecting to 11:11)





(Note that 1980 is also when I calculated 11:00/The 11th Hour to have begun.)
  It's cold outside
It gets so hot in here
The boys and girls collide
To the music in my ear.
I hear the children crying
And I know it's time to go
I hear the children crying
Take me home.
A painted face
And I know we haven't long
We thought that we had the answers
It was the questions we had wrong.
I hear the children crying
And I know it's time to go
I hear the children crying
Take me home.


July 2007



The Eye of Horus and an 1111 Connection 


(Nov. 2000)

The Message Of The Sphinx

This still was not "enough proof" for me because I did not know EXACTLY when the Age of Pisces began and my calculations would only be correct if that Age did in fact begin in Year 0.  I could not find the answer to that question anywhere in my search, so I put away my work knowing that eventually something would "come up."

Recently, it did.

I "happened" to turn on the television on the Discovery Channel to a program about the "Mystery of the Pyramids." One of the speakers was Robert Bauval, one of the author's of The Message Of The Sphinx. This program inspired me to go back and reread his book.

This book describes how it is believed that the Pyramids and Sphinx were built as a "message" - as a "clock" which tells the "First Time" (Zep Tepi) and foretells the "Last Time."

The Message Of The Sphinx p.75
Pre-Dawn on the Vernal Equinox of 10,500 BC

The "First Time" is believed by the authors to have been around 10,500 BC in the Age of Leo when just before sunrise (perhaps 4:44 a.m.?) on the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring) the Sphinx which faces due east, would have gazed directly at his own celestial counterpart, the constellation of Leo rising above the horizon. The "Last Time" has not yet been figured out, but it is believed that 11:11 may be an important key in solving this mystery:

(Note: When I figured all this out, my address was 44 IKEY Street.) 

Acts 17:30-31
And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:
Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness...  
Daniel 8:19

And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation:
for at the time appointed the end shall be

Already having noticed many parallels between the Egyptian texts and the Bible, I wondered if this "Last Time" could be the same as the "End Time" referred to in the Bible. God created the heavens and, as it states in the Bible, He created them as "signs" (Genesis 1:14, Daniel 6:27).

I wondered  ... if the "First Time" was when the constellation of Leo was rising above the eastern horizon at sunrise on the Vernal Equinox (Spring / Birth / The Beginning), could the "Last Time" be when the constellation of Leo was rising above the eastern horizon on the Winter Solstice (Winter / Death / The End)?

I decided to use my Astronomy computer program, Redshift 3, which allows me to plug in certain variables and view the sky from any location at any any time. My hypothesis was that, if I set the viewing location to Cairo and the direction facing east (as if I were the Sphinx) and the date to December 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan Calendar AND the date of the Winter Solstice for that year AND the 11:11 date that I had previously calculated) that the constellation of Leo would be rising above the horizon. Was it? YES. And can you guess the time? 11:11 p.m. Local Time. ALSO, when I searched for the EXACT time of the Winter Solstice, it will be 11:11 a.m. Universal Time (or 1:11 p.m. Local Time). I think these "coincidences" (which I have already stated that there is "no such thing as" - they are "clues/dots" to be "followed/connected") are too amazing to ignore.

I would also like to note that, as mentioned previously, this information was perhaps "meant" to be decoded at THIS time - the Computer Age - as it was necessary to have the Digital Clock in order to see the 11:11 in order to make the "connections" to piece together this puzzle.

Here are two screen prints from the RedShift computer astronomy program which show:
1) The sky view from Cairo facing east on 21/12/2012 at 11:11 p.m. This shows the constellation of Leo has just completely risen over the eastern horizon so that the Sphinx is now gazing directly at its "celestial counterpart."


2) This picture shows that the exact time of the Winter Solstice on 21/12/2012 is 1:11 p.m. Cairo Local Time which is 11:11 a.m. Universal Time:


Update:  August 19, 2003

The fact that the exact time of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012 is at 11:11 a.m.Universal Time is further validated at the U.S Naval Observatory site:

U.S. Naval Observatory
Astronomical Applications Department

Earth's Seasons
Equinoxes, Solstices, Perihelion, and Aphelion

Update:  December 7, 2009

On November 25, 2009, after at least 6 years of having the 2012 Winter Solstice time as 11:11 am UT, the U.S. Naval Observatory site changed the time to 11:12.

Coincidentally, the movie 2012 opened worldwide in theatres just 2 weeks earlier on 11/11. Interesting timing...



11:11 p.m. Cairo (Sphinx) time is 9:11 p.m. Universal Time.

911 means "Emergency"... December 21, 2012 @ 9:11 p.m. UT = The Ultimate 911 Emergency?

Perhaps this is the underlying warning message of the 911 tragedy? (See the section on 911 in Chapter 16.) (Also note that there were exactly 911 days between the 911 tragedy and the 311 Madrid tragedy.)

It is also interesting to note the positions of Gemini and Orion at this time. Unfortunately my RedShift skyview diagrams do not display the Milky Way very well on screen, but when I "Print Preview" the selected skyview, the Milky Way is prominently displayed, as shown in the following two diagrams.
Note that Gemini and Orion are both in the Milky Way. Gemini represents the Bride and Orion the Bridegroom. It looks as if the Bride and the Bridegroom are reaching out to each other, to touch hands in the exact center of the Milky Way.



At the beginning of this chapter I mentioned that 11:11 and 4:44 are probably the two most common numbers seen by those who experience the 11:11 phenomenon.


In this Time / Era / Epoch in which we live, the times of 11:11 and 4:44 are very significant with respect to the two constellations of ORION [symbolized by the Pyramids (see my next Chapter 14 - ORION)] and LEO (symbolized by the Sphinx) especially during the astronomical events of the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

In the following table, by "rising" I mean that the entire constellation as a whole (not a particular star) is in the process of appearing over the Eastern horizon and by "setting" I mean disappearing below the Western horizon.



March 21

June 21

September 21

December 21

4:44 a.m. LEO setting       ORION rising     LEO rising           ORION setting    
11:11 a.m. ORION rising LEO rising ORION setting LEO setting
4:44 p.m. LEO rising ORION setting LEO setting ORION rising
11:11 p.m. ORION setting LEO setting ORION rising LEO rising



Having just shown you the significance of the times of 4:44 and 11:11 with respect to the 11:11 Phenomenon and the constellations of Leo and Orion, I believe that these two constellations' positions just above the horizons at these exact times - 4:44 am and 11:11 pm - on December 21, 2012 are definite "signs" that this day will be one of extreme cosmic significance, and thus the reason behind the mysterious 11:11 Phenomenon being experienced (so quietly) by so many around the world:   


Perhaps someone with more sophisticated technical equipment than I have can research these findings more precisely and accurately and either find them wrong or correct. If we can PROVE this infomation - beyond any shadow of a doubt - then perhaps the rest of the information contained in this paper will be taken seriously.

If we are indeed in the "End Times" then it is imperative that we BELIEVE it. If we are indeed being given a "Final Chance" to "change our ways" then I think we should seriously consider doing so.

The purpose of the information contained in this paper is to help us do just that.

Slideshow Presentation



In closing, I would like to comment on a discussion I recently had with someone who was expressing anger at God calling Him a "Big Ego In The Sky" with His "Worship Me and do what I say or else" attitude.  I thought about this and believe that many people may think this about God.

But, I think that the point that we should be considering is that, as shown in this paper, we (mankind) are on a path of SELF-destruction. Where we are is no one's fault but our own. We are reaping the consequences of the choices that WE have made. This is the destination of THE WAY that we have walked - and it has been OUR CHOICE to walk in this direction. God has tried countless times to tell us this, but we have never listened or understood. We get ourselves almost to the point of no return and then expect God to intervene at just the last moment and save us - from ourselves. And He has done that. Many times. But have we ever learned? No. They have only been temporary solutions / bandaids to a problem that has never been resolved --- US. We have always eventually reverted to our same old ways. Which is why we find ourselves again in the same old situation. Will we ever learn?

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Don McLean

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They did not listen, they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will.

I asked this person with whom I was having this conversation, "Why does your mother teach you to look both ways before crossing the street"?  Is it for her own sake? No. It is for YOUR sake because she cares about you and she doesn't want you to run out in front of a car and get hurt or even killed. She wants you to ... survive.

THIS is the same reason that God wants us to follow HIS way because HIS is the ONLY way that we will not end up destroying ourselves. It is not a matter of "Worship Me and do what I say" for His sake, but for OUR own sakes because He cares about us and wants us to ... survive.

If only we could "see" this.

"Believe in Me and treat Me with love and respect."
"Be nice to each other and treat each other with love and respect."
"Don't kill or steal or cheat or lie." (Which is actually covered by the previous one.)

Now really... are these so terrible and unreasonable?

Think about it... 

 November 11, 2004
 11/11  (From my Chapter 18-4.)


Today is Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day.  It is the day we pause to remember and to give thanks to all those who sacrificed their lives for us.
Perhaps this is another reason why God has chosen 11:11 as a sign to wake us up to the truth...

So that we will make the connection to the ultimate sacrifice - to the most significant One who sacrificed His life for us --- Jesus. [Perhaps this is also the reason for the timing of the movie The Passion of The Christ (2004).]

1 Corinthians 5:7
For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:   

Ephesians 4:32-5:2
32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.
1 Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;
2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.

Hebrews 9:26-28
26 For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.
27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

Update:  December 18, 2004

If "The End" is going to happen on December 21, 2012, working backwards from that date, will the 7-year "Tribulation" begin on May 15, 2005?
Read #188 in my Chapter 18-5.  

 Something did happen! Read #257. And #260. Amazing.


Read Chapters...

My 11:11 Story
My King Arthur / Knights / Holy Grail Connections


More information concerning 11:11 can be found interspersed throughout many chapters and sections of this paper, as many connections and discoveries have been made during this amazing "journey" I find myself on which I have added along the way.

For example, an amazing personal connection to 11:11 that I discovered relates to my (possible) conception date on 11/11 at 11:11 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I was born on August 14, 1960 at 9:12 am Atlantic Daylight Time (8:12 AST; 12:12 UT) in Digby, Nova Scotia. 40 weeks prior to that was November 8, 1959 - only 3 days before November 11. Using timeanddate.com, I found that from 11/11/1959 at 11:11 am to 14/8/1960 at 8:12 am AST is 6645 hours and Digby is located at 66°W 45°N. (And 66 + 45 = 111.)
In numerology, both my birthdate and my name (my first name and my entire name) all reduce to 11. My parents' birthdates each reduce to 1, making me a 1-1, and their names each reduce to 4 - making me a 4-4, and I was conceived in Halifax at 44°N. (See charts in My King Arthur / Holy Grail Connections chapter.)
Also, I am a LEO. And at the exact time of my birth - 8:12 am Atlantic Standard Time on August 14, 1960 - Leo has just completely risen over the eastern horizon in exactly the same position as the "First Time" - pre-dawn on the Vernal Equinox of 10,500 BC in the Age of Leo - and the "Last Time" - December 21, 2012 at 11:11 pm Cairo/Giza time:

Update: 2010

In 2010 we moved back to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I was conceived, so I have now made the complete circle.

Crazily enough... here is the GPS location of where we now live:

Update:  December 12, 2006  (8th Anniversary) 

www.spaceweather.com - December 6, 2006
Finally, a good reason to wake up early: Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are converging to form a tight triangle in the morning sky. Look for them, low in the east, beaming through the rosy glow of dawn on Dec. 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061209/ap_on_sc/three_planets_4 - December 8, 2006
Stargazers will get a rare triple planetary treat this weekend with Jupiter, Mercury and Mars appearing to nestle together in the predawn skies. About 45 minutes before dawn on Sunday those three planets will be so close that the average person's thumb can obscure all three from view. They will be almost as close together on Saturday and Monday, but Sunday they will be within one degree of each other in the sky. Three planets haven't been that close since 1925, said Miami Space Transit Planetarium director Jack Horkheimer. And it won't happen again until 2053, he said... In ancient times, people thought the close groupings of planets had deep meaning, said (Ed) Krupp (director of Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory).

Using my RedShift astronomy program, I clicked on each of the 3 planets - Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter - and found that from the location where I was born at 66°W 45°N the Transit time ("the passage of a star or other celestial object across the observer's meridian in the course of the daily apparent motion of the celestial sphere" - RedShift) of each of these planets was 11:11 (11 hours 11 minutes) over the course of this alignment event from December 8 - 11 (with the closest grouping occurring on December 10):


Update:  February 5, 2007

The Great Pyramid
- The World's Greatest Astronomical Clock -
A Mind Of Its Own



Update:  October 19, 2007     666 connection to man's appointed time (Judgment Day)
6! + 6! + 6! = 2160 ... The number of years in an Age 

6! = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720
6! + 6! + 6! = 720 + 720 + 720 = 2160

Dante's Mystic Number
One of the most influential writers of the thirteenth century was the Italian philosopher and mystic Dante. Dante's principal work was a mystic poem known as The Divine Comedy.

The Divine Comedy incorporates an unsolved puzzle in numerology. Dante prophesied that the Apocalypse would be preceded by a messenger represented by the number 515. Scholars are agreed that the problem is related to the number 666, the number of the Beast of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation. No solution to these puzzles has yet been found.
Gematria value of 'The Time Appointed' = 515
Dante Alighieri (1265–1321). The Divine Comedy.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.
Plainly I view, and therefore speak, the stars           40
E’en now approaching, whose conjunction
, free
From all impediment and bar, brings on
A season
, in the which, one sent from God,
(Five hundred, five, and ten, do mark him out,)

That foul one, and the accomplice of her guilt,          45
The giant, both, shall slay. And if perchance
My saying, dark as Themis or as Sphinx,
Fail to persuade thee, (since like them it foils
The intellect with blindness), yet ere long
Events shall be the Naiads, that will solve                 50
This knotty riddle;

Puzzle/Riddle solved?

Update: December 2015    (Very) Rare Christmas Day Full Moon

December 12, 2015 By Jeff Martin Baker

A full moon on Christmas Day will be the first in 38 years, scientists have reported, urging astronomy enthusiasts not to miss the exceptional event.

This moon phase hasn’t coincided with the much-awaited celebration of Christ’s birth ever since 1977, and according to calculations this incredibly rare occurrence, will repeat itself as late as 2034. Afterwards, the event will follow a more clearly detectable pattern, occurring one every 19 years, in 2053 and 2072.

As predicted by Fred Espenak, a renowned, currently retired astrophysicist who worked for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center from 1978 until 2009, the full moon will be observed on the early morning of December 25, at approximately 6:11 a.m. EST. (11:11 GMT).

Not only is this a rare Christmas Day full moon, but it also occurs at 11:11 UT.

If the "11:11 Phenomenon" is indeed a call or sign from God, as many believe it is, then what an exceptionally amazing sign to not only have this rare full moon occur on Christmas Day - the day we celebrate the birth of His Son JESUS - but to have it happen at exactly 11:11 UT!

Not only is it an "incredibly rare occurrence" to have a full moon occur on Christmas Day, but I highly doubt that it has ever occurred at exactly 11:11 UT before!

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